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Today was a good day for Justice. I want to thank you, Dennis, because all this hard work finally paid off.

I want to direct this letter to all you fathers out there. You can do it too because I did.

Here's what happened.

A few years ago my ex took me to Child Support to get my child support raised because she conveniently had a baby with her new hubby. Well naturally she thought she could get more money out of me. CSED (child support enforcement division) raised my child support without my input or ok two and half times what it was. I fought with them and they confiscated all my money in my checking account at one point. Then threatened to take my license away after there wasn't enough payment to suit the ex (because I just could not afford the mounting fees and high amount of child support they put on me).

Then, they threatened to arrest me. Well my business had fallen off to nothing. Not much coming in and whole lot of debt piling up. I had enough of this and worked with Dennis to get something done. (I couldn't afford a fancy expensive lawyer) Dennis showed me the steps and let me tell you I have never been so scared to go up against the machine of the state. It was different from what I wanted to do which was to just lay down and let her have whatever. It was really hard to keep pushing on because the process can take some time but well worth it.

I had a hearing with a Judge who really isn't a judge but what they call a Standing Master. This guy didn't even give me the chance to hear my case and just dismissed the case like I was going to run down the street with my tail between my legs. I was really ticked off by this decision, or rather indecision. I can remember the day vividly.

I about got into a fist fight with a motorist, I hollered at my landlord, and got into a fight with my wife, which I don’t don't do on a regular basis and I finally figured out that isn't the answer. I could of laid down and given up at this point.

But rather, I needed to press on with this court case. I went to the Standing Master's office and immediately demanded his written order so I could file an appeal. Well, he was very perturbed by this. I knew he was stalling and delaying the written order so that I couldn't appeal. I didn't care and wasn't going to back down on this. Once I got the order, I filed the appeal paper work that Dennis provided.

Let me tell you, the court house clerk ladies were great and will help you if your sweet and nice to them. If you get something wrong just listened to them and to Dennis and correct whatever you have too if there is something wrong with the paper work.

Well I got my appeal heard in front of the District judge which took my side and overturned the Standing Master. The case is now back in the lower court which means the Ex is going to have to negotiate with me or take her chances in court. I wonder how her and her lawyer felt after it was all over. I wish I was a little mouse in the corner of their conversation after the higher court reversed this dimwit Standing Master. All I can say is be proactive and continue the fight. Because I am.

Thanks again Dennis.

Jesse Wagner

"America's divorce rate for 1st marriages is 41%, 60% for the 2nd and an incredible 73% for the 3rd."

"Dennis has masterfully isolated the true keys to gaining your rights as a Father."
- Chris Brown, Everett, Washington

"Dennis Gac is the silent giant in the realm of Fathers Rights information."

"Craig Carlson of Seattle, Washington used the system to eliminate $27,500.00 in back child support when 3 different attorneys’ previously told him he couldn't"

"Dennis has written 10 Best Selling Books On Fathers Rights."

"The Fathers Rights Protection System works in every State in the U.S. and the same basic approaches can be used in Canada, England, New Zealand, and Australia."

"Should Fathers have equal time with their kids?" 62% say Yes and 38% No according to Parade Magazine."

"The Fathers Rights Protection System is no magic wand; only solid information and momentum will overcome subconscious fear,” explains Dennis."

“The techniques in the Fathers Rights Protection System helped me to do what three attorneys couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do." "I was able to remove a powerful, biased, and dangerous Guardian Ad Litem from the case" “The Fathers Rights Protection System enables Fathers to take control of their court case!”
- Gary Barksdale, Oklahoma

"I was married for 23 years and have 7 children. My X wife tricked me and obtained a default against me stealing custody from me and obtaining child support." "I was really depressed." Even worse I had to move away from Florida where my boys were, to California to find work." "I thought I'd never have my boys again." "I contacted lawyers in Florida and was sadly disappointed in their negative approach." "I was mad as hell, but with Dennis' System, I was able to fight for my boys and I won!" I now have them in California with me." "My boys are happy and I am very happy." "Thanks Dennis!"
- Michael Shelton, California

"Just wanted to send you a note of THANK YOU!!!! The information and suggestions you made to us are the main reasons my other half has rights to his son now. It has relieved a great deal of stress in our home and his boy is much happier! We have a plan now that is being followed even though we still have minor issues arise; but, that's nothing compared to what we were facing before. He gets the holiday and birthday time he never had before and Joe now has a say in things. His son is happy to get more time with him and feels his father has as much control as his mother now in his schedule. We are forever grateful for the insight you have given us and the knowledge --- which is power to go the distance."
Janeece Smith, Washington State

"I bought your Fathers Rights Protection System a few years ago when I was located in Tulsa Oklahoma as a corporate project manager." "I just wanted to say thank you for the information." "It has helped me, a close friend, and a number of other Fathers that I know personally." "Please feel share this with other Fathers as a sign of hope!"
James Dean Foley, Omaha, Nebraska

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While pro se litigants are common, especially in today's world of economic difficulties and sue-happy individuals, they can sometimes by prejudiced by the courts. Typically, pro se litigants tend to file improperly formatted paperwork, miss deadlines and court dates, are unprepared and do not typically understand courtroom procedures. This can make the judge in the court frustrated, bored, and at times, instantly against you.

There are some ways to get on the judge's good side. First, it's important that you fully understand the courtroom procedures that you may face. By educating yourself in terms of what to expect in the courtroom, nothing can take you by surprise and throw you off-track.

Being prepared is so important when it comes to self-representing yourself in court and working in the judge's favor. If you show your judge that you have made a faithful effort in representing yourself, they will have a little more respect for you than the everyday Pro Se litigant that has no clue what they are doing at all and have no paperwork, background research, or legal background to back them up. By having your stuff together and knowing some of the laws that pertain to your civil case, you will gain the respect of the judge immediately.

If you use a lawyer to represent you in court, you are at the mercy of the attorney's personal history with the judge. If the attorney tends to get on the judge's bad side, the judge will tend to favor the opposing counsel. If the judge knows your attorney always plays dirty in the courtroom, the judge will already know ways around their tricks and techniques ahead of time, putting you at a severe disadvantage.

Remember, the judge is the one that will ultimately determine the outcome of your divorce case or your child support case. By being prepared, giving the judge respect, and knowing your legal rights, you will be one step ahead of your ex-wife when fighting for your financial future.?

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