Attorney Hall Of Shame

Any particularly bad experiences that you’ve had in court with an attorney - your attorney or the opposing side? Tell Us About Your Experiences and Elect Them To Our Hall of Shame! At the same time you’ll be giving your fellow Fathers a warning about these people. Also, give us an idea how you handled the situation or lodged formal complaints.

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19 Responses to “Attorney Hall Of Shame”

  1. floyd Mclaughlin Says:

    NEVER trust your attorney to fulley look at visitation dates and to check them for you and point them out i just found out after a few months that my alternating weekends from friday 6pm tp sunday 6pm were actually friday 6pm to saturday 6pm

    i give my ex wife of 22 years 2300 a month and she denies me phone contact or anything with the kids she tells them derogatory things about me and now theyu wont talk to me

    the mom has spent time in jail for violating protection orders and i get screwed when it comes to my children every time

  2. Dennis Gac Says:

    You can file a formal bar complaint against your attorney and set matters up for arbitration through the bar association…Call the bar association and ask for a formal complaint form…. But, don’t expect too much. The bar is really a union and they will not do much to help you except, maybe, set up arbitration.

    Also, you can file a malpractice lawsuit against the attorney. You can obtain sample forms of these sorts of suits that other Fathers have used at .

    Order the manual system and I will review your draft if you would like.
    Dennis Gac

  3. Dennis Gac Says:

    You’re right ins NEVER trusting your attorney to fully look at visitation dates and to check them for you. This is why we advocate taking matters into your own hands and understanding your case yourself.

    From a Fathers Rights perspective you have to “direct” your own case.

    In paying $2,300.00 per month have you obtained any deviations for tax exemptions or credits and/or long distance transportation allowances.

    You may want to consider these things to lower your support and, file contempt of court against her for denial and/or frustrations of your access to kids.

  4. Terry Says:

    Hired attorney (Rick West Law offices- Buffalo, MN) to get visitation written in decree- instead ended up with full medical/dental- visitation was not even brought up in court! My husband didn’t realize til afterwards. Hit like a train in court. Attorney not prepared, showed up just in time with no time for consult. $2300 for what? Even paid travel expenses to and from Hennepin County courts, Mpls., MN His ex has and is still harassing him at work, judge told her- no no no, then shame on you- that was it. Still messing with the verbal promise of meeting half way and verbal visitation agreement. He has seen his daughter 4 days in the past 5 months. Experiencing over past 4 yrs PAS big time, consulted other atttorneys (even PPL) and they tell him no hope, just live with it unless you have lots of money to fight her. WHAT!? Hmmm

  5. Jeff Says:

    Ex wife’s attorney (and now currently in the DA’s office here in Colorado Springs) Melanie Douglas.

    Turns out that while Ms. Douglas was representing my ex-wife in our divorce proceedings and supposedly looking out for our children’s best interests, she was ALSO the GAL for the kids of the ex’s live-in boyfriend. GAL was appointed due to child abuse by ex’s live-in (now her husband) who was ALSO accused of spousal rape/abuse by his ex (charges that ultimately got him to resign from the USAF to avoid Court Martial).

    I filed a complaint with the Colorado Bar Association, who of course found no fault, impropriety or bias with the arrangement.

  6. Frank J DiBrino Says:

    Dennis and all Wonderful Fathers,

    My divorce started in May 2006, I was taken by surprise, feeling week and helpless, I began my search for an attorney. Two years later and 5 attorneys later…..They did absolutely NOTHING for me.
    I made it clear from the begining that I want to and plan on being an active “client”. I warned them over and over again about my EX’s attorney that he is one of the best around and will do what ever it takes to win. He fights dirty. I told all my attorneys that I would have hired my EX’s attorney to represent me (just to drive home a point). I pratically begged my inept and useless attorneys to roll up their sleeves and start fighting back, get some dirt under your finger nails. It landed on deaf ears. I never in my life meet a bunch of spineless girly cry babies who think that their shit doesn’t stink.
    If you are from New York City area, Here are the attorneys that you need to stay from…even if its to get you off from a parking ticket.
    Rocco Salerno Eastchester, NY
    Jim Noletti White Plains, NY
    John B. Cherico White Plains, NY
    Sari M. Friedman Garden City Long Island, NY
    Nicholas Barone White Plains, NY

