EmailMover Online Help System

Configuration Parameters

General Parameters

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This section consists of General System Settings.

Version Information:
Shows the version of the currently installed EmailMover system.  You can check for updates by Visiting our Forum.

Maximum Rows to Display in Table View:
This setting determines how many rows of data are displayed in the Table View screens. 

Delete LogFile Entries after  Days:
EmailMover writes an event log for almost everything it is asked to do.  This event log is viewable from the main Status Screen.  This parameter allows you to determine how many days of event history you wish to keep in the database.  We suggest that 10 days should be more than adequate for most installations.  If you want to conserve disk space, you should set this lower. 

Minimum File Import Batch  Records:
During a file import, script timeouts can occur.  for this reason, we choose to 'batch' the import process into chunks of data.  In addition, by batching we can display the progress of the import process.  We suggest setting the batch size between 500 and 1000 records.  For larger imports, you can set it even higher. 

What to Call Custom Fields 1-5:
Redefining the Custom fields is optional, but highly recommended if you want to track specific information gathered during the sign-up process.  You can rename the custom fields to anything you want to call them, and your customized name will then appear in all representations of the data throughout EmailMover.  On some screens, if you have not redefined the custom fields, they will not even appear.

Font Size for Help File Display:
Enter an Html font size between 1 and 4.  This is the font size that will be used by the Online Help System to display the HelpFile Text.

Edit the Help File:
This button allows you to edit the contents of the Help File.  You can enter special notes of any sort into the existing help file text.  You may edit, but not delete or add records to the help file.  Each help icon is assigned an ID number that is visible at the very end of the status bar query string.  Use this ID number to know which Help topic you wish to edit. 

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