“How You Can Lower Your Child Support And Spend More Time With Your Kids With This PROVEN Father’s Rights Blueprint……

…Even If You’ve Been Screwed Before, Know Nothing About Law, Or Don’t Think You Have Enough Time, Money, Or Know-How!”

Here’s Your Chance To FINALLY Be An Equal Parent & Active Participant In Your Kids’ Lives Rather Than A Bystander, Thanks To This System.

Read On To Discover 1,000′s Of Father’s Who’ve Used Dennis Gac’s Father’s Rights Winning Blueprints To Leverage Little Known Methods Against The “X” In Family Court…

…And How You Can Exploit This PROVEN Method To Beat Them At Their Own Game! Best Part: You Can Try It For FREE If You Want And KEEP $1,000′s In Bonuses.

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July 24th, 2014
From the Desk Of Dennis Gac,

Believe me: I feel ya…..

Maybe you’ve bought into the LIE that you’re some deadbeat loser who could care less about his kids and doesn’t want to financially support them either…..

But where’s it gotten you? Barely scraping by … struggling to pay bills…and coming to grips with the fact that you’ve gotta fight the “X” just to see the kids…..realizing that you may have gone down the WRONG path by trusting the system to play fair.

And, you may have wondered what happened to the family and the prosperity you always desired…which is why you had a relationship and kids in the first place…

…instead it turned out to be a test of wills …. With the “X” attempting the control every aspect of every detail of your life.

Perhaps You Think You’ve “Lost It” Or Can’t Get The Kids Back And Have A Life…

Think about it: Where’s the fairness?  Where’s the freedom? Where are the equal rights you thought you had and deserve?

And, the worst part…. the days, months and years continue to fly by. I mean, think how time has flown. And, it’ll keep going by unless you make drastic changes.

You need to do something NOW. And, if your case is already in progress, then you can easily use what I’m about to tell you to supercharge it — or create a whole new approach; either going it alone or directing your attorney to lower your support, spend more time with our kids, obtain a fair property settlement, get more freedom, and gain certainty in your life.

Think about it: a solid approach that’ll take some stress off you so you can be the kind of Father you’ve always wanted to be…

…contribute the way YOU want to contribute…

…and do what you want, when you want to do it, without anybody’s permission.

Also, if you’re still finding your way through this “maze” of a system, this letter will cut through the BS that could be paralyzing you right now.


Because For 27-Years I’ve Been The Go-To-Guy For Father’s With My Proven System!

I’ve been through it all, just like you and I’m doing real work in the trenches, right now, helping Father’s gain their rights every day!

In fact, I’ve worked with nearly 20,000 Father’s over the past 27 years….

You can read about “ordinary” guys in the blue column at left who’ve made extraordinary gains in their cases and, now, actually advocate for other Father’s……thanks to the easy to use blueprints in my Easy To Use System.

Best part? They don’t have any special legal background, didn’t graduate from law school and, aren’t really any different than you….

In other words:

I’ve Likely Created The Largest Legion Of Amateur Lawyers In The World Who Are Now Participants In Their Kids’ Lives Rather Than Mere Bystanders!

That’s what I’ve done for 27 years and nobody in this legion has anything on you.

Myself, years ago, I personally fought my own case for my two kids against a very disagreeable X-Wife after a barrage of false allegations. I leveled the playing field and ended up with 50/50 time….Now, my son plays professional baseball and my daughter graduated from the University of Oregon with two degrees.

In other words, you do NOT need any special background, education or skills to use this – other than commitment. You can apply it to anything in your case.

It could be a divorce, paternity, false allegations, child support & custody modifications, drivers license issues, defense against contempt, child support collections, enforcement of visitation…..even suing the X.

Doesn’t matter.

You see, I have Father’s using this stuff effectively in every State in the country, in Canada and even in New Zealand, Australia and the U.K.; all with a wide range of problems.

