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Lower Your Support and Spend More Time With Your Kids.

Interview on Michel Dress Show

Today was a good day for Justice. I want to thank you, Dennis, because all this hard work finally paid off.

I want to direct this letter to all you fathers out there. You can do it too because I did.

Here's what happened.

A few years ago my ex took me to Child Support to get my child support raised because she conveniently had a baby with her new hubby. Well naturally she thought she could get more money out of me. CSED (child support enforcement division) raised my child support without my input or ok two and half times what it was. I fought with them and they confiscated all my money in my checking account at one point. Then threatened to take my license away after there wasn't enough payment to suit the ex (because I just could not afford the mounting fees and high amount of child support they put on me).

Then, they threatened to arrest me. Well my business had fallen off to nothing. Not much coming in and whole lot of debt piling up. I had enough of this and worked with Dennis to get something done. (I couldn't afford a fancy expensive lawyer) Dennis showed me the steps and let me tell you I have never been so scared to go up against the machine of the state. It was different from what I wanted to do which was to just lay down and let her have whatever. It was really hard to keep pushing on because the process can take some time but well worth it.

I had a hearing with a Judge who really isn't a judge but what they call a Standing Master. This guy didn't even give me the chance to hear my case and just dismissed the case like I was going to run down the street with my tail between my legs. I was really ticked off by this decision, or rather indecision. I can remember the day vividly.

I about got into a fist fight with a motorist, I hollered at my landlord, and got into a fight with my wife, which I don’t don't do on a regular basis and I finally figured out that isn't the answer. I could of laid down and given up at this point.

But rather, I needed to press on with this court case. I went to the Standing Master's office and immediately demanded his written order so I could file an appeal. Well, he was very perturbed by this. I knew he was stalling and delaying the written order so that I couldn't appeal. I didn't care and wasn't going to back down on this. Once I got the order, I filed the appeal paper work that Dennis provided.

Let me tell you, the court house clerk ladies were great and will help you if your sweet and nice to them. If you get something wrong just listened to them and to Dennis and correct whatever you have too if there is something wrong with the paper work.

Well I got my appeal heard in front of the District judge which took my side and overturned the Standing Master. The case is now back in the lower court which means the Ex is going to have to negotiate with me or take her chances in court. I wonder how her and her lawyer felt after it was all over. I wish I was a little mouse in the corner of their conversation after the higher court reversed this dimwit Standing Master. All I can say is be proactive and continue the fight. Because I am.

Thanks again Dennis.

Jesse Wagner

"America's divorce rate for 1st marriages is 41%, 60% for the 2nd and an incredible 73% for the 3rd."

"Dennis has masterfully isolated the true keys to gaining your rights as a Father."
- Chris Brown, Everett, Washington

"Dennis Gac is the silent giant in the realm of Fathers Rights information."

"Craig Carlson of Seattle, Washington used the system to eliminate $27,500.00 in back child support when 3 different attorneys’ previously told him he couldn't"

"Dennis has written 10 Best Selling Books On Fathers Rights."

"The Fathers Rights Protection System works in every State in the U.S. and the same basic approaches can be used in Canada, England, New Zealand, and Australia."

"Should Fathers have equal time with their kids?" 62% say Yes and 38% No according to Parade Magazine."

"The Fathers Rights Protection System is no magic wand; only solid information and momentum will overcome subconscious fear,” explains Dennis."

“The techniques in the Fathers Rights Protection System helped me to do what three attorneys couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do." "I was able to remove a powerful, biased, and dangerous Guardian Ad Litem from the case" “The Fathers Rights Protection System enables Fathers to take control of their court case!”
- Gary Barksdale, Oklahoma

"I was married for 23 years and have 7 children. My X wife tricked me and obtained a default against me stealing custody from me and obtaining child support." "I was really depressed." Even worse I had to move away from Florida where my boys were, to California to find work." "I thought I'd never have my boys again." "I contacted lawyers in Florida and was sadly disappointed in their negative approach." "I was mad as hell, but with Dennis' System, I was able to fight for my boys and I won!" I now have them in California with me." "My boys are happy and I am very happy." "Thanks Dennis!"
- Michael Shelton, California

