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The FORM generator is your tool for creating EmailMover compatible sign-up forms for your Html web pages.

We're going to assume you're at least somewhat familiar with Html Forms.  If not, you should pick up a book that describes them in detail.  If you've worked with Forms before, then you'll find this generator very easy to use.  Just click on the fields you want to include on your sign-up form, and generate the form!

Custom fields, if pre-defined on the Configuration page, will be called by your customized names on this screen.  Note that the underlying field names will however remain as Custom1 through Custom5.  If you want to HIDE any of the fields that allow this capability, just check the box, and enter the hidden value that you would like to pass to the sign-up routine.

You also have the option of indicating an Html preference. If either Html or Text is selected, the subscriber will not have a choice, and the value will be passed to the sign-up routine as a hidden value.

Similarly, you can enter a Source value, and if desired, a Redirect value.. Both of which will be passed as hidden fields. If you have a subscription form in a number of different places, you can set the Source differently for each one. Then, when you get a subscriber, you'll know which form they used to sign up from.

In order to use the Redirect option, you must enter a valid URL (either relative or full) into the box. After the sign-up routine executes, a redirect to the page you've specified will occur. All values are passed to the redirect URL as QueryString values.

Once the Generate button is clicked, you'll be presented with a screen showing a preview of your generated form, plus all the code that goes along with creating it and making it work.

Every generated Form is created with built in validation of the form elements, that checks for improper or malicious entries. For example, Html code is not allowed in the text fields. Instructions are provided for how to cut and paste the provided code into your Html page. Also provided are some examples of how to create a pop-up subscription form, so that your visitors never have to leave your main page to sign-up.

Start with the generated form. Cut and paste the code into your web page, then edit it for color, style, size, etc… to meet your requirements. Leave all the form fields and code "as is", so as not to interfer with the form's ability to interface with the EmailMover signup routine.

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