I even have some guys who have appealed their cases all the way up to the Supreme Court; but, beginning, just like you…down at the lowest family court level. And, all of them have INCREASED their time with their kids, lowered their child support and made tremendous gains in their cases even though they’d been told they didn’t stand a chance!

Heck, one local dentist, went from owing $300,000.00 in back child support to making it virtually uncollectable by using these strategies. You’ll read more about him later; but, his X wife was connected with the Texas Attorney General’s office and she conjured up fraudulent numbers to get the child support arrearages that high.

For now, know, YOU can turbo-charge your case, lower your child support, spend more time with your kids and force a fair settlement thanks to this information.

It’s now time to reveal my “cut and paste” templates that have made so many Father’s…relaxed, and happy. But, before we get to that I’m sure you’re wondering:

What’s This “Secret” That Has Transformed So Many “Ordinary” Father’s Lives?

It’s called the Father’s Rights Protection System

If you’ve ever been exposed to fill in the blank templates or listened to audio MP3’s, for instruction, these are just a few of the easy to use methods you’ll find as instant solutions to your problems in a convenient format.

For example, one of National Brotherhood of Father’s Rights members, Darrin Cooke, won custody of his toddler son away from a Mother that was doing drugs, spending child support on herself and couldn’t even provide a stable place for his son to live.

You see, many guys are faced with that exact same situation but have no clue what to do. If they had to figure it out themselves, they would have to spend hundreds of hours – and this is on top of working for a living, paying child support and surviving day to day. This is enough to dissuade most guys from trying.

Because it’s not about just solving the problem, it’s also about solving it in a “done for you” solution that saves time.

Read more about of the people I’ve either mentored to the left. They credit me for being a HUGE influence in their lives and in their cases.

In a nutshell, The Fathers Rights Protection System Provides solutions to Fathers Rights problems in a convenient and useful format.

Best part:

You Can Implement This “Easy To Use” System To Represent Yourself In Court Or Use It To Direct Your Attorney!

Simply put, you won’t find a more POWERFUL FORCE for Fathers Rights that creates the leverage you need to give you the rights you’re seeking than the Fathers Rights Protection System.

It doesn’t matter how difficult the X is, how much money her family has, what high-powered attorney she thinks she has or what a jerk the judge is…..you’ll become a force to reckon with!

I know plenty of Fathers who were, at first, scared to get directly involved; but, as they learned the ropes they actually began to like the process. Now, they don’t have to get permission from anyone to see their kids, pay reasonable child support and command respect in a court system that usually chews-up Fathers.

Here are some other benefits of the Fathers Rights Protection System:

  • Over 1,000 Pages Of Easy-To-Use Forms, Templates, Examples, Case Law and Real-Life Case Studies — Don’t re-invent the wheel; rather, follow 1,000’s of other Fathers that have blazed the path before you. Simply cut and paste….. changing the names, dates, times and personal information….and you’ve got killer pleadings even a seasoned attorney will be impressed with.
  • You Can Do It Yourself, Or Work With A Local Attorney — Either way, you save a ton of money and you’ll be using winning strategies; directing traffic for a change. Forget waiting for your Attorney to return your call, you’ll confidently be telling him what to do.
  • Save Substantially on Legal Fees And Play A Huge Part In Your Own Case — You become an active participant in your case, either doing it all yourself or by directing your attorney. Either way, you have proven methods at your finger tips that are guaranteed to work! “you really can create an extraordinary life.”
  • One-On-One Personal Consult With Dennis Gac — Fill out a simple questionnaire provided with your purchase and Dennis will do a phone consult with you, setting you in the right direction.

Why is all of this possible? That’s because the Fathers Rights Protection System is a proven low-cost/high leverage program that solves your problems in a “done for you” fashion.

I have said this over and over again in my 27 years in helping Fathers just like you:

More Rights Are Yours When You Know How To Tell The Judge What He Needs To Hear In Order For Him To Give You What You Want

That’s right, the packaging is important: you already have a gut instinct about what is fair for you and your kids. It’s just out of reach because you’ve been waiting for “something” or “someone” to come along and give you a simple step-by-step plan to package it and serve it up…to make it a reality.

