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Welcome to EmailMover!

This is the Online Help System. 
It can be accessed by clicking the Main Help Icon along the top of your screen. Context sensitive help can be displayed at any time by clicking on the Question Mark Icon present on most screens.

You can PRINT any of these help screens by clicking on the little printer icon at the top of this window.  We suggest that you print a few pages of this tutorial, and then work your way through them.

The display size for the help text can be increased or decreased to your liking.  You can do this from this page by clicking on the font size icons near the top of this window.

Checking System Parameters
Before anything else, you need to take a quick look through the EmailMover configuration parameters... and take a good look at one parameter in particular.  The Configuration screen can be accessed by clicking the 'SetUp' icon at the top right corner of your screen.

Scroll down the screen and take a look at the various options EmailMover allows you to configure. For now, leave most of them the way they are.  For additional information about any of the parameters, you can click on the question mark icon in the header bar of each section.

Getting Your First Email Campaign Going... 
If your ready, you can follow the tutorial presented in this series of help topics to create a simple Email Campaign that demonstrates the basic capabilities of EmailMover.  If you would rather do it later, just close the window for now.  Later, click on the main help icon near the center/top of your screen, and select the 'Overview' topic when you're ready.

Nuts and Bolts Info  Click here if you're interested.

Getting Started
Before anything else, we need to check a couple of things.  Click on the "SetUp" icon at the top right corner of your screen to bring up the configuration screen.  Scroll through all the options to get an idea of all the things EmailMover allows you to customize.  Locate the parameter for "Bad Login Alerts" and check the current setting.  It should contain the Email address you provided to us at the time you purchased EmailMover. You can change it to whatever address you want, so long as it's a valid Email address.  We're going to use it to Test the EmailMover Emailing setup.  So once you've got it set to whatever you want, click the closest Update button to update the database.

Next, scroll up a little to the Test Email Component button.  Go ahead and click it to do the test.  If all goes well, you should get an Email in your InBox in just a minute or two. 

If the test was successful then you can go to the Next Page.

If you're still reading, we'll assume your test was unsuccessful, and we need to figure out why.  Before we go too far, please take a minute to recheck the Email address from the previous step, just to make sure it's 100% correct.  If you need to change it, don't forget to click the Update button, then do the test again.

If you're still not getting the Test Email, the next and most effective step is to verify the SMTP host address.  During the registration process, the EmailMover setup program took an educated guess as to what your host address might be, and automatically entered it in the configuration table. 

Take a look at the parameter for the SMTP host.  If you know it's wrong, go ahead and change it, click the Update button and try the Test again.  

If you're at all unsure, contact your Host Administrator and get the SMTP host address from them.  Tell them your trying to send an Email using one of their installed Email components, and you just want to verify the SMTP Host address you should be using.  Enter whatever they tell you in the box, click Update, and try the Test again.

If you still cannot get the Test Email to work, then your system is behaving very strangely.  You should try the Email Test for EACH of the components available...  following this sequence...  Select a component to try, Update the database, do the Email Test.

If after trying all the components, you are still unable to get a successful Test, then we'll be glad to help you resolve your issue.  Please scroll to the bottom of the Configuration screen, click the button to View the ServerVariables.  Print the ServerVariable page and FAX it to us, along with any other information you think is relevant.  Don't forget to include your contact information.  We'll make every effort to give your situation a high priority.

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