For the first time ever: You can receive unique, interactive mentoring from the leading Fathers' Rights Advocate in the country. He’s “talked the talk” and “walked the walk” for nearly 20 years, helping thousands of Fathers level the playing field in court --- lowering their child support and getting to spend more time with their kids.

"You'll get “unlimited consultation” with Dennis Gac, personally --- being figuratively taken by the hand and walked through every stage of your case from the basics of filing paperwork to representing yourself in court. You'll save thousands of dollars in legal fees… and you'll get the child custody rights you want and deserve!

And, the best part….It doesn't matter if you've never taken a law class or even read a book about family law - because with Dennis’ help, you’ll beat the “X” in court and see improvement in your case within 90 days……GUARANTEED!”

From the Desk of Dennis Gac

Hello Fellow Fathers,

You’ve probably already heard or read my “'story” of how I went, overnight, from a man falsely accused of molesting his daughter to gaining equal residential time and joint custody --- clearing my name....Well, not overnight, but I really did face those terrible allegations and, by firing my attorney and representing myself, I was able to win my case. That single decision - to represent myself - has completely changed my life. I have a great relationship with my kids and now that they’re grown adults, I now help hundreds of fathers per year achieve the same results.

Today I'm the founder and President of The National Brotherhood of Fathers' Rights. I’ve also developed America's most successful Father’s Rights Mentoring Program. But most importantly, I'm a happy father who’s enjoyed a great relationship and regular contact with his kids during the past 20 years.

It might not have been this way though. You see, I didn't see it coming, but my wife filed for divorce. She took me totally by surprise one day when I came home to find my home stripped wall to wall. I quite literally walked around the house whistling and hearing the echo. My heart sank and my kids, my wife and all my stuff….“gone.”

You should know that I have formal legal training from the University of Michigan and William Howard Taft Law School in Southern California. But, despite all my legal training, I was not prepared for the prejudice that I faced by stepping into a family courtroom here in Seattle, Washington for my divorce.

As soon as I walked into the court I began to see exactly “how” the court system worked against fathers. Just sitting and observing, waiting for my hearing to come up, I saw, again and again, how other fathers lost their rights --- being chewed up in an “emotional meat-grinder.”

Sitting there with my attorney I started to think about my life as an “ex-father.” It frustrated me. I thought to myself: "Dennis, are you sure this isn't going to happen to you too?" [Yes, I had an attorney from the beginning, too, because I was so busy with my own business],

Well, we stood up when our case was called….and my attorney proceeded to totally “bungle” the whole thing. I just knew I had to jump in and take over the situation; but, I was scared. I couldn’t take it any longer and just chimed-in, correcting many of the irregularities that were being presented as fact by the opposing side….as my attorney stood there silent. The judge looked down his “snoot” at me and everyone was stunned that I even opened my mouth. I proceeded to salvage much of that hearing and came out with ample time with my kids and my skin on financially --- no thanks to Mr. Attorney!

Deep down inside of me I knew I could represent myself in court. But I was so busy with my business and my children were so young. After all, I had to spend time with them too.

After some major frustrations and adjusting my schedule, I fired my attorney, got up to speed on family law issues and fought my way to fairness against an extremely disagreeable "X" wife. Shared custody, no child support and a fair divorce property settlement resulted after I used the correct approach and legal techniques. And, I did it all using the same "Legal-Kung-Fu" methods you're going to read about in this letter.

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The Turning Point: I woke up one morning to find a message from my attorney. After calling back I discovered that my wife and her attorney had cooked up the worst possible lie………….she strongly implied that I “may” have molested my kids. Base upon this one false allegation, I was denied time with my kids.

I Felt About Two Inches Tall:

Have you ever had someone make you feel like that?

I decided right then and there to NOT be solely dependent on my attorney nor anyone else for custody of my children. I would NOT let my X nor anyone else have that kind of power over me. So I took the leap faith and represented myself from that point forward.

Here’s How I Got Started:

I bought and read a couple of books and did my own legal research in the library and then did what seemed most logical – I sought out a mentor who could show me the ropes and help me avoid the pitfalls and traps most fathers fall into.

