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Mitch Meyerson, Hi this is Mitch Meyerson from Vancouver, Washington. I just have to say that the Father Rights Protection System is the biggest breakthrough for Father’s rights in years.

As a Father of two children, I can really appreciate the power of this system. It certainly helped my case and it will help your case and your family too.

I’d recommend it to anyone that wants to protect their rights and those of their family.

Lee Brown
Hello, my name is Lee Brown and I’m so excited that someone stepped up and wrote some legal information that is “tailored” for Fathers.

Up until now, no one seemed to have cared about us.

The National Brotherhood of Father's Rights with its Father's Rights Protection System is finally helping Father's for a change.

The system has certainly helped me “guide” my Attorney and help him with my case.

It’s made all the difference in the world.

Alex Cooke , This is Alex Cooke and I’m glad you decided to read this because I have a confession to make. I am legally illiterate! Can you relate to that?

I know nothing about the law. I don’t even know how to write up legal pleadings or anything else about what needs to happen in family court.

I just know what I want with my kids….my gut feelings of what is fair.

So when I heard about the Father's Rights Protection System, I just jumped at the chance to really learn some simple methods that could help me and my kids.

This thing is a no-brainer, it’s easy to follow, written in plain English and will definitely help you with your case.

It can really make a difference.

So I hope that you will take advantage of the Father's Rights Protection System too… because it can seriously help you.


The Father's Rights Protection System Helps Non-Custodial Mothers when they find themselves in the exact same situation as a Father.

Read What Katie DeMuth had to say.
I was almost positive that my husband would gain the "upper hand." The "Protection System" told me what other people have done in similar situations. I copied their success methods, filled out the necessary paper work, stood before the judge, received a signed court order and "All" of this was accomplished in ONE day.

I now realize that it doesn't have to be as complicated as we're all lead to believe. With the knowledge presented in your system, I now understand exactly what the judge is looking for. I can prepare and feel confident to represent myself at my next hearing or can guide my attorney better if I should choose to get one.

Thank You Thank You THANK YOU!

There is a great deal to my son's story in seeking fairness with his child; however, rather than go into all of this, suffice to say, that he had been dealt a grave injustice by the court system. The real question is how do we change all of this into a more positive system for the fathers out there -- the ones who worry each day and night about their children, knowing they may be in harm's way, but they have no leg to stand on and no one to defend them, or even listen to his plea? 

Our system automatically deems the fathers "unfit," "deadbeat dads," "abusive"-- just because the mother says so.  Again, how can we stop this madness?

I, for one, would like to see us grandmothers, sisters, brothers and girlfriends pull together throughout the country. Recently, I did some research and found the Father's Rights Protection System, reading it over several times.

I also listened to the audio that was provided. I immediately,  felt a surge of relief. There was actually someone out there fighting for our father's rights. We need to all get together and stop this madness for our grandchildren, stepchildren, nieces, nephews, husbands, fiancees and the like. 

It is truly our responsibility to correct this situation.  

Bev Autrey

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Only one organization has dramatically increased a fathers chances of success in the court system, attracting more referrals from satisfied clients and more wins in court than anyone else. Using the same strategies, you're about to discover...

How Membership In The National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights Will Help You Gain Leverage In Your Case By Making The "X" Spend $20.00 For Every $1 You Spend.

Here are the same secrets many Fathers have used to super-charge their cases — on a shoestring budget. If you want to skip the hurdles, protect your rights with your kids and snowball your case into a Fathers-Rights-Winning-Machine, this time-sensitive advice is for you.

From: Dennis M. Gac

Dear Fellow Father,

If you're like most Fathers, you're struggling just to make an income you can live on, pay child support and make certain you see your kids. Whether you've wrestled with the system yourself or hired "so-called" trained professionals -- you've been disappointed.

Worse, with so much emotional turmoil to handle, you can become paralyzed... and very frustrated. After all, if you understand anything, you realize that you're racing against time. Most of your rightful time with the kids is still up for grabs. But with each passing day, it becomes less and less likely that you'll swing matters in your favor - and once momentum is riding against you, it's difficult to ever swing it back.

You don't know me yet, I realize, but I fully understand where you're at. I'm a father too and have been subjected, personally, to the very same prejudicial system. I fought through the system with the very same Methods I'll teach you.