As you may know, I’m a big Michigan Football fan. Top collegiate and even pro football players may have raw talent…but they need coaches to guide them…help them…give them the simple steps so they can become world-class football players.

In the same vein…you already possess the talent, skill, and smarts. You just need the “coach” and the playbook others have learned and implement it for yourself. A proven playbook that will help you join the many Fathers on this page who are enjoying the rights they so richly deserve!

So, if you’ve ever doubted your ability to pull it off rest assured that…

You Don’t Have To “Learn” Anything, Just  Copy What Others Have Used In Their Cases For Maximum Results In Yours!

And, the best part is these methods work in every case.

A Father once gave me a sign to hang at a seminar that said “But My Case Is Different!” This was a common objection from Fathers who didn’t believe the Fathers Rights Protection System was applicable for their specific problems.

The truth is this: these methods work in any case, in any State or Country and in every situation. Also, you can start out slowly to test the waters.

….and I want to teach you how you can get dramatic results in 90 days or less, and….

I Also Want To Free You From Buying Into The “BS” That May Be Keeping You From Success!

You know what I’m talking about: it’s your friends telling you to get an attorney, you can’t win, Mother’s have all the rights, her parents have tons of money, the court won’t like it if you put up a fight….on and on…..

I hate seeing guys led down the wrong path. Especially when there are PROVEN methods that have taken “ordinary” Fathers and generated extraordinary results… rescuing them from a life of mediocrity and despair.

In fact, most guys buy-in to the nonsense fed to them by attorney’s, evaluators, judges and even their own families…..

Does this sound like you? Well, if you’ve been trying to gain your rights but it’s been eluding you this entire time…

It’s NOT Your Fault!

Nobody has given you the PROVEN step-by-step methods that have worked for ordinary Fathers in ANY situation.

And thanks to the methods in the Fathers Rights Protection System I want to show you, you’ll be able to gain rights you now only dream of. It has even worked for me when I fought my own case against a very disagreeable X wife many years ago!

In fact, this is how my organization, The National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights evolved over the past 26 years. Guys would come up to me after seeing me kick ass in court and ask if I could represent them. I told them “that’s not what I do” even though I have a legal background; but, I’d agree to meet them for a beer and give them a few pointers. Over the years those pointers developed into the Fathers Rights Protection System.

It’s up to you. You choose. Do you really want this kind of help too?

For the first time ever, I’m going to give you my New And Revised Blueprint for Fathers Rights Success that’s been reduced to a formula…so you can effortlessly “cut and paste” this valuable information into your own case:

The Fathers Rights Protection System
Rapid Results Legal Kung Fu
Your PROVEN Blueprint For Leveling The Playing Field In Family Court In 90 Days Or Less!

The Fathers Rights Protection System includes my personal strategies that Successful Fathers have been exploiting for the past 27 years to reduce child support and spend more time with their kids.

These are the ONLY blueprinted strategies that walk you through step-by-step in what to do, where to go, how to file, what to say, who speaks first, how to appeal, how to make your attorney cooperate and make the judge listen…even if you’ve never done anything like this in

Including…..every aspect of every detail of any situation that you can possibly imagine….nearly 1,000 pages.

The point is that the Fathers Rights Protection System gives you the secret inside stuff “they” don’t want you to know about.

And, there’s little or no difference in using this system anywhere in the U.S.A. Canada or any “English Common Law” country….doesn’t matter; it’s the same approach and works just as well no matter where you are!

Oh another thing:

You’ll Create A Virtual Paper Blizzard Of Pressure On The “X” Using The Fathers Rights Protection System!

Is it realistic or routine to achieve that much more success in just a few months with the Fathers Rights Protection System?

Yes. Realistic! Routine! Despite what you may have heard from attorney’s or others in the pro-mother family court system, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from gaining equal rights with your kids.

