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SpamAdvisor empowers you to test your Emails BEFORE they go out, against many of the known Spam filter no-no's.

You're able to tweak the content of your messages so that you can get your point across PLUS minimize the chance that your legitimate Email gets labeled and filtered out as Spam. Using SpamAdvisor is easy to do. You access it from the Campaign Editing screen. Once you've attached at least one message template to your Campaign, the button is enabled.

SpamAdvisor cycles through a number of tests, hunting down phrases or words in your messages that may trigger a SpamFilter. When it's done working… which only takes a few seconds for a moderate sized Campaign… you'll get a pop-up window that details what SpamAdvisor found.

The Campaign results are divided into a Headers and Footers section first, as these elements are common to all messages in the Campaign. Next is a report for each Message Template in the Campaign. SpamAdvisor output is categorized into color-coded statements and warnings. A legend appears at the bottom of the SpamAdvisor window, that indicates the relative severity of each color code.

In practical usage, your goal is to minimize SpamAdvisor warnings. You do not need to eliminate them altogether. Just changing a few words around often makes all the difference in the world. Saying, 'Go to this link', instead of 'Click Here' will avoid one very common SpamFilter trap. 

Spam Filters operate, for the most part, on the premise that marketing language is a fairly narrow and well-defined subset of the English language. To get through the Spam Filter, you must strive to write more naturally. Get rid of the sales hype, and replace it with sincerity.

You'll not only find that you're getting past the Spam Filters, but you'll be connecting more effectively with your customers.

DO run SpamAdvisor several times on your Campaign, tweaking things until you're satisfied. DON'T feel that you have to remove a mailto: link just because SpamAdvisor reports it. Just know that it's there, and that it's something you want or need to include.

One final note... there has been some flurry about 'read tracking' in Email marketing circles.  It works by embedding a hyperlink in the body of the message, that triggers a script on your site when the Email is opened. We believe this practice to be contrary to the very spirit of permission based marketing and strongly DISCOURAGE it because Spam Filters can easily identify, target and intercept messages using this technology.

We do not, and will not offer this capability in the EmailMover product.

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