I honestly hate to think of you wasting precious time not being with your kids and continuing to pay high monthly child support --- paying thousands of dollars using traditional methods to defend yourself. Even worse, you may continue to remain an "observer" in your case, having to trust the regular "legal-eagles" to do it for you.

The situation we find ourselves in as fathers is often because our plan was flawed from the beginning, or, that we have no plan at all --- trusting those that are part of the "main-stream." People too conservative for our needs and simply don't understand where we're coming from.

That's why I'm giving you this information... to show you how, with guidance from me and my organization, the National Brotherhood Of Father's Rights, any father can learn to implement bulletproof techniques that will guarantee to improve his case.

Over 10,000 fathers -- including guys from every state in the union -- already rely on me for the latest, most potent case strategies. Many have dominated their cases; winning custody and totally eliminating child support. In fact, some of our members are even receiving child support payments from their "X" wives.

Note: if you have what you perceive to by an extremely difficult case, I'll show you dozens of ideas that will immediately make a difference in your case. Without them, you could have years of frustration.

I will "figuratively hold your hand" throughout your entire case and make a huge difference; giving you ideas you simply will not hear from other sources --- that "secret-inside-stuff" that the system doesn't want you to know. Using my techniques, you won't need to be frustrated and broke and won't need to be a legal expert either.

I answer my own phone and I'm extremely responsive to your needs. We'll work via phone, email, fax or any other method to get the job done right! However, if you think you already "know it all," you're extremely skeptical or demanding and looking to complain about your situation rather than taking action to do something about it, I suggest that you stop reading now... this information isn't for you and I certainly don't want to work with you. Really, I mean it. Some guys just want to complain about their situation and won't follow direction and continue to make unreasonable demands that no one can live up to.

On the other hand, if you're open-minded and willing to follow the path that other fathers have "blazed" successfully - reviewing cases that have worked, as well as, ones that have failed -- and find out what made the difference -- keep your eyes glued to this page.

 You'll gain the following with membership in our organization:

  • Pay child support with IRS Tax Money.
  • Have my personal cell phone number for immediate consultation..when it counts!

Have immediate access to thousands of additional court documents which you can use in your case ---right now! In fact, the entire Fathers Rights Protection system is included with full membership --- over 1,000 pages of fathers rights winning materials. Click here for more information - on the Fathers Rights Protection System.

Avail yourself of membership in the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights and you'll have the power to drive over the "X" at record speeds. You'll get the maximum return from every dollar and every minute, you invest in your case, while the "X" spends thousands fighting you.... Now that's leverage!

On that note, if you haven't yet joined my FREE newsletter to learn lots of tips and tricks for defending yourself, here's one more opportunity to do so:

Subscribe to our Newsletter with hundreds of Fathers-Rights-Winning tips and tricks -- FREE ONLINE -- A $147 VALUE! This is a private mailing list and it will never be sold or given away for any reason. You can also un-subscribe if you ever want.

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If you're already convinced that having my day to day guidance and advice is the best opportunity you've ever seen to improve your rights, click here to join right now. If not, click here to read what  others have to say.

You know, it's perfectly understandable to be skeptical, especially about things on the internet. I understand if you feel this way, especially if you've been ripped of by some attorney or other people in the "normal" system. However, I assure you, I'm not one of those guys. Just call any of these references and you'll soon "get the picture" that I can definitely help you: References

Before I go further, let me tell you what successes other father's have had -- in the real world -- by being members of the National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights: For the last 14 years, the written manual system "The Fathers Rights Protection System" has been the mainstay of many success for fathers all across the country. Although the system tells you exactly what to do, no matter where you are in the country, many fathers have found it extremely useful to be "stepped" through every phase of their cases --- a figurative "hand-holding". This is exactly what being a member of the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights does for you!

No more guessing what to do at various stages of your case. No more being an observer, wondering if your attorney is doing a proper job. Give him directions for a change! The level of client satisfaction is unheard of. Just read some of the testimonials on this page.


  • Unlimited consultation for a period of one year by phone, fax, and email, or in person --- a figurative handing-holding throughout your entire case!

  • No hourly charges, no getting "nickel and dime" with surprise bills.

  • We Help Father's in EVERY AREA OF THE COUNTRY! Don't think because you live far away from our office, that we can't help you

  • We can even do the paperwork for you for a nominal fee. This saves you tons of money compared to your attorney.