When you have 50/50 time with your kids, pay little or no child support and command the respect of the court, you’ll have family, friends and other fathers wondering how you did it.

If you ask successful fathers who have followed the Fathers Rights Protection System, they’ll be the first to tell you that it IS possible to “gain more rights” because they’ve done it over and over again.

Here’s Just SOME Of What You’ll Discover  In This Monster Fathers Rights System

You’ll Receive:

The Fathers Rights Protection SystemYou’ll Receive:The Complete Fathers Rights Protection System includes a 200-Page Soft Covered Manual along with a CD-Rom affixed to the inside back cover containing well over 800-Pages of instantly-downloadable-digitally-delivered material; all delivered by Priority Mail to your door!

You’ll Also Receive

The Original And Updated Fathers Rights Protection System Inc.

Clip 1

But That’s Not All…

You’ll Also Get Dennis’ New Legal Kung Fu Bonuses That’ll Transform His Knowledge & Expertise & The Vicarious Experiences Of Other Fathers Into A Legal Juggernaut For Your Case!

Consider this to be the “icing on the cake” when it comes to this irresistible package…and why I decided to include this with The Fathers Rights Protection System.

Clip 2

Read descriptions in left-hand column to see the tremendous value you’ll receive.

Listen…you can either muck around and try to figure this stuff out yourself. Or, you can let me make it almost effortless, guiding you turn by turn, exit by exit and street by street on your way to your ultimate destination: a life free from the X, more time with your kids, less child support and the ability to do whatever you want…when you want to do it…without anybody’s permission!

How The Fathers Rights Protection System Will Help You To Live A Better Life!

The Fathers Rights Protection System could be THE stimulus for you to make a better life for you and your kids!

  • With The Fathers Rights Protection System You’ll Have Fill In The Blank Templates. We don’t just tell you what to do, we don’t just tell you how to do it, we give you templates for getting it done! It’s just fill in the blanks! Everything from soup to nuts is included; every template in every possible situation!
  • With The Fathers Rights Protection System You’ll Receive A Quick Start Check List: If you’re tired of the delays and need it now….follow this quick start check list and you can’t miss lowering your child support and spending more time with your kids.
  • With The Fathers Rights Protection System You’ll Receive A Formula For Finding A Local Fathers Rights Attorney To Help You Implement This System. If you feel you need an attorney, we’ll show you sure-fire methods for finding an attorney that will implement your goals, your ideas….someone that will cooperate with you!

So How Much Is Lowering Your Child Support & Spending More Time With Your Kids Worth?

If you were to add everything up…all the examples, templates, checklists, resources and case studies you need to launch a full scale assault to gain your rights …everything’s worth $2,995.00.

But in reality it’s worth much more than that. When you consider most Father’s spend $15,000-$25,000 for an attorney and NOT get the guidance, support, and respect that they need, what you’re paying here is a drop in the bucket…

Best part? You don’t have to pay $2,995.00. You don’t even have to pay $995.00.

Because if you’re reading this letter your investment is reduced to $347.77; everything that you see above, the Audio Gold System with 4 CD’s

Audio Gold System

Plus An Added Bonus For Action-Takers……

An Initial Personal Consultation With Me To Map Out A Strategy For “Your” Case!

Look…I’m not asking you to put a second mortgage on your home here or asking you for your first-born child. Just the value of less than an hour of legal consultation with a local attorney who maybe doesn’t even care about your case like you do. In fact, no one will care as much as you do about your kids and your finances!

This is why you must get involved and have an idea about what to do! And, The Fathers Rights Protection System will do just that!

If You’re On The Fence, Remember You Have 30 Days To Review Everything  And Determine If My Fathers Rights Protection System Is For You!

I never sell anything without a guarantee and I’m not going to deviate from that here. So here’s the deal:

100% GuaranteeReview everything in The Fathers Rights Protection System for 30 days and imagine how this information could relieve the worries you’re fretting about right now, and put you on the fast-track to your rights.

If you don’t think this package is right for you then call the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights at (206) 650-0250, send it back, and you’ll get every penny refunded back to you.

