Fathers Rights Federal Class Action Lawsuit

We are working on a Federal class action lawsuit based upon gender bias in the various state family court systems. If you would like to participate please inform us of why your case should be considered and the facts pertaining to same in the body of this blog and email me at regarding your desire to participate in the suit. We welcome comments from other readers regarding varioius submissions and comments on the suit.

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35 Responses to “Fathers Rights Federal Class Action Lawsuit”

  1. Frank J DiBrino Says:

    As I look back, it was very obvious that the guilty parties who “played” along giving the mother a free pass are:
    1. the judge
    2. the law guardian
    3. child protective services
    4. local police
    1. The judge whom in my case forced me to participate in the custody trial without legal representation despite the fact I respectfully asked for an adjournment. Also the temporary order of protection she quickly handed out to my EX that was completely unwarranted and denying me a order of protection against my EX who physically attatcked me with a sharp instrument cutting my left arm leaving three scars.
    2. The law guardian whom looked the other way when I placed several calls to her regarding my EX’s unhealthy, maladjusted and detremental behavior inflicted on my two boys.
    3. Child protective services down playing the physical and enmotional abuse I reported then as nothing more than window dressing, blindfully investigated my EX and found her free of any wrong doing.
    4. The local police who wrongfully arrested me three times on bogus and trumped up charges, ESPECIALLY when my Ex physically attacked me with a sharp instrument cutting my left arm leaving three scars. My EX and her family have a very close and personal relationship with the local police.

    The attorneys, judges and politicans have sold their souls and morality to the devil. The current system is set up to insight more fighting while draining hard earned money from both the father and mother, more so the father due to child support. It is tearing apart the moral fiber and family values of our society. As a country, we have made great strides in areas of science, technology and medicine BUT the laws we have in place are very gender bias and very antiquated to say the least. The ones who REALLY pay the price are the children who are robbed of their innocence and scared forever.

  2. Dennis Gac Says:

    You’re certainly right, Frank, about the morality of the people that “run” the system…the judges and attorneys. It seems as though they’ve become callous.

  3. Frank J DiBrino Says:

    The key players who are guilty of contributing to my EX getting a FREE PASS.

    1. The Judge, who forced me to go through with my custody trial dspite my request for an adjournment to seek legal representation.
    This same judge quickly handed my EX a Temporary Order of Protection despite the facts that I do not have a history of violence, never was arrested, no evidence of abuse of any kind toward my EX or my children. This same judge denies me an Order of Protection after my EX cuts my arm open leaving me scared.
    2. The Law Guardian, who completely ignored my pleas and concerns regarding my EX’s maladjusted and detremental behavior she inflicted on my children. Law guardians are nothing more than attorneys who cannot make a living praticing law…they are completely inept and gender bias.
    3. Child Protectice Services, who down played my reports of mental, emotional and physical abuse my EX inflicted on my children. Their so called investigating was nothing more than window dressing. Of course my EX was cleared of any wrong doing.
    4. The local Police, who have a close and personal relationship with my EX and her family. They had me wrongfully removed from my home and arrested me three times on bogus, trumphed up charges.
    Even after my Ex cuts open my arm and I go to the police station with my arm bleeding to file a report of being attacked…I get arrested !!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. My EX who was given a Temporay Order of Protection against me used it as a WEAPON instead of a shield as it is intended to be.
    6. The “System” including the politicans, who have the ability to repair and improve the laws. The current system is set up to fail the Father and the Children. It is designed to insight hatred and more fighting. They drain the husband & wife of their hard earned money, ruin the reputation of the husband/father and more importantly steal the souls and innoncence of the children. Then they turn around and reward the mother with outlandish child suppot payments, forcing the father to resort to nothing more than an ATM Machine. The majority of fathers now have to work two to three jobs resulting in the children and the father being denied the opportumity to have a NORMAL relationship where they can spend (equal) memorable times together in the same fashion as the mother does.