"Just wanted to send you a note of THANK YOU!!!! The information and suggestions you made to us are the main reasons my other half has rights to his son now. It has relieved a great deal of stress in our home and his boy is much happier! We have a plan now that is being followed even though we still have minor issues arise; but, that's nothing compared to what we were facing before. He gets the holiday and birthday time he never had before and Joe now has a say in things. His son is happy to get more time with him and feels his father has as much control as his mother now in his schedule. We are forever grateful for the insight you have given us and the knowledge --- which is power to go the distance."
Janeece Smith, Washington State

"I bought your Fathers Rights Protection System a few years ago when I was located in Tulsa Oklahoma as a corporate project manager." "I just wanted to say thank you for the information." "It has helped me, a close friend, and a number of other Fathers that I know personally." "Please feel share this with other Fathers as a sign of hope!"
James Dean Foley, Omaha, Nebraska

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If you're frustrated because you don’t have the Rights you think you deserve and you're ready to change, then what you’ll read in the Fathers Rights Protection System

Have you been frustrated trying to figure out what's real and what's not when it comes to Your Rights As A Father?

Avoid the hype and learn simple, tested, No BS Father’s Rights Winning Strategies; all the Legal Kung Fu you need to turn your case around from veteran Fathers who’ve worked their way thru the Prejudicial Family Law System.

My name is Dennis Gac and I’ve written the Fathers Rights Protection System after 21 years of dealing with desperate Fathers who were overwhelmed by conflicting and confusing information from traditional sources.

I’ve run my business from a simple office in Seattle, Washington since 1989. I’ve spent 1,000’s of hours compiling information that works as a result of experiencing the results first hand, as well as, the vicarious experiences of Fathers out in the trenches. In this process, I’ve figured out the easiest, most automatic, low cost ways to gain more time with your kids, reduce your child support, obtain the tax exemptions for your kids, how to gain a “killer” property settlement and a lot more.

It's totally possible to gain most, or all, of what you want, if you don’t buy into the standard “nonsense” that is “spewed” out there in the mainstream. Many guys that have used our system are living proof of how to get things done without losing your mind, your money and your kids.

In fact...

The Fathers Rights Protection System gives you the inside edge strictly from the Fathers Rights point of view.

  • Snatch the momentum of the case from the opposition - increasing your odds of success by 80%.
  • Remain on offense giving you an important edge. It sets the tone for the entire case; making the X respond to you rather than the other way around. Not only will that boost your chances of getting more visitation time with your kids, the chances of paying less child support is also more likely. In fact, the court actually appreciates this approach!
  • Gain primary care of your kids and avoid the typical false allegations and gross distortions of truth made by the "X" against you. By understanding simple techniques that place you on offense you prevent most of the false statements that could be made against you; taking the "wind" out of her sails.

Whether you plan to hire an attorney or represent yourself, The Fathers Right Protection System gives you the information you need to avoid wasting a whole lot of time and money getting the rights you deserve.

Many Fathers and their families have praised Fathers Rights Protection System.


After finding his wife was cheating on him, Dan just wanted a divorce and to move on with his life --- being a meaningful part of his kids' lives. But when he saw how underhanded his "X" wife was and how she frustrated access to his kids and "extracted" as much money as possible from him in child support, he decided to launch a full scale offensive attack!

One year later, he's got the kids at least 50% of the time, lowered his child support by 75% and has the "X", quite literally scared to go to court.

Dan Buckett Federal Way, Washington


“I knew that I had the potential to be a great father to my kids, even though the "X" obtained a fraudulent restraining order against me!” “I used Dennis’ system.”

Discover how Don found a way to get back on track with his kids, get rid of the restraining order and turned his entire life around after suffering from depression for a period of time!

Don Presley Washington State


"The techniques from the Fathers Rights Protection System™ helped me do what three attorneys couldn't (or wouldn't) do. I was able to get a powerful, biased, and dangerous Guardian Ad Litem removed from my case, pro se! She was so mad! Dennis held my hand as I encountered resistance from the courthouse, telling me to 'go bounce some heads!' He reviewed my motions, shared cases (that worked) to apply to my motion, and kept me going when it seemed the cards were all stacked against me. Quite honestly they are! But thanks Dennis’ organization The National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights, I am stacking the deck in my favor. My motion was granted and now that this hurdle has been overcome, I now have more. I am confident due to this success and I am certain that as I continue to use Dennis' techniques of 'legal kung-fu', I will prevail over the other hurdles! For the sake of my son, I have hope, thanks to these techniques!"