    As far as the Law Guardian that the court assigned, she was the most gender bias, useless, back stabbing SOB I ever meet. She never had my childrens best interest at heart. She had my EXs’ best interest as well as her own as the pinacle throughout my divorce.
    Stay away from: Althea F. Richardson White Plains, NY

  7. James Says:

    My ex got a new lawyer about a year ago who filed emergency motions to try to freeze my assets which I had been holding for about 2 years in a special account awaiting the final resolution without running off with the money. That was promptly dismissed by the Judge, however, at great legal cost to me. Then, he (she) filed 2 conflicting affidavits full of mis-truths,and false information, simply because he didn’t know the previous history on the case. Such blatant false information such as saying that I had not paid a cent in support for over one year simply because her bank book hadn’t been updated, and page after page of false information that was obvious that it was written by the attorney without his client reviewing any of the information because the attorney did not review the file prior to preparing it. This led my lawyer to have to cross examine her to get the truth out and she basically admitted that all the information was incorrect and that she had not read or reviewed the affidavits even though she swore and signed them. She laughed at some of the absurd things in the affidavits such as that she needed $600 a month for cloths for herself, etc, etc. During the cross exam, her lawyer interrupted over 100 times to try to stop her from answering including yelling at her several times. Now, they’re after me to pay for the costs of the cross-exam which is thousands and thousands of dollars. These events are all coming after the usual false accusations of abuse and all the pain and suffering and costs that goes with that, which of course were dismissed because they were all completely bogus and fabricated. They continually refuse to even have her try to get a job and are continuing to demand more records, more statements, more documentation which is extremely time consuming and costly to me. So far I’ve paid over 80K in legal fees, soon 90K and have not seen my kids in 3 years. You name it, these people have done it. Its the most unbelievable mess imaginable. Theres a lot more including blackmail and extortion, breaking agreements, placing liens on my home in his clients name without her knowledge, placing liens on my home for HIS legal fees without permission. Then refusing to remove them unless we paid them huge amounts of money. Then trying to sneak a legal fee lien on at the last minute. Anyone have any ideas or wanna help, please!!!!!!! My lawyers are obviously not doing anything or cannot do anything to help.

  8. Chris Martin Says:

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  9. MJ Says:

    Hey, James. Stop fighting. Man, I have teenagers, and my ex did EVERYTHING to try to keep me away from my children, since they were 4 and 6. It did not work. Yes I pay crazy amount of child support but I see my kids 17 days out of the month. Holidays every other, new years, birthdays, middle school graduations, etc. I just stop fighting and making the lawyers rich. I did this with no attorney, I showed up stated my defense (factually) to the court and they saw that I was interested in my kids and although she tried to prevent my visitation (not being home when I went to pick them up I requested to pick them up at school. I only bring them back to their other residence and on rare occasions pick them up from there. I only communicate factually with their mother via email, I keep it business. Yes, I sacrifice A LOT (money, life style) . But, by kids know who I am. Our relationship is solid and when they are well past 18 and in to their lives, they will know what I went through to keep them in my life. I take them to school two days a week and I just show up at various times even at a distance. We have a whistle, they hear it and look for me and wave! Even at a distance, I am there. I write notes and leave them at the front office of the school for them. There is a way to connect with your child in spite of the mother. I know this sounds crazy, but let the money go. Put your energy into knowing your child’s routine and ask permission from the court to visit you child two to three days out of the week. As you can see it becomes the war of the roses. Since I let go, I am happy, focused and live a more quality life then I did trying to hold on to all of that stuff. You can reestablish your relationship with you kids. She has a great lawyer so what. If you have your job and your health you can move forward. Yes it is not fair and it may not be fair in our life time, but our kids become casualties of this war. Who needs it. I am in a better place financially and their mother will have to foot the bill from 18 years on. At least your kids will know that you cared enough to be there. Start planning how you are going to spend time with your kids. Fire your lawyer throw yourself on the mercy of the court and tell them you want to see your kids. She can have the money. The kids will see that you are not perfect, but you are an excellent Dad. And even if they don’t it will be their lost. There is nothing like a great parent. Whether it is mom or dad or both, Bottom line. Good luck!

