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Operational Details

The Campaign Edit Screen

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The main screen allows you to specifiy a name for the Campaign, mark the Campaign as Enabled, and specify if you want the campaign to operate using a validation Email.

Validation Emails are automatically added if you check the validation checkbox. The Emails will appear as you design them on the validation templates. The validation templates should be made as generically as possible, as they will apply to ALL campaigns you set up for validation.

Predefined Header, Footer, Subscribe and Unsubscribe code can be added to the Campaign from this screen. These choices will be automatically applied to all the message templates belonging to the campaign when outgoing emails are actually generated.

Individual message templates can be added or deleted from the Campaign by indicating an appropriate delay period in days, and clicking the add button. Note that you may not have more than one message with the same delay period. If you do, only the first will go out. Additional message templates with the same delay period may exist in the campaign file, but will be ignored by the email generator.

Function Buttons: There are several buttons along the top of the campaign screen. These provide access to special functions such as Testing the Campaign, Editing the Template Code file, Adding Subscribers, Using the Form Generator and Using SpamAdvisor. Most of these functions have there own help topics associated with them. These buttons are disabled until at least one template message is added to the campaign.

Testing a campaign is easy. Simply click the button. Test emails will be sent to any/all Email addresses you have defined as Test Emails in the MailList file. Each such Test Email entry will receive a full set of Emails.

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