  • Use us in combination with your current attorney, reducing your attorney fees by as much as 70%-80%.

  • The "Fathers Rights Protection System"©, over 1,000 pages of Fathers Rights Materials, a $147.77 value, is included with Membership!

Most of our members represent themselves in court with our help; however, about 5%, or so, have an attorney but still use us as a source of information. Most guys don't even know what should be happening at every stage of their case and their attorney's don't keep them informed. It's just not the way that they operate. Work from a position of power and knowledge! Know what should be happening in your case at every stage. If you have an attorney, help him do a better job. Click here join now!

What, Exactly, Can We Do For You?

You can no longer operate from ignorance and let others make decisions for you. That's how they would like it. Don't let them get away with it!  Wouldn't be nice to have someone you can call  and get an immediate answer?

The National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights helps takes the mystery out of the court process. We are there whenever you have questions and let you know WHAT'S HAPPENING, WHAT SHOULD BE HAPPENING and HOW TO DO IT! You're no longer dependent upon the system for information and don't have to play "telephone-tag" with your attorney to get an answer.

Just send us your case file and we'll be there for you. We'll give you valuable insights based upon what other members have gone through when they were in the exact same position as you're in today.

The National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights is a membership organization which steps you through every phase of your court case. We Are Almost Always Available This can make the diference in your case.

UNLIMITED CONSULTATION for a period of one year is $875.00

The Process

When you first join as a membership I'll ask you to do the following:

Send me a detailed email outlining what you want to accomplish and describing as much detail about your case as possible.

1.) Send me the most appropriate documents and orders from you case.

2.)Then, I'll map out a strategy that fit's YOUR goals, not mine.

3.) We'll continue to work with one another until your goals are met!

Read what Gary at the University of Oklahoma has to say:

Dear Dennis:

"The techniques from The Fathers Rights Protection System helped me do  that three attorneys couldn't (or wouldn't) do. I was able to get a  powerful, biased, and dangerous guardian ad litem removed from my case,  pro se! She was so mad!  Dennis held my hand as I encountered
resistance from the court house, telling me to 'go bounce some heads!' He  reviewed my motions, shared cases (that worked) to apply to my motion, and kept me going when it seemed the cards were all stacked against me. Quite honestly they are!  But thanks to NBFR, I am learning to stack the
deck in my favor. My motion was sustained and now that that hurdle has  been overcome, I now have more. But I am confident due to this success  and I am certain that as I continue to use Dennis' techniques of  'legal kung-fu', I will prevail over the other hurdles! For the sake of my  son, I have hope, thanks to these techniques!" 

Peace be with you,
Gary Barksdale


Click here to join now!

Court Paperwork Drafted For All States

At times, the most confusing thing about going to court is knowing how to file the correct paperwork. Not only what to file, but how to file it and how to write it in "their" language --- legalese if you will!This is where 95% of the mistakes are made.

Although you must be a member of the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights for paperwork to be done, we'll make certain that you present your case properly, asking the right question, in the right manner, directed to the right person, at the right time. This increases your odds dramatically!

Don't kid yourself, many fathers have great cases that never get past first based because the paperwork is drafted incorrectly and/or present to the wrong judge at the wrong court. I get hundreds of calls every year just like this! And, if true to form, no one at the courthouse will help you!

The National Brotherhood of Father Rights charges $300.00 to do all the paperwork in an uncontested case and $975.00 for contested cases --- all very professionally done!This is ALL the paperwork; whatever it takes.

How can we do this? We have gigabytes of information on disk and have worked with thousands of fathers, nationwide. In short, we've worked on your case many, many times before with other guys. To us your case is not unique. Simply put, we can do it faster and better than anyone else; saving you incredible amounts of money and valuable time!

Membership in the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights and the Drafting of Court Pleading work offers a tremendous savings over the traditional method of turning "everything" over to an attorney. Even if you have an attorney, you can use us to do all the typing, to answer all your questions, while you do all the leg work. You still have your attorney on board to go to hearings with you, but, you don't have to rely totally upon what he says because you have knowledge of your own.You can save 70%-80% on your legal fees.

Click here for Membership And Paperwork!


Dennis M. Gac

Dennis M. Gac, President
The National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights
8010 212th Street S.W.
Edmonds, Washington U.S.A. 98026
Fathers Hotline: (206) 650-0250
E-Mail: dennis@fathershelphotline.com


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