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About The National Brotherhood of Fathers’ Rights

The National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights [NBFR] is an organization formed in 1987 for the sole purpose of supporting Father’s, to help them see their kids more often, to help them keep child support at a reasonable level, to make certain Father’s are treated fairly and to help facilitate Pro-Fathers’ Rights Attorney referrals.

NBFR provides legal information in its manuals and books; not legal advice. This information is best used in conjunction with a local attorney. NBFR’s self-help books help Fathers work better with their local Attorney’s as the more information that Father’s have, the better help that they can be to their attorneys. [Ask about membership in the National Brotherhood of Fathers’ Rights which includes a Pro-Father Attorney referral service]

NBFR has helped to support Father all across the world, by phone, fax, email and text and by providing its self-help books and attorney referrals.

We don’t sit in some ivory tower, quite the contrary, we roll up our sleeves and get to work! 

NBFR prides itself in providing very valuable legal information and attorney referrals that are second to none. When you work with the NBFR, you won’t have to wait hours for returned calls and your emails won’t be ignored.

NBFR has been around for years, has helped Fathers all across the world and is particularly useful to military personnel who are stationed all across the world.

NBFR’s Self Help Books Work Well With Your Local Attorney and are really designed to be used that way.

Dennis Gac

Has been a Fathers’ Rights advocate for many years and has authored the Fathers Rights Protection System; helping guys better interact with local legal counsel and through the emotional aspects of their situations.  

Dennis’ self-help guides have helped Fathers in many ways from coast to coast and even internationally.

National Brotherhood Of Fathers’ Rights  115 Wallis Street Suite B, Eugene, Oregon, 98402 (206) 650-0250 dennis@fathershelphotline.com

Dennis Gac/NBFR does not engage in legal advice; providing only legal information that should be reviewed with a local Attorney. If you don’t have an good Fathers’ Rights Attorney, email us for a referral to a local practitioner.