Problem was: there weren’t any good mentors around. I couldn't find any decent books on the subject of Father’s Rights. Half the books were written by people who made their money from TEACHING and NOT fighting in court.

So I did the next best thing: I learned what I could from the books and then filled in the gaps by getting in the trenches and fighting my case on my own.

It was hard. But I persisted. And I won 50/50 custody of my kids and cleared my name.

During my fight in court over a 2 year time frame, other Fathers would come up to me at the courthouse and ask me if I could help them --- as I had done very well in my own case.

It was then that I decided to put my own Fathers Rights System together based on the approach I discovered during my divorce… and now…I’m a highly sought after Fathers Rights Coach/Mentor myself. Today, hundreds of Fathers seek me out every year to teach them everything I know.

Since 1987, when I founded the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights, I’ve helped over 10,000 men win their cases – 95% of them represent themselves and don't use an attorney at all.

I learned that there really is NO secret to beating your X in court and getting custody of your kids…

Of course there were a number of steps I had to take to get to there. And today, I spend my time teaching others and guiding them through those steps so they can create a winning strategy for their own cases:

Take James, one of my clients, as a prime example:

● He thought his case was doomed from the very beginning. His daughter was just a baby. No judge would let him have a lot of time with an infant, right? Wrong. Not only did he get substantial time, he gained primary care and custody as well!

We've even helped a grandmother:

● Bev never thought she'd have to fight for the right to see her grandchild. But her son's girlfriend made life hell for her and her son. Bev was determined to see her grandchild. The National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights [NBFR] was the only group she could find to give her the help she needed to win in court. She's now retired and able to spend time with her grandchild, thanks to NBFR.

Chris' wife launched a brutal assault against him...and lost:

● After 23 years of marriage Chris' wife filed for divorced and launched a brutal legal assault against him. She told lies and made false allegations against him. Chris was devastated emotionally and slipped into a depression. I taught him the legal strategies he could use to fight and win. He succeeded.

Then there's Dan, whose wife cheated on him:

● Dan found out his wife was cheating on him and he wanted a divorce so he could move on with his life. Even though she was the one who cheated on him she did everything she could do to limit his access to the kids. He launched a full scale offensive attack with the help of the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights --- lowering his child support payments by 75 percent and gaining 50 percent time with the kids.

And here's Don, yet another father who had to face false allegations:

● Don knew he was a good father even though his wife slapped a fraudulent restraining order against him. He didn't give in. He rose to the occasion and got rid of the restraining order, conquered his depression and is back in his kids' lives.

As you can see, the system I teach gives Fathers like you the know-how you need to win in court so you never have to answer to your X or her attorney again.

Fact is: many of my students could hire an attorney, or at least consult with one, but prefer to represent themselves in court... as it gives them a great deal of control over their cases. Some of these students may end up helping you, too, if you let them! (You’ll hear more of their stories in a moment).

All these Fathers succeeded in their cases by following the proven system I’ve developed over the last 20 years since I first started the National Brotherhood of Fathers' Rights.

And now it’s your turn to be just like these National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights students:

John Platten, who says he was literally chewed up by the court system and without the National Brotherhood of Fathers' Rights “my situation would have been a whole lot worse for me.” “The price is right, and the service is awesome.”

Darrin Cooke had TWO ex-girlfriends and thought he didn't stand a chance in court. Thanks to our help he got 50/50 custody of his 12-year-old daughter and FULL custody of his three-year-old son!

And you can be just as successful as these Fathers! Even more so.

And Loren Mullins... who increased the Time He Spends With His Children by 500% by getting 50/50 Custody!

And Tony Bowles... who’s been a member and used my consulting services for 10 years!…

The Program Has Three Essential Stages to It.

This is where you and I have an initial consultation after you fill out our client questionnaire. I learn more about your case and you learn more about how I can help you and how our program works.

You’ll study one bite-sized chunk at a time of necessary information specific to your case. Then, you’ll work with me one on one to talk through questions and discuss how you’ll be using what you’re learning in court.

Stage two is where you start to learn by doing as you put our ideas for succeeding in court into action. The heart of this is the strategy I map out for you. To succeed you have to be able to follow instructions to the letter and be willing to take action.

