Key Items Needed for Child Support Modification

Written by Dennis Gac, Author of Fathers Rights Protection System

Changing your financial child support obligation or your ex-wife's obligation can easily be done through the courts, but requires a few key steps in order to have it go smoothly through the courts without a hitch - knowing what is working for you and against you will help you with your child support modification order through the courts, and ensure that it continues and is fulfilled to the court's requirements.

First, it's important to know that in order to file a petition for child support modification, there has to have been a change in circumstances. This could include a job change, income change, or other situation that affects the financial circumstances of one or both parents.

Next, a petition needs to be filed with the courts. This is to help the case go to trial. You can, however, file a temporary order, which can set up some sort of agreement that will be followed until a final order is received through the trial courts.

Be sure to include financial information, such as pay stubs and declarations to support your case in the summons. This information should go back about two years, and include tax returns and pay stubs from your place of employment.

Another thing to consider are tax exemptions and deviations. Tax exemptions can be assigned by a judge if you and your ex-wife cannot agree on who claims them every year. Deviations are other things that are considered by the judge outside of the typical child support guidelines that they use to determine financial support. These can affect your monthly child support payments drastically, so be sure to utilize them to your benefit.

And as an end note, be sure you have a good argument for the child support reduction or modification. Typically you will hear of modifications due to economic hardships and substantial injustice, but be sure whatever you claim as your reason, you have supporting proof to support your argument in court.