EmailMover Online Help System

Operational Details

The Table View Screen

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From this screen, you may browse, edit, add or delete data in the EmailMover System.

Browsing the Data:
The table view screen shows several key fields of the table you have chosen to view.  If there are more records than can be displayed on one page (defined by you on the configuration page), the Navigation bar becomes active, and will allow you to move forward or backward by page, or directly to the beginning or end of the table. Place your mouse pointer over any of the Navigation Panel icons to get a text tip of what each icon does.

Adding New Data:
Where applicable, the Navigation also allows you to ADD a new record to the table you are viewing.

Editing and Deleting Records:
For most data, at the far left edge of each data record are two icons, one that looks like a pencil which when clicked will allow you to edit the chosen record, and another that looks like a trashcan which when clicks allows you to delete the chosen record.  For certain system data, one or both of these icons may not be activated.

All of the MainMenu Navigation icons at the top of the page remain active while on this page.

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