Peace be with you,

Gary Barksdale Oklahoma

Since all these guys followed my techniques to "the-letter" they exceeded their goals beyond their wildest expectations. All this comes from a positive attitude and implementing very simple, but aggressive techniques that will make your case a "Fathers Rights-Winning Machine."

The Street Smart Secrets Necessary To Turn Your Case Into A Fathers Rights Winning Machine

The Fathers Rights Protection System: The complete guide to defending yourself in an extremely prejudicial system, gaining custody of your kids, launching your own personal child support revolt and leveling the playing field!

In this system, Dennis has painstakingly spelled out each and every step you’ll need in easy to use format. You'll be totally amazed with the results it gets you.

Let's face it, anyone can "muddle" aimlessly through their own case, or hire a "well recommended" attorney that's part of the same system that's screwing us. These are no secrets. So relying on them puts you at a major disadvantage. Here's why:

You Don't Have An Inside Edge: Thousands of Fathers get "chewed up" in court because they use the same old lame arguments and constantly complain about how "unfair" the system is. Rather than complain, savvy Fathers are willing to model successful cases and don't question winning techniques; finally being privy to what's necessary to win.

You're Usually Too Late: You were "licking your wounds" while your "X" and her attorney were taking action making false allegations against you and keeping you from your kids to gain the "edge" in the case. You've lost the case before you even start to fight.

Without The Right Know How, you can easily waste 100’s of hours pursuing "dead end" arguments and letting someone else run your case. You’ve got to direct “them”.

You Can't Come Up With The Money to launch a proper defense with an attorney, even if you could find one that is really "Pro Father." You now realize that alternate methods are not only necessary, but, mandatory.

You're Focused Upon Chasing Every Little "Barb" she throws at you, rather than laying out a plan of attack and following it.

You Can't Slant The Odds In Your Favor by blindly seeking justice in an unjust system.

See for Yourself What’s In The Book

Table Of Contents

  1. About The Author
  2. 17 Rules For Getting Your Child Support Lowered
  3. Introduction: Lower Child Support And Spend More Time With Your Kids With
  4. The Fathers Rights Protection System
  5. How To Use This Manual
  6. How to Help the Man in Your Life With His Father's Rights Issues
  7. Chapter 1
    • Going Pro Se – What You Need To Know About Self Representation
    • How to Know If You Need a Fathers Rights Will
  8. Chapter 2
    • Dynamic Lessons For Fathers Rights
  9. Chapter 3
    • General Battle Plan: All Fathers Rights Cases
    • How to Draft a Fathers Rights Will
  10. Chapter 4
    • - Basics Of Starting A Family Law Court Action Without An Attorney
    • How to Beat False Allegations
  11. Chapter 5
    • Divorce
    • How To Lower Child Support And Gain Father's Custody Rights
  12. Chapter 6
    • Child Support
    • Parental Alienation - How to Identify and Avoid It
  13. Chapter 7
    • Custody
  14. Chapter 8
    • Domestic Violence / False Allegations
    • Fathers Can Settle Custody And Child Support Disputes Without Going To Court
  15. Chapter 9
    • Contempt And Defenses
  16. Chapter 10
    • Paternity
    • Why Father's Rights Matter
  17. Chapter 11
    • Powerful Fathers Rights Pleadings And Issues
    • How to Prepare For Trial - Getting Through the Initial Steps
  18. Chapter 12
    • Women For Fathers Rights
    • How To Get The IRS To Pay Your Child Support
  19. Chapter 13
    • Definitions For Fathers Rights
    • Child Visitation Rights Made Easy
  20. Chapter 14
    • Power Resources For Fathers
    • DNA Paternity Testing Can Help Stop Fraudulent Child Support
  21. Chapter 15
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Guardian For Your Minor Children
    • Chapter 16 - Case Law and Useful Information For Fathers Rights Cases
  22. Chapter 17
    • So Let’s Get Off Our Butts
    • How to Make Settlement Letters Work For You and Not Against You
  23. Chapter 18
    • Contents Of CD Rom
    • How to Decipher Legal Jargon
    • CD Rom Containing Over A 1,000 Fathers Rights Winning Strategies Is Affixed Onto The Back Inside Cover For Your Convenience

Yes, I Want To Obtain My Copy Of The Fathers Rights Protection System!

Order Below

4 Options To Choose From

Option #1 The Fathers Rights Protection System Advanced Package $147.77

Dennis, you obviously know your stuff. Not only that, you actually practice what you preach. I really like the idea of kicking butt for the first time in my case. I not only want your printed manual system at my disposal I’d like the Advanced Package with the extra 1,000 pages of digitally delivered Fathers Rights Winning Materials as well. Here's my $147.77.

