Fenwick M. Moore, C.P.A
23104 27th Ave. S.E. Bldg 10 Suite 207
Bothell, Washington 98021

April 30, 2002

To: Whom It May Concern

RE:  National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights

Dear Sir or Madam:

Please accept this letter of recommendation concerning my view of the business run by The National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights through its principal, Mr. Gac.  I have performed accounting services for Mr. Gac for approximately ten years.  During the course of the ten years I was consistently impressed at the business acumen possessed by Mr. Gac, and his ability to act in a prompt and orderly fashion with his clients.

A majority of my practice is devoted to representing business clients that perform services via the internet, particularly consulting businesses and self-publishers.  I represent several clients that have had difficulties due to IRS and child support issues. My experience shows that most men end up frustrated and without hope. Not so with the clients that have worked with Mr. Gac.  The National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights is generally able to solve complex legal problems related to child support, divorce, and property settlements within short periods of time.  Mr. Gac regularly and willingly spends the time it takes to services clients; whether it's from his simple office in Seattle, Washington or on the run using his cell phone in his car.

The National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights has had the ability to clear up problems for non-custodial fathers where others could not. Most fathers either end up broke or living second class life-styles because of divorce and child support problems.

The fathers whom I've met after court cases have all seemed genuinely happy with the results they've gotten after working with the National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights. 

If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you.

Very truly yours,