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Creating a Message Template is Easy!

Making a Simple Template
Click on the 'Templates' icon near the top left corner of your screen, just under the EmailMover Logo display.  You'll then see a listing of templates already in the system.  We'll let you explore these existing templates at your leisure.  For now, let's create a NEW Message Template by clicking on the    button in the Navigation bar.  

The Template Edit Screen should come up.  There are two editing areas, one for your HTML formatted message, and the other for your TEXT message sent to TEXT only subscribers.

Enter a Subject Line (use TEST SUBJECT for now) and Internal Description (use TEST DESC for now) for the template. 

The built-in Html Editor makes it a snap to design your messages On-Line. If you normally use your own standalone Editing tool, you can cut and paste all or part of your designs directly into the EmailMover Editor. The formatting buttons resemble typical editor formatting buttons, so most users will be fairly familiar with which button does what.

Please note however, that this editor is NOT intended to be a fully functional design tool, but rather to allow BASIC content editing for Email messages.  This editor should be more than adequate for the vast majority of Email messages you create.  Use a tool like FrontPage, Publisher or Word for more complex page designs, and then cut and paste the page into the editor.

For now, just enter a simple message into the Html editor.  Try something like:

This is a simple first message.

Then SAVE the template.


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