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From this screen, you are able to Login to the EmailMover System.

General Information:
The main login screen acts as your 'security guard' to keep unauthorized people out of your EmailMover system. All EmailMover screens are scripted such that any attempt to access a file without being properly logged in will redirect the unauthorized user to the login screen.

Cookies Required:
To use all the features of the EmailMover Admin screens, your browser MUST be configured to allow cookies.   A Medium or Medium-High security setting will usually be sufficient.  Cookies are needed to store session variables, and user information.  None of the EmailMover navigational elements are active until after you log in.  The Help and Forum links are always active.

Unsuccessful Login Attempt Notification:
The configuration screen contains an option where you can choose to be notified via email if anyone tries to access EmailMover with an incorrect username or passcode. 

Case Sensitivity:
Usernames and passcodes ARE CASE SENSITIVE.  If you are having problems logging in, make certain that the Caps Lock key has not been accidently activated.  'ADMIN', 'admin' and 'Admin' are treated as 3 different login names! 

Default username and passcode:
Normally, the system will prompt you for a preferred username and passcode during installation. However, if you have not yet entered your own choices, EmailMover is shipped with the default username of 'Admin' and passcode of 'qwerty'. You should immediately change the default username and passcode once you have accessed the system for the first time.

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