And you’ll STILL get to keep all the bonuses for giving The Fathers Rights Protection System a shot. Consider it as a “thank you” for examining this proven blueprint that’ll give you more rights than you’ve ever dreamed of.

There’s a huge difference between “complainers” and action takers. The action takers know when a RARE opportunity has come upon them.

So, to reward the action takers from the “think about it” group…I’m going to offer not only the Initial Consultation, I’m going to offer one solid week of unlimited consultation for the first 50 people who take action to grab the $347.77 Package with all the Bonuses. This will “Insure” your success!

However, this offer will be taken off the market on August 23, 2014.

So you’re up against a deadline here. The more you “think about it” the greater the chance you’ll miss out on the Fathers Rights Protection System and especially the One Week Unlimited Consultation Bonus.

So if you’re reading this message, the deal is ON! Don’t be one of those unfortunate guys who thought they’d “wait” or “think about it”…and get locked out forever because it happened to slip from their mind.

And I guarantee that this 30-Day Consultation incentive will NEVER be available at this price again. And, if this component ever does become available, it will be for a LOT more than what you see here.

If This “System” Worked For A Filipino Guy Who Could Barely Speak English…It’ll Work For You!

You see, Palo was forced into a divorce by his wife, who was holding is little daughter hostage; as is often the case.

He desperately wanted to see his daughter but also didn’t want to create a huge fight in court because he’s really a very nice guy.

After ordering our Fathers Rights Protection System on line, he soon realized he’d have to fight just for time with his sweet little daughter.

Palo could barely speak English, so he used our system with the help of an interpreter and wrote out “everything” in extreme detail for the court. He followed the Fathers Rights Protection System to do paperwork and won!

It was “amazing” what happened! The judge was so impressed with his passionate story, how well organized he was for someone that barely understood English and how professional his paperwork was [using our templates] that the judge actually began helping Palo….making sure he got to see his daughter and end up with a fair Parenting plan.

So, if this stuff works for a guy with no “English skills”…just a passion for his daughter …then it can work for you too.

Now It’s Your Turn To Join Palo and the “Ordinary” People In This Letter Toward A Lifestyle Of Freedom, Less Child Support And More Time With Your Kids!

The Fathers Rights Protection System will take you there. Our blueprint doesn’t care about history…what you’ve done in the past…or the mistakes you might have made.

And, oh yeah, don’t worry about the BS false allegations she’s made against you….probably drinking, abuse, domestic violence, drugs or other false allegations…. we’ve got those covered too! Don’t worry.

It’s just waiting there…waiting for you to take advantage of this limited opportunity to define your life the way you want it to be defined. To get up in the morning looking forward to every single minute of your day with your kids.

You’re better than that! And that’s why I created The Fathers Rights Protection System…for the “little guy” to generate rights he never knew he had.

You simply cannot make a mistake here. The 30-day guarantee is here to make sure there’s an “out” in case you change your mind.

So Here’s A Rundown Of What You’ll Get!

What You’ll Get What Everyone Else Pays What You Pay
Audio Gold Fathers Rights Protection System 5 CD’s. $347.77 White Check Mark
Anatomy Of A Divorce/A Fathers Guide $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Anatomy Of An Action For Parentage/A Guide For Unwed Fathers $39.95 Grey Check Mark
A Fathers Defense Guide Against False Allegations Of Abuse $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Winning Custody of Your Kids & Waging Your Own Personal Child Support Revolt Part I $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Winning Custody of Your Kids & Waging Your Own Personal Child Support Revolt Part II $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Winning Strategies For Fathers In Custody & Child Support Disputes Part I $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Winning Strategies For Fathers In Custody & Child Support Disputes II $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Mediation: How Fathers Can Settle Custody And Child Support Disputes Without Court $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Bonus #1 Magnetic Power Pleadings $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Bonus #2 Fathers Resources $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Bonus #3 Shrewd Legal Forms $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Bonus #4 Parental Alienation $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Bonus #5 Tort Claims Federal & State $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Bonus #6 Asset Protection Wills And Trusts $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Bonus #7 Dynamic Power Strategies I $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Bonus #8 Dynamic Power Strategies II $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Bonus #9 Asset Protection For Fathers $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Bonus #10 20-Audio Presentations For Fathers Rights $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Bonus #11 Case Law For Fathers Rights Monster Manual $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Bonus #12 Federal Court A Fathers Attack Guide $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Bonus #13 Women For Fathers Rights $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Bonus #14 7-Part Dynamic Lessons For Fathers Rights $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Bonus #15 206 Fathers Rights Articles $39.95 Grey Check Mark
Personal Initial Consultation With Dennis $395.00 Grey Check Mark
One Week Unlimited Consultation With Dennis $1295.00 Grey Check Mark
$2956.62 What You’ll Pay:
Only $347.77

