Powerful New Fathers Rights Protection System Divulges The Most Effective Legal Strategies To
Lower Your Child Support And Spend More Time With Your Kids
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Dennis Gac is known as the “go-to” Fathers Rights Guy who’s helped 1,000’s of Fathers all across America lower their child support, gain custody of their kids, level the playing field in their cases and protect their rights.

Dennis’s reputation precedes him and includes a track record of working with over 15,000 Fathers over the past 24 years. If Dennis is such a Fathers Rights Expert, perhaps you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of him before. It’s because Dennis hasn’t sought out the spotlight.

This “quiet giant” has kept a low profile in an emotionally charged industry over-run with egotistical, selfproclaimed,and often self-deluded “experts.” So, if you are looking for another pied piping “Guru”… then sorry to disappoint you… but…Dennis Gac is not your guy!

Instead of stoking the “Gac Publicity Machine,” Dennis helped to create success for Fathers all across America. And, his clients love him because he’s helped them get what they want most, more time with their kids and lower child support.

Until now, Dennis has kept his methods, pretty much, under “wraps”; working with only a small handful of protégés whom he mentored in a very personalized, hands-on and intensive way. Dennis’ clients became so successful, now he’s expanding his ideas all across North America. Practical legal information is what you’ll get from Dennis - not legal advice!

Dennis has published over 200 online articles, designating him an “On-Line Expert Author” and has authored 24 Fathers Rights Books, including his “newly released and updatedFathers Rights Protection System; available on line and at bookstores everywhere.

So, if you’re looking for outdated B.S. look somewhere else. If you want tested, proven, current Fathers Rights - Winning Strategies so you can really change things for a change, you’ve got the right guy.

Dennis is the President of the National Brotherhood of Father’s Rights and Founder of Fathers Rights World Relief; a newly formed non-profit organization to help Fathers in need.

National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights
8010 212th Street SW Edmonds, WA U.S.A. 98026 (206) 650-0250 Fax: (702) 974-0551 dennis@fathershelphotline.com