    It is quite simple, the children did not ask for the divorce. The father and mother had their children together when they were married and should continue to equally be active participants in raising them after the divorce. It is healthier for everyone involved to have Shared Parenting, Joint Physical Residence, Joint Decession Making and No Child Support since the children are spending equal time with both parents. Expenses such as braces, tutoring, camp etc…should be shared equally.

    In closing, it is more than Fathers Rights, it is not about the Mothers Rights. It is about the Childrens Rights to “Both Halves Of Itself”.
    The children are made up of both their father and mother and during their formative years they are constantly discovering who they are. To deny any child equal access to either parent is leaving a void in the child of not knowing who they really are. Go to to read more about “Childrens Rights” & “Fathers Rights” and the emotional and psychological impact our antiquated laws have on the children.
    My Children Deserve Their DAD Not A Visitor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jeff Says:

    Along with the above statements, I find here in Colorado that the system only gives lip-service to ‘the best interests of the children’. The courts here have decided its in the best interest of the children to spend half of their time exposed to domestic violence and 0 parenting ability. By chance or luck I’ve managed to get my kids (with consent of the ex) into a counselor who is appalled at the environment that the kids are in at their mother’s house. However, she’s also aware that my hands are tied for 2 years unless something drastic happens like another call to the cops when my ex’s new husband decides to start knocking her around in the children’s presence.

    Blame isn’t entirely laid on the court system. I am shocked that in Colorado Springs, the cops can be called out 3 times for domestic violence….and NOT take someone way in silver bracelets. The community is shocked when they see things on the news about murder-suicides or cases where DV ends in the death of a spouse or child…yet the dirty secret is that the cops had likely been called several times before and done nothing.


  5. Michael Welch Says:

    Tell you what Ive been through it also…But what can you do?

  6. Frank J DiBrino Says:

    To all the Fathers that CAVED IN & did not fight not only for your rights but more inportantly for your CHILDREN”S RIGHTS to have a DAD not a Visitor………………….

    Shame on You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because of these spineless Fathers, it clearly sent a message to the attorneys who we relied on to fight for us, the courts and yes the politicians that its ok to screw us and hurt our children. And by the way, take away my normal life, lessen my time with my children, everything I worked hard for and lets reward the BITCH with money that we all know that maybe less than 1 percent will go to the children.
    For this upcomming Fathers Day, ask for a new set of Big Brass Balls and join Dennis and the National Brotherhood For Fathers Rights.
    Remember, there is STRENGTH in numbers.

  7. robert stern Says:

    I have been getting screwed by the state of michigan for 18 years my ex is a junkie who gave birth to my son hooked on crack by this time my 2 older girls had already been through hell by neglect my childern were made wards of the state of michign in 1988 and tempararaly moved to a relative while my ex played lip service to the system took the classes that were ordered to ensure the return of her bank roll meen while im denyed custody made to pay support pluss watch over so my kids aint hurt when she goes off on one of her crack binges and leaves a 3year old to care for a 2yr old and a 5 mnth old untill it comes to my attention and i go get them butt the most screwed up part is that in 95 the child care workers got tired of my exs excuses and a judge finally removed the kids and child care contacted me in north carolina wher i had just moved to get a better life and asked me if i wre interested in gaining custody of my kids i told the hell yes its what i have been hopeing for sence the whole mess began so starts the longest nightmare of my life me and my current girlfriend were made to travel to and from northcarolina and michigan spicifically detriot two and three times a year often more than that we were ordered by the judge to complete parenting classes substance abuse classes AAMEETINGS AND NA meetings wre reqired and proof shown weekly randome drug sceens were taken and pssed all becouse she was found unfit i was made to prove i was a fit parent even though my girlfriend had two kids of her own and had never had her oarenting qestioned and all this time two and a half years to be exact my kids were placed with my parents who were elderly with limited mobility finally after the long battle of trying to please the court and gain houseing that they deemed sutable and trying to keep a job while continuing to ask for time off to go to detriot for court the judge finally granted me and my girlfriend temoarary custody and after having them in north carolina for six months gave us me permenent and soul custody and my exs perental rights were stiped after all this you might think at least he had a happy ending well youd be half right somebody dropped the ball and for the last 14 years i have been in a battle with michigan over support while im raiseing and supporting them in NC detriot keeps chargeing me child support all my attempts to clear the situation up only results in more paper work from them saying i owe $ they kept my tax returns for years and now have a freeze on my bank account and if i travel up there to try to clear it up in person they so much as told me i would be locked up for delinqent child support so whats left for me to do i feel as if i keep running into a brick wall with my money frozen im reduced to living off my disability check and that dont leave much room for travel expenses and i also dont have any desire to sit in county lock up for something i did not do all my attempts at comunication fail i even went so far as to get letters from the department of social services in the county where i live i submitted school records medical records and bills my kids who are grown know even wrote letters stateing where they live and with wich parent raised them and i still cant get a court date with a judge who will hear my case .

