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Adding People to a Campaign

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There are several ways to add subscribers to a Campaign.

The first way is to generate an Html signup form, and add it to your web site.  Whenever someone fills out and submits the form... their information will be automatically added to the database, and they'll receive the Emails you've set up for the Campaign they've subscribed to.

The second way to add subscribers to a Campaign is from the subscribers individual record in the MailList table.  Access this by clicking on the List Data link at the top of your screen.  Edit the record of your choice by clicking on the little pencil icon in the leftmost column for that record.

At the bottom of the edit screen is a listing of the Campaigns that this subscriber is currently a member of.  Simply select the Campaign you want to add them to, and click the Add button.

The third way to add people to a Campaign is from the Campaign Edit Screen, where you'll find an Add Subscribers button.  The button becomes active once you add at least one template to a Campaign.  Clicking this button takes you to a form that allows you to filter out records from the MailList table, so that you add only those records you want to add to the Campaign.

Using this tool, you can specifiy sub-groups of people to add to the Campaign. You can run this tool multiple times for any single Campaign, and the program will automatically ensure that you do not add duplicate names for any one Campaign.

This topic brings us to the end of the tutorial help screens.  You've now been exposed to all the basic elements of EmailMover.  There are MANY advanced features we haven't yet touched upon.  As you build your first real Campaigns, you can become exposed to all these features and capabilities by reading through the various help topics that are available from each screen, or from the main Help index.

We encourage you to take the time to go through EACH of the Configuration screen parameter sections and read all about what each parameter does.  Doing so will make you significantly more familiar with EmailMover.

Please visit our Forum.  Share your experiences, ideas, disappointments and suggestions with us, and with other users.  We want to make EmailMover the very best product of its kind on the market.

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