This is NOT a "classroom" seminar or a kit in a box, but rather a hands-on experience where you’ll be doing the actual work of filling out papers and preparing for court. You’ll be making any necessary calls to the courthouse, your wife's attorney, etc.

You see, the whole idea is to get you to do the most important, and often times most intimidating, actions. But rather than make the calls on your own or talk with judges and attorneys by yourself, you’ll have all the support you need right there with you because we’re the safety net! You can call us at any time!

And remember, the faster you learn what we teach you, the more prepared you will be for your court date.

The secret to this stage is to show up for court fully prepared. You'll be able to call me from your cell phone from the courthouse steps if you need to. Right up until the last moment we can evaluate your actions and plan of attack. You can even call me during breaks at court hearings. I’m there for you.

And finally, you get to work with me to fine-tune your strategy every single week so that you will have the child custody and child support arrangement that's in the best interest of your child.

As a member of National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights you’ll get unlimited access to me, personally, by phone, email or fax..

Remember: This is YOUR case, these are YOUR children, this is YOUR life. But you’ll have the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights to constantly rely upon to help take you through every phase --- every step of the way.

Now, the reality is there are a lot of steps to take. So rather than give it to you all at once, my job is to feed you only what you need to know at any given time ---one careful step at a time. In fact, our real job is to help take the complicated process of representing yourself in court and breaking it down into bite-sized chunks.

At every step along the way you’ll know exactly what you need to do next to keep your court case moving along to a successful close.

Like we did with these other amazing success stories…

This guy saved $27,500.00 in back child support: “Your concepts immediately saved me $27,500.00 in alleged back child support and was instrumental in helping me gain custody of my son.” “Thanks.” Craig Johnson, Seattle, WA.

Gary Barksdale was able to do what THREE attorneys weren't able to do for him – he got a dangerous Guardian Ad Litem removed from his case!

And all you have to do to start creating the same kind of cases these guys did is jump on the band wagon.

• How to understand Issues For Divorce, Paternity and Child Support & Custody Modifications
• Understanding the Differences between Petitions, Complaints and Motions.
• How to Develop A Parenting Plan.
• How To Develop an Effective, Well Written, Child Support Order.
• Understanding Division – Assets – Liabilities.
• Understanding Maintenance/Alimony Issues.
• How not to get hit with her Attorney fees.
• Legal Separation.
• Converting Legal Separation into A Divorce.
• Filing a Paternity or Parentage Action For Unwed Father’s.
• Getting Your name on the Birth Certificate.
• Stopping Wage Garnishments.
• Stopping or Reinstating Suspended Drivers Licenses.
• Child Support Modifications.
• How To Get the IRS to Pay A Portion Of Your Child Support.
• Killer Tax Benefits – Tax Exemptions v. Tax Credits.
• Custody Modifications To Gain You More Time With Your Kids.
• Defining A Substantial Change In Circumstances To Modify.
• The Best Interests of the Child – How It Can Apply To Father’s Case.
• Orders To Show Cause v. Motions.
• Grandparents Rights.
• Adoption.
• False Allegations of Abuse.
• False Allegations of Domestic Violence.
• Supervised Visitation.
• Drug and Alcohol Assessments.
• Termination Of Parental Rights.
• Adoption and Its Affect Upon Child Support.
• State Assistance and Welfare – Effects Upon Child Support .
• Keeping Mom From Moving Out of the Area With Your Child.
• Written Agreements --- Signed And “Conformed” Orders.
• Deviation Factors That Lower Your Support [Thinking Outside The Box].
• How To Write A Detailed Declaration or Affidavit.
• Restraining Orders.
• How Others Have Defended Themselves Against Restraining Orders.
• How A Mother Can Undermine Her Own Restraining Order.
• Petitions For Anti-harassment .
• Contempt Of Court For Violation of Your Visitation Rights.
• How to Defend Against Contempt of Court for Non Payment of Child Support .
• Contempt - Remedial v. Punitive.
• Tort Claims – Lawsuits Against the Mother and Others.
• Federal Civil Rights Lawsuits – Constitutional Rights.
• Class Action Suits.
• Mediation – How to Settle Your Case Amicably.
• Arbitration.
• Trials De Novo.
• Appeals – State - Court of Appeals – Federal.
• How Others Have Filed Simple Motions Successfully.
• Motion for Reconsideration.
• Motion for Revision.
• Parenting Evaluations.
• Guardian Ad Litems [GAL].
• Family Court Services Evaluations.
• PhD Psychologists In Evaluations.
• Masters Of Social Work [MSW] in Evaluations.
• Psycho-Sexual Deviancy Evaluations.
• MMPI Personality Index Testing.
• Psycho-Sexual Plethysmograph Testing - Illegal
• Anger Management Evaluations and Classes.
• Alcohol/Drug Evaluations & Classes.
• Be On Offense.
• Vacating or Undoing an Unjust Order - Relief From Judgment.
• Setting Aside A Default.
• And a Host Of Other Scenarios.

