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Creating a Campaign

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Campaigns tie everything together.

Creating a simple Campaign
Click on the Campaigns icon in the upper left corner of your screen.  A list of existing Campaigns will come up in table view.  You can explore these examples at your leisure.  For now, let's create a new Campaign by clicking on the  navigation button.  When you do, the Campaign Edit screen will come up.

Enter a Name for the Campaign ("Test Campaign"), keep the Validation box UNchecked, and the Enabled box Checked.

Next, Select your Test Header and Test Footer you created in the previous step of this tutorial.  Leave the Subscribe and Unsubscribe selections on the system defaults. The click the Update Database button to save the Campaign fields.

Finally, ADD your Test Message template that you created in an earlier step by selecting it in the drop down box, entering a Delay of "0" , and clicking on the ADD button.   That's all there is to it... you have just completed a very simple Campaign. 

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