Recent California Case and Reference 

My experience with Dennis has been brief but effective and in some ways irreplaceable. The main thing Dennis does for you is give you confidence that even though the system can seem against you (and it usually is) you can and should fight for the benefit of your children as well as yourself. 

You could hire a lawyer that will want $1500 right off the top and usually around $250/hr after that plus court fees.  Lawyers really care mostly about their pocket book and very little about their clients so they are not available and I've witnessed myself that in court sometimes they don't even show up. 

In conclusion, I'd say that having someone you can talk to pretty much at any time, that can give you advice and generally keep your spirits moving in the right direction is very valuable and even critical in cases like ours. Dennis will help you move proactively through the court system so you can take an offensive position rather than what most fathers do like giving up on their children because of an oppressive system. 

Follow up Comments: 
I have interviewed with a lawyer or two and the last time was terrible. I took the day off work to interview with the lawyer and basically he just looked at me like I was lying or something before informing me of  his fees.  Then he kept getting phone calls in the middle of my conversation which made me want to start over.  He actually ended saying well I got to go somewhere right now in the middle of my conversation so I basically took the day off work for nothing and got nothing accomplished.  His fees were not really in my price range anyway.  I've also seen while I was in court by myself, other people who had their lawyer not show up on them and they were really in a jam because they were basically left hanging even after they paid all that money. 

Dennis will help you basically handle everything yourself and be a phone call away if you get stuck.  In my situation, I had an emergency where my X-wife abducted my children, which I have custody of, claiming some false child abuse accusation and I really didn't know what I should do. 

Dennis simply gave me the confidence that I could go to the police and get them back (which I probably wouldn't have done on my own).  Dennis has also walked me through the court system as to filing a restraining order and is helping me with the process of getting back child support payments I have fraudulently paid for my own children in the amount of $7000.00 .  Steve now has custody.                                
                                                                                                        Steve Starr []