Lowering Your Child Support - The Do's and Don'ts

Written by Dennis Gac, Author of Fathers Rights Protection System

When fighting with your ex-wife about how much you should pay out of your pocket for child support, there is no true calculation as to how the numbers come together. There are a lot of factors considered by the courts before a child support amount is set, so knowing what to argue in court and what NOT to argue will help you tremendously in having your child support lowered and your rights as a father maintained.

DO average out your income over a longer period of time if it is to your advantage--if you have extended amounts of overtime that have recently increased your salary, you can then average out your income in order to argue that the income is not typical.

DON'T argue with your ex-wife in statements to the court or while in court--judges in the court system hate nagging spouses that bring personal opinions and emotions into their courtroom. Keep yourself calm, civil, and be respectful to both the judge and your ex-wife.

DO call the child support arrangements "maintenance" or "alimony." This is because child support is paid with money after taxes, while maintenance and alimony is paid with pre-tax dollars. This could work out well in your favor and lower your child support immensely.

DON'T submit sub-par financial statements and a vague declaration to the courts. Make sure that your declarations are concise and detailed, and make it easy to read for the judge by using bullet points and clear headings. When it comes to your financials, make sure that you provide your monthly income offset by your costs of living. If possible, show some sort of financial hardship that would cause child support to leave you short-changed.

Remember, there is a difference between paying child support and supporting your child. By showing the courts that you want to be there as a father and not just a source of income, you could greatly increase your chances of visitation rights as well as lowering your child support obligations.

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Dennis Gac
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