Send me the Advanced Package and put me on the fast track to gaining custody of my kids, lowering child support, stopping wage garnishments, and even putting the "X" on the defensive for a change!

You’ll receive:

  1. The 200 Page Soft Cover Manual System delivered directly to my door, an 800 page digitally delivered, E-Book that I’ll have access to instantly; including 6 FREE bonus gifts worth [$1,758.00 Value]
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Option #2 The Fathers Rights Protection System - Audio Gold Package $247.77

The 4 CD Audio Gold System are “the” Insiders Look at Fathers Rights Issues. Your personalized audio interview with Dennis Gac outlines “exactly” what other Fathers have done when they’ve found themselves in the exact same situation you may find yourself in today. Just pop these CD’s right into your car, home or computer CD player, relax, listen and take notes. [$325.00 Value]

In Addition, I Receive: [$1,758.00 Value]

  1. The 200 Page Soft Cover Manual System delivered directly to my door.
  2. All EIGHT FATHERS RIGHT MANUALS – 800 pages digitally delivered, that you’ll have access to instantly.
  3. FREE BONUS #1 - Magnetic Power Pleadings. [$300.00 Value]
  4. FREE BONUS #2 - Nationwide Fathers Rights Resources. [$199.00 Value]
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I'm no rocket scientist, but I can definitely see how this system is going to pay for itself very quickly! The fact that you offer a money back guarantee really tells me that you stand behind your system. I'm serious and I'm ready. Send me the Audio Gold Package!

Option #3 The Ultimate Solution $875.00

Full Consulting Membership In The National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights. Includes unlimited access to Dennis Gac, personally, for a period of one year by fax, phone or email.


  • The 200 Page Fathers Rights Protection System With CD Rom delivered directly to your door [$39.95 Value]
  • The Advanced Package Including All The Bonuses, Magnetic Power Pleadings, Nationwide Fathers Rights Resources, Legal Forms, Report On Parental Alienation Syndrome, State and Federal Tort Claims, Over 400 examples of Fathers Rights Case Law, the downloadable system and much, more. [$147.77 + $1,758.00 Value]
  • The 4 CD Gold Audio System. Your personalized audio interview with Dennis Gac. [$325.00 Value]

Even More:

I understand that this includes unlimited access to Dennis, personally, for a period of one year and understand that The Membership Program Has Three Essential Stages to it.

Stage One: The Learning Stage:

  • You and I have initial phone contact after you fill out our basic questionnaire. I learn more about your case and you learn more about how I can help you based upon the vicarious experiences of other Fathers.
  • You’ll study one bite-sized chunk at a time of necessary information specific to your case. Then, you’ll work with me, one on one, to talk through questions and discuss how to use what you’re learning.

Stage Two: The Preparation Stage:

  • Stage two is where you start to learn by doing as you put winning ideas for succeeding in court into action. To succeed you have to be able to follow instructions to the letter and be willing to take action.
  • This is not a "classroom" seminar or a kit in a box, but rather, a hands-on experience where you’ll be doing the actual work of filling out papers and preparing for court. You’ll be making any necessary calls to the courthouse, your wife's attorney, etc.
  • You see, the whole idea is to get you to do the most important, and often times most intimidating, actions. But rather than make the calls on your own or talk with judges and attorneys by yourself, you’ll have all the support you need right there with you because we’re the safety net! You can call us at any time!
  • And, remember, the faster you learn what we teach you, the more prepared you’ll be for court.

Stage Three: The Action Stage:

  • The secret here is to show up for court fully prepared. You'll be able to call me from your cell phone from the courthouse if you necessary. Even call me during breaks at court. I’m there for you.
  • And finally, you get to work with me to fine-tune your strategy so that you’ll have the child custody and child support arrangement that's in the best for you.
  • As a member of National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights you’ll get unlimited access to us.


  • This is your case, your children, your life, but, you’ll have Dennis Gac to constantly rely upon to help take you through every phase --- every step of the way.
  • Now, the reality is there are a lot of steps to take. So rather than give it to you all at once, my job is to feed you only what you need to know at any given time. In fact, our real job is to help take the complicated process of representing yourself in court and break it down into bite-sized chunks.

Take Action NOW!

