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Subscribe and Unsubscribe Screens

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Subscribe and Unsubscribe Screens are special template types.

Not part of your Email Messgages
They're not used as part of your Email Message... but are what the subscriber sees on their computer screen after signing up for or canceling their subscription to one of your Campaigns.  You can create totally customized subscribe and unsubscribe screens on a 'per Campaign' basis. 

A subset of the normally available custom fields and tags can be accessed for use on these templates. 

There are system default templates that you can edit, but cannot delete.  The idea with these templates, for whatever type they are, is that YOU can create default templates the way you want them to be.  Some may prefer to have the defaults contain the simplist of all their formats.  Others may use the defaults for nearly everything, to maintain a consistent look and feel across all their Campaigns.

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