The Good and the Bad of the Guardian Ad Litem

Written by Dennis Gac, Author of Fathers Rights Protection System

If you're dealing with children during your divorce, you may at one time or another deal with a social worker or family evaluator who will investigate your family situation and offer a recommendation as to the parenting of the child to the judge in charge of your divorce case. Sometimes, you may be appointed a Guardian Ad Litem, or GAL, for your children during the course of your divorce.

A Guardian Ad Litem are typically trained as both a social worker and an attorney, and are appointed to your children. They are oftentimes considered the attorney that is representing your children regardless of what is going on between the mother and the father. They are there to represent the best interest of your children.

However, their recommendations are typically biased and in favor of the mother, and it will take a lot of work on your part in order to get them to see your side of the story. They are appointed to take into consideration the family environment and to check references, so if your children are appointed a Guardian Ad Litem, be sure that this person is doing their job correctly. Most times, they will take what the mother says as fact and then work their case from that. Make sure this doesn't happen to you and ask for a breakdown of how they came to their decision if you feel they didn't evaluate and investigate the situation thoroughly.

A Guardian Ad Litem is hired to investigate the situation of the family and child, the parenting history and abilities of each parent, to check references and concerns of each parent, and to make a decision and recommendation to the judge based on these facts.