EmailMover Online Help System

1- Set Up
    a) Uploading EmailMover files
    b) Running EmailMover for the First Time
    c) What is my Order ID?
    d) License Activation
    e) About Usernames and PassCodes
2- Getting Started
    a) Overview
    b) Setting Basic Parameters
    c) Your First Template
    d) Adding Headers and Footers
    e) Creating a Campaign
    f) Subscribe and Unsubscribe Screens
    g) Testing Your Campaign
    h) The FORM Generator
    i) Using SpamAdvisor
    j) Adding People to a Campaign
3- Advanced Topics
    a) Nuts and Bolts details
    b) Adding Unsubscribe Links
    c) Imports and Exports
    d) Using Custom Fields
    e) Campaign Validation Emails
    f) Backups and Compacting
4- Operational Details
    a) Loggin In…
    b) The Status Screen
    c) The Table View Screen
    d) The Mailing List Edit Screen
    e) The Template Edit Screen
    f) The Campaign Edit Screen
    g) The Delete Record Screen
    h) The Configuration Screen
5- Configuration Parameters
    a) Administrative Users
    b) Regular Users
    c) General Parameters
    d) Email Settings
    e) Server Parameters
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