Child Visitation Rights Made Easy

Written by Dennis Gac, Author of Fathers Rights Protection System

If you're reading this article, it's a safe bet you're having some difficulty with seeing your children on a regular basis. You've planned all week to take your child to a baseball game or the movie, and the "X" won't cooperate, giving you some lame excuse saying she needs to be out of town that weekend, and that it's just going to be this one time. Scenarios such as this are a daily occurrence throughout this country. You show up at the door, and are at the very least, very frustrated, and all you have to show the police when they show up is your decree of divorce naming the child as yours, saying something like.... "The father (You) is entitled to 50% shared-visitation with the mother." Pretty vague huh?

Well, it doesn't have to be this way. What you need in every situation similar to this is an extremely detailed parenting plan which spells out in easy to understand terms what you are entitled to. This parenting plan details every detail of how and when your visitation will take place. This will be a court conformed document (Stamped by the court clerk.) that you can show the police. A court ordered document such as this is priceless. Every father should have one. If you don't, it's time to get one.

It is a fact that most divorce decree hardly address the issue of a really details parenting plan. A bullet proof document such as this can save countless misunderstandings and heartache now and in the future. Simply put, a detailed specific parenting plan that is court approved makes for smoother parenting. Want to get one? Here's how.