Option #4 Power Paperwork Package, Including All The Above + Full Consulting Membership $1,850.00

All the above-described Benefits are included with upgrade!

YES! Upgrade my Membership, including ALL the above benefits, AND the Fathers Rights Paperwork Package, and put me on the fast track to gaining custody of my kids, lowering child support, stopping wage garnishments, and even putting the "X" on the defensive for a change!

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I understand that Membership in the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights and the NBFR FATHERS RIGHTS PAPERWORK PACKAGE offers a tremendous savings over the traditional method of turning "everything" over to an attorney; but, I realize that it will take some work and effort on my part. Dennis will guide me, personally, every inch of the way.

Option #5 The Ultimate, Kick Butt, No Holds Barred Kung Fu Package, Including All The Above Including Law Suit Against The X! $2,995.00

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Some Fathers just “gotta” have it all. They not only want to win their domestic case against the X they want sue her “ass” off. [And Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That You Can’t!]

Well, this package has got it all. Included is everything you see above:

  • The $39.95 manual delivered to you;
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The Ultimate Kick Butt Option not only works you through your domestic case, it includes a tort claim lawsuit, suing the X, and/or other parties [Possibly Including the State] involved for:

  • False allegations
  • Defamation
  • Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
  • Painting You In A False Light
  • Interference With Familial Relations
  • Interference with Business Relations
  • Abusive Use Of Legal Process
  • Loss Of Rights And Assets
  • And, much, much more.

This is no BS! If you really “wanna” kick her butt and you’re tired of putting with all the “crap”…..this is it!

But, make no mistake, there are some conditions on this offer:

I’m Very Particular With Whom I Share My Time And Expertise With. If You Fall Into One Of The Following Categories, Do NOT Respond To This Option:

#1 - I only want to devote my time, energy and work with people who are capable of making a decision on their own. If you have to check with your spouse, your mommy… or daddy… or… some other "authority" in your life, it's best for both of us if you walk away from this offer. You're not ready yet.

#2 - You must be financially prepared to make this investment! Promise me you're NOT going to be spending your grocery money in order to pay my fee. Sure, it's a great value and I honestly believe you'll do wonders in your case as a result of this option; but, if you don’t have the dough, don’t do it.

#3 - My methods are contrarian. I don't apologize for that. When it comes to Fathers Rights, I go right for the jugular. So, if that makes you queasy… or… you expect me to "pull my punches", what you should do is step aside and go join the rest of those guys that “knuckle” under to the “X”.

#4 - Finally, you must be able to follow directions. I'm not talking about anything "kamikaze". No, what I’m talking about is being coachable and having a willingness to think outside the box once in a while.

If you're in any one of the above "camps"… please don’t call or e-mail me to have a "discussion" about whether this option’s right for you. If you're still not sure after reading “all” the above and checking out my testimonials, don’t do it! .

I have NO interest in “selling” you on this. The other options listed, above will also work. Only “you” know if this is right for you.

I'd much rather you get my information from the numerous articles, books, EBooks, audio programs and other informational products; all available on this web page and on the web!

That's it! If you “wanna” do it, click here:

Dennis M. Gac
Dennis Gac

The World's #1 Fathers Rights Expert

P.S. If you think you’re already doing very well doing it your own way and think maybe a few doses of Dennis would be of zero benefit to you? S-C-R-E-E-C-H! Bullshit! If you “ain't” got me on your “ain't” “doin” 1/10th of what you could be doing to super charge your case - so there!

P.P.S. Remember, you can’t depend on anyone else. No one cares as much about your case as you do… not your family, not your friends and certainly not your attorney. Take matters into your own hands and get something done for a change. Be a participant in your case rather than a by-stander! Thousands of Fathers have used this information, effectively, to win their cases and, in every instance, no matter what the circumstances, it always improved their situations so dramatically that they could hardly believe it! They often wondered why their attorney's never told them these very basic techniques. So I know it's foolproof and will save you years of hard knocks.

Dennis Gac's Rock-Solid 100% Solid-Gold Guarantee

Dennis Gac's Rock-Solid 100% Solid-Gold Guarantee

If you promise to spend 10 hours per week following Dennis’ Fathers Rights Protection System, He'll back up your investment with this better-than-risk-free guarantee:

If you use the techniques outlined in Dennis’ manuals he’ll guarantee (1) that you'll feel empowered for the first time in a long time, and (2) that you'll improve your case within 90 days or your money back.