Firstly, it is a fact that gender bias exists in the courtsystem.  In accordance with a gender bias study currently in progress at the University of Washington, divorce cases in Snohomish, King, and Pierce Counties of Washington State were studied. 

2000 divorce cases were studied and 1876 involved both custody and child support.  Based upon data, discrimination against men is no myth in family court and is most apparent among female judges.  In 1400 total cases, only 1 judge awarded 1 man custody and his ex-wife was in prison. 

Regarding child support, orders for men were significantlyhigher from female judges than male judges. Some of the female judges awarded twice the guideline amount of child support than their male counterparts.  

The above referenced man receiving custody received no child support award.  Even when women's incomes average 10% higher than men, men's child support orders were more than twice as much as women's. 

It is not known whether the discrimination is deliberate; however, it is still discrimination.