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Print out the following order form and either  
  •  Fax it to (702) 974-0551, or
  • Snail mail it to:

Dennis M. Gac
National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights
8010 212th Street S.W.
Edmonds, Washington 98026 (206) 650-0250

[   ] Send me THE  FATHERS RIGHTS PROTECTION SYSTEM [Downloadable] $147.77


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EMail: ____________________________ Phone: __________________________________

[Please be certain to enter a physical mailing address, if you enter a P.O. Box, your Fathers Rights Winning System will be sent by regular post and can take up to 2 weeks to arrive - The entire course is downloadable for the Basic System and shipped for the Full AUDIO Version GOLD]

[   ] I am enclosing a check or money order for $147.77 USD. We do not accept checks by fax, so if you're paying by check you must allow at least 1 week for clearance.

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I authorize The NATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF FATHERS RIGHTS to charge $147.77 USD to my account for the downloadable version or, $247.77 plus shipping and handling to my account for the Full AUDIO GOLD Version. Shipping costs are $25 for Ground delivery ($272.77 total), $55 for Overnight ($302.77): Please select your option below.