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Configuration Parameters

Server Parameters

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These settings indicate or affect Server settings and performance.

Base URL:
This READONLY parameter is set during the installation process, and indicates the URL for which EmailMover is licensed. 

Server(Script.TimeOut) Value:
If you experience any timeout errors from your server, you can adjust this value upwards.  Most servers default to 90 seconds. 

Time Offset: Host Server to Local Time:
If you are in a different part of the world from where your web server is located, there may be a time difference between your local time and the servers local time.  This parameters allows you to synchonize your local time to the servers time by adding or subtracting hours as needed. 

EmailMover MODE:
Select the mode you want EmailMover to operate in. Global.asa mode is the default mode, and uses the variables defined in the global.asa file to function. DB Mode is available for those who do not want to or cannot use a global.asa file for their EmailMover installation. This mode fetches all the EmailMover configuration parameters from the database for each page that is viewed. If you select DB Mode, you must set up a server side include in one of your often accessed web pages in order to fire off the EmailMover autosend routine. See the installation ReadMe.htm file for additional information.

View Server Variables:
If you are experiencing any trouble, EmailMover customer service may ask you to print the Server Variables and send them to us.  This feature is included to aid the troubleshooting process.

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