So you have two choices:

1. You can either take action today before The Special One Week Unlimited Offer gets taken down for good…and be on your way toward a life of significance and meaning……where you can have a “say-so” and spend more time in your children’s lives…


2. You can ignore this message—tell yourself “you already know it all”…or that you’ll “figure it all out” yourself. If you’ve been doing that since trouble first showed up on the horizon with your X, I have a quick question for you:

How’s THAT Working Out For You?

Listen…the next 5-10 years are going to go by anyway. Why not spend those 5-10 years having a positive influence in your kid’s lives and paying fair support so you’re not struggling all the time?

The Fathers Rights Protection System is for you. So now’s the time to take action and claim your copy right now!

You’re only 90 days away from a major positive turn in your case!

Yes Dennis! I Want To Discover Your Proven Fathers Rights Protection System That Will Allow Me To Transform The Knowledge, Skill, And Know-How Other Fathers Have Used Into More Rights For Me And My Kids!

  • I know that I’ve been spinning my wheels using traditional methods and playing “ball” in a system stacked against me and I’m looking for “Sure-Fire” templates to gain my rights so I don’t have to hassle with the BS any further.
  • I know that I can get my investment back over and over again when I am able to take this World’s Greatest Fathers Rights System and lower my support, gain the tax exemptions, get a fair property settlement and, mostly, spending more meaningful time with my kids. That’s because I’ll have the proven blueprint “ordinary” Fathers have used to create increased rights.
  • And I know I’m covered by your generous 30-day guarantee, so there’s no way I can make a mistake here. I can invest in The Fathers Rights Protection System, test it out, examine it and determine if it will work for me. Best part: I can KEEP the $1,000′s worth of bonuses just for giving it a try!
  • Yes Dennis, I’m ready! Please send my Fathers Rights Protection System by Priority Mail and immediately email me all the EBooks so I can get things turned around as soon as possible….even if I’ve never gone to court before!

“The Fathers Rights Protection System”

Order The Fathers Rights Protection System

Dedicated To You Gaining Your Rights,

Dennis M. Gac, President

National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights

P.S. Oh, and if you think “My case is different” think again. I’ve introduced you to 12 Fathers, pictured at left, who kicked ass in court, so thinking “it won’t work for you” is not an excuse to NOT take action on this. So order today, right now, while it’s still hot on your mind!

P.P.S. I know you might be a little skeptical. My suggestion is to take action anyway—claim your copy of The Fathers Rights Protection System—and judge for yourself. You have 30 days to check it out. In other words, you can literally try The Fathers Rights Protection System for free! 12 Fathers on this page have already exploited perhaps the World’s Best Fathers Rights Protection System…and now it’s time for you to follow in their footsteps!

P.P.P.S. The Fathers Rights Protection System is flexible. You can get started in just a couple of hours a week…or you can go all out and wield The Paper Blizzard on the X. But when you follow the simple instructions thousands of others have employed, you can gain your rights quicker that you ever thought possible! No other product gives you this handholding…and no other legit system allows you to protect your rights with so little cost. Get started today!

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