  10. floyd mclaughlin Says:

    the ex is moving the children out of the county all the way accrost the state she says the econimy is better there and she needs a better of house pluss she states that all the calls to the police i have made against her are false evin the asult against my girlfriend that landed her in jail…

    i am going for custody if it kills me and if i have to defend my self in court i dam well will… and i intend to use every thing i learn from this sight in conjunction with two new attorneys and them knowing full well i intend to ba a very active part of this proceding

    this is war! and i am fighting for the right to be in my childrens life

  11. Peter Says:

    MJ, Hey man if it works for you good !. I paid child suppport for almost 18 years. I am still over 60K in arrears. Last saw my daughter when she was 12 days old. If I ever get to see or CONTACT! her again I will tell her I fought for 18 years for the ability to SEE HER. I will never feel guilty for not having done everything in my power to be her father. I did bring her into this world and no amount of child support would or ever bring her BACK!!!!! I would do it again for my daughter!!

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  16. Nico Says:

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  17. sebastian Del Duca Says:

    I just came from court today I was told bu the town police to bring my soon to be X up on charges of burgery and theft. I found out only today when I got to court that the county had lowed the charges to trespassing. she took over $4,000 worth of things from me but did not trespass to do it so she got away with it. WHAT RIGHT DOSE THE COUNTY HAVE TO LOWER CHARGES I BRING TO COURT?
    The juge knew it was wrong and did tell me to try civil court.

  18. Mark A. Lubischer Says:

    My wife of 6 years filed false accusation claims against me and claimed that I coerced her during the divorce by getting residential custody of our twins. When in-fact it was discovered through her family members that she was and still is legally married in the Philippines. So all along she was a bigamist. Also during our marriage she was arrested for domestic violence against me then two years after that incident she stabbed me while I slept. I did not go to the police (BIG MISTAKE ON MY PART). But after our divorce she physically forced her way into my house, I called the police and they suggested I file a restraining order - of course I was denied by two female judges (SHAME ON THEM) two days later she came over and slashed the tire on my car - police were called she denied it. She gets legal aid to assist her with filing a motion against me. Her legal aid attorney Joan M. Donnelly, Esq., drafted up false accusations none of which could be substantiated..also an hour prior to going before the judge she demands I pay her client 10,000 in cash and sell the house and give her half. Well I produced the marriage certificate authenticated by the US Embassy Philippines validating her marriage which makes my marriage to her nonexistent. The attorney had the BALLS to sit there and say my client denies ever being married. That attorney is an ass and should be disbarred on principle. Some may say she is a good attorney but that fact is she never had the best interest of my children in mind. My alleged ex-wife never took an interest in raising our children and to this date she never takes them for an overnight.

  19. James Robinson Says:

    My lawyer and i prepared to go to court with my Ex-wife regarding a petition to clarify the fact that she has the right to clain my daughter on her taxes. During the initial consultation he was very upbeat about the possibility that she may not bring a lawyer with her to court and explained he would “eat her alive” without a lawyer and “he has done this many times in the past”. Once we got to court he was very quite and when the judge suggested that my ex obtain a lawyer before proceeding he did not object in the least….She took me to court and in a phone message that i played for the lawyer told me to “use the money i stole from her by claiming my daughter to pay for a good lawyer”. he should be on the wall of shame and not be considered as an option by any father seeking a lawyer. Doug Weatherly is his name and his office is located near richmond virginia.

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