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Operational Details

The Template Edit Screen

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From this screen you can edit your Html and Text message body, header, footer, and other coded templates.

There are two primary template screens... the first allows editing of your message body templates.  The second allows all your headers and footer templates, subscribe and unsubscribe screens, and various system templates.  Default and system templates can be edited to customize them to your site requirements, but they cannot be deleted. 

About Field Templates:
A powerful feature of EmailMover is the ability to send customized Emails.  This is accomplished by using field templates in your Email template.  Simply construct your Email as you would like to see it, and add in a Field template wherever you want to substitute customized information.  A custom field can be added to your Email by positioning your cursor where you want to add it, and clicking on the   button.  Then just select the field you want to use.

Subject: (message body templates only)
Whatever you put in this field is what will appear in the subject line of your email.  You CAN add field templates to the subject line, but you must add the tag Manually.  For example, to add the recipients first name to the subject line, manually type in [Fname] into the subject line text wherever you want it to appear.  You must follow the correct custom tag format.  To ensure you do it correctly, just add the tag to your Html document so you can see how it should look.  Then either cut and paste it or copy it into the subject line.

Type: (code templates only)
You must classify your code templates so that they can be properly displayed for you when you build a Campaign.

The description field is what shows up on all the reports and template selection boxes.  You should choose a descriptive name that identifies the template to you.  This description will NOT become a part of the Email message you send to subscribers.  It is an internal identification for this particular template.

Html Body:
The Html body is what will be sent to subscribers that sign up for Html Email.  The text and Html bodies are totally independent from each other in the database.  All avaiable Field Templates may be added to the Html Body.  Our Html Editor is a customized version of the editor available from  You can enter Html code directly in the HTML Source tab window, cut and paste code from other sources and then edit it, or compose your message from scratch.  This is an inline editor that uses the MSHTML capabilities built into Internet Explorer versions 5.5 and later.

Use of the editor is pretty straightforward, and all buttons have text tips if you hover the mouse button over them for a second or two. 

To perform a single line break use Shift + Enter, use Enter for a full paragraph return.

If copying and pasting text from a web page in Internet Explorer or from a document in Microsoft® Word users should first copy the text to Notepad to strip out Microsoft markup, they should then re-apply any text formatting using the editor's tools. This is because when copying from Microsoft products, particularly Word, an awful lot of HTML markup is carried across.

Text Body:
The Text body is what will be sent to subscribers that sign up for Text Email.  You can create the initial text version by using a 'cut (ctrl-c) and paste (ctrl-v)' process, and then edit it as necessary for content and format.  The text and Html bodies need not be similar at all, and are totally independent from each other in the database.  All avaiable Field Templates may be added to the Text Body, however, templates that generate links will appear as only as inactive text in the email.

Saving or Exiting:
You can Save your changes by clicking the Save button, which will save all the information on this page to the database.  Clicking the Abandon button will return you to the previous screen.

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