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Operational Details

The Mailing List Edit Screen

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On this screen you can edit the detail data for the specific record you have chosen to view. Once you have completed making any necessary changes, click on the button to save your changes.

Saving and Exiting:
Click on the Update Database button to save any changes you've made.  To exit this screen without saving your changes, simply click the back button of your browser, or any other active EmailMover menu icon.

First, Last, Fullname and EmailAddress:
These fields are self-explanatory.

Send HTML:
If checked, EmailMover will send this customer HTML mail (if defined) rather than TEXT email.

Accepts Email:
Automatically checked when added, automatically unchecked when customer chooses to unsubscribe. May be manually checked or unchecked on this screen.

Customer Source:
This field contains the querystring value for xSource, which is defined in the Subscribe Code generator. This field allows you to identify which ads, forms, URLs, etc. are responsible for bringing you this customer.

These fields contain the custom querystring data you define in the Subscribe Code generator.  You can rename these fields in the SetUp screen configuration options, so that their names are meaningful to you.  When you rename these fields, the names you choose will appear on most screens.

Testing Email:
If checked, then this Email Address will ONLY be used by the system when testing a Campaign. When a Campaign is tested, the full set of Campaign Emails are sent to ALL Testing Emails. This function allows you to see if your Campaign behaves as you expect it to.

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