By now you’re probably wondering how much you need to invest to join the National Brotherhood of Father’s Rights.

Well, I’ve got some good news. Getting involved in membership with the National Brotherhood of Father’s Rights is going to be very affordable. Here’s why:

When we first started offering full consulting memberships I really struggled with how to price it. Our first members, quite literally, received 1,000’s of dollars in valuable services…. and, we charged by the hour…with personal, practical, as well as, legal information direct from expert attorneys being passed on to them. I’ve heard some pretty amazing success stories from Fathers who really “worked” their cases.

But this time, I felt an obligation to offer something more affordable, something in a price range Fathers could be comfortable with, especially if they were at the infancy stages of their cases.

We’ve been able to make this affordable by restricting your usage of the information that we give you, to yourself or to another father in need. (This means you don’t disclose our information to the “other” side---ever!)

By making this restriction, we are able to offer our Full Consulting Membership in the National Brotherhood of Father’s Rights for a one-time investment of just . . . $875.00.

That’s right! You can receive everything mentioned in this letter; the full consulting membership featuring detailed information on all of the situations outlined above, plus unlimited mentoring and unlimited access to me, personally, for $875.00. (And that price represents unlimited consultation for a period of one year – (365 days) -- a single one-time investment.

Some people think they can become a member and kick back and not do any of the work necessary to get ready for their court date.

Now, yes, it is true that we’re gonna walk you through every step of your case that keeps you in the center of your children's lives…and gets you the best child support order and property settlement.

We literally let you borrow our lifetime of legal experiences and knowledge so you can jump straight in and prepare your court case in the shortest amount of time.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t take effort. And frankly, some fathers simply aren’t up to it. Some fathers think they can get 50/50 custody of their children by letting me and/or their attorney do all the work for them.

And if that’s the way you feel…this is not the program for you. We want to help Fathers that have a strong desire to win their cases and a drive that will allow us to take them by the hand and show them the exact path.

And the best news is: you don’t have to do any of it alone.

You’ll have me as your personal Coach and Mentor right beside you every single step of the way.

You’ll have someone to talk you through every step… to teach you everything you need to know… and to guide you as you put together the paperwork and prepare your court case.

And that’s one of the big differences that sets the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights apart from every other book, course, seminar or mentoring program available anywhere:

You get the coaching sessions as well as all the peer support you need to make sure there is NO ROOM FOR FAILING as a successful father… starting TODAY!

It’s Easy To Join!

Or, Call 206-650-0250 To Apply Now Over the Phone!

We only offer a limited number of memberships per month. So, if you want to get involved in the ultimate membership program for Father’s Rights, I urge you to join us today. And yes, you can use your Visa/MasterCard or personal check.

But, you must hurry, because like most limited offerings, this one is sure to sell-out quickly.

As always, should you have any questions, you can call me on my personal cell phone at (206) 650-0250 .


Dennis M. Gac, President
National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights
8010 212th Street SW, Edmonds, WA 98026
Fathers Hotline: (206) 650-0250

P.S. If you’re interested in having the NBFR do all the paperwork in your case please indicate this when leaving a message at (206) 650-0250 or by clicking HERE for more information. This is a very special program that alleviates the headaches of struggle through typing up your own paperwork --- trying to meet the exacting legal standards that are necessary to win your case.

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