Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights [NBFR] and What Do You Guys Do?

The NBFR is an organization which helps fathers either 1) represent themselves in court or 2) we act as outside consultants to you, the Father, when you have an Attorney.

This enables you to be a more active participant in the case, rather, than a bystander. We’ve published the Fathers Rights Protection System found at which is a 1,000 page manual system — covering “every” aspect of Fathers Rights; whether you were married or not. Child support issues, custody, visitation, wage garnishments, contempt, modification of child support, modification of custody, grandparents rights, etc — are “all” covered. The NBFR offers a full consulting membership which gives you unlimited consultation for a period of one year, with Dennis Gac, personally.

2. What is included in the Fathers Rights Protection System?

The Fathers Rights Protection System found at includes all 8 Fathers Rights manuals published by Dennis Gac and 5 bonus documents as well; as covered on our web site. Over 1,000 pages are sent to you in EBook format, via email; however, we also include a free analysis of your case. We ask you to order the manual system then send me a detailed email about your case, including goals and background [send to ] I will personally respond and map out a strategy for you. Then, I will talk with you on the phone and get you launched in the right direction.

3. What is included in the full consulting membership with NBFR?

The full consulting membership [$875] includes unlimited consultation with Dennis Gac for a period of one year; 365 days. He literally programs your name and phone number into his personal cell phone and picks up when you call. The service is first class — you’ll never have to get “jerked” around again. Dennis will map out a strategy for you, then almost literally hold you by the hand throughout the balance of your case….showing you what to do, what to say, how to say it, where to go, how to file papers, the works. All of Dennis’ comments are based upon the vicarious experiences of other members….so…you know it works! You can communicate with Dennis by phone, fax or email…he is very prompt about staying in touch.

4. Does the NBFR System and Service work in every State or Other Countries?

Yes, absolutely! The U.S., Canada, England, New Zealand, Australia and other commonwealth countries use the same basic approach when it comes to Fathers Rights. So, even though the forms and some procedures are a little different, you can rest assured that when you work with Dennis, and the Fathers Rights Protection System, “it” will work no matter where you are.

5. Can you guarantee results?

The answer is obvious. No one can “guarantee” results; but, if you follow our directions and work diligently you will raise your odds considerably. We have helped with 1,000’s of cases in all areas of the world and rarely find a situation that we cannot help improve. You see, most guys don’t fight for their rights, so just beginning and following through gives you a tremendous “edge.” We “know” this from experience!

6. I understand that you guys have an option where the NBFR can do my paperwork for me. How does this work?

Very simply, we can draft all the appropriate paperwork [$975] [See Paperwork Option] for “any” action that you’re planning to take …child support modifications, custody motions, divorces, tort claim lawsuits, drivers license reinstatements, paternity actions, property settlements and much more. Our service takes the headache away from you. So, combined with a full consulting membership the paperwork option can be “very lethal” for the X.

7. How do I begin, this case is so overwhelming?

Well, you start by joining as a member and opting for the membership, as well, if you’d like. If you’re sending a check please send it to our offices at NBFR 8010 212th Street SW, Edmonds, WA 98026. We accept all credit cards and checks. Then, send me a detailed email about your case to … Mail me. to the address, above, the orders from your case, or, paperwork that you think I should see. We have fax available but, please be advised that we are charged 20 cents per page….so treat this option sparingly. I will respond with a personal strategy for you via email and we’ll probably strategize on the phone as well. We’ll talk on the phone and then we’re off and running!

8. Do you guys take payments for your services, I’m having a tough time right now — the “X” is draining me?

Yes, we can take payments; but, cannot go over too long a period of time. Payments are arranged on a case by case basis; so, please call Dennis at (206) 650-0250.

9. Do you have local offices or an attorney that you can recommend in my own area?

We don’t recommend attorneys. The country is so vast that it’s really tough to have contacts in every jurisdiction. Rather than recommend an attorney we’ll show you “how” to find a cooperative attorney and teach you the ropes so that you can direct your attorney. The NBFR does not have local offices. We only have one office located in Seattle [Edmonds] Washington. We work in “every” jurisdiction of the country and have intimate details of the procedures all over the country and in Canada. So, you’ll know what to do.

10. I’m afraid to represent myself in court, don’t I need an attorney?

You have the absolute right to represent yourself in court in your case. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Everyone is a little apprehensive at first, but you’ll seen get over this once you have some real knowledge — which we provide. We also give you some homework assignments which include court observation. Once you receive our ongoing guidance and you do court observation, you’ll feel better and better about representing yourself. Keep in mind that most people operate from fear and the court and people in the system “prey” upon this fear. Don’t fall for it! You can do it as so many before you did! And, we’re there for you!

Dennis M. Gac, President
National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights
8010 212th Street SW
Edmonds, WA 98026
(206) 650-0250