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Campaign Validation Emails

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When you require validation for a Campaign, 2 Emails are automatically added to the Campaign's list of Templates… an initial validation template, and a reminder template. Both of these are system templates, and are applied across ALL Campaigns. You may edit them to fit your needs, but be certain to keep them generic enough to cover all your validated Campaigns. The delay is set to ZERO for the initial validation message. The reminder message delay is set to whatever value you choose for it on the SetUp configuration page. If you change the configuration value for the reminder template delay, it will not affect validated Campaigns already in the database. They will remain with the delay that was in effect when they were created. To change them, simply uncheck the validation checkbox for the Campaign, save the Campaign, and then re-check the validation box and save it again. New validation templates will then be added to the Campaign, reflecting the new delay. The validation link TAG (AckLinkID) is provided in order to handle the validation process. You should ONLY use the AckLinkID tag in initial validation or reminder templates.

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