  8. Ashley Says:

    My husband is going through a really hard time right now. He’s been to court once without representation to settle the divorce ( they were found to be common law), custody, and child support. He found out the day before that he had to go to court. He was never served with papers because his EX or someone in her lawyer’s office address the papers wrong. Her lawyer’s assistant conveniently called my husband the night before (while he was at work) to inform him to be there the next day. This gave him no time to find representation. He told the judge that he wasn’t aware and was only given one day’s notice, but the judge basically ignored him. As a result, my husband is paying a huge amount in child support every month while only getting the standard every other weekend and every other holiday with his son. The lawyer we talked to said that this was the ‘norm’. My husband has a steady job and relationship. Why is the system so biased towards mothers? In today’s society it is hard to find a man fathered at a young age who wants to be an active participant in his child’s life. And for me to see that he’s being held back by the courts and his EX it makes me sick. He’s a good father and there is no reason why he can’t share equally in raising his son.

  9. Eugene Allums Says:

    Like most I to have had a biased run in with the courts and child custody and support. Me and my current wife both Being disabled We are both being raked over the judicial hot coals by having child support deducted out of my social security disability income causing my wife and I severe hardship with the ability know to afford my doctors and medications. After trying to reason with 245th district court of Harris county, State Attorney Generals Office and Child support, Letters and phone calls. Everyone seems to a deaf ear to the discrimination that I have had to deal with and it’s been going on since 1991 at least. Isn’t there someone or someplace we can go for HELP!!!

  10. Frank J DiBrino Says:

    Fathers Rights and Childrens Rights are one in the same.

    The following are facts, based on over 20 years of study by Warren Farrell, Ph.D.

    Children are half dad & half mom. The job of a child is to discover whom it is. It is not the better parent. It is both parents, warts and all. We are talking about the child’s rights to both halves of itself. Psychological stability.

    1. Studies show that after a divorce the children who do
    best psychologically have equal exposure to both
    dad and mom…especially if the parents live near
    each other and their is no bad mouthing.
    2. Psychological stability of two-parents equally involved
    leads to the children also doing better academically
    and socially, and being healthier physically.
    3. One parent dominating (more time spent) tends to
    leave the child with a negative stereotype and biased
    perspective of the values of the minority parent
    (less time spent), and ultimately a lack of appreciation
    for that part of itself. The child feels undervalued.
    4. When mom is the primary parent, there is less of dad.
    It is not because dad doesn’t want to remain involved,
    It is because moms are nine times more likely to
    continue with the conflict thusly excluding dad.
    5. When dad is the primary parent, there is more of
    of mom. Dads are more likely to include the mom,
    resulting in maintaing a balance & normalcy of “family”.
    6. More time with mom (less time with dad) means
    the child is more likely to be depressed, resort to
    drinking, drugs, delinquency and disobedience.
    7. Equal time with dad means that the child is more
    likely to be more socially adept, have higher self-
    esteem, more focus on completing a task, is more
    assertive, is more empathetic, and does better on
    their SATs.
    8. Moms are more likely to continue bad mouthing
    the dad (than visa versa). In doing so, criticizing
    the other parent is criticizing the child. This is the
    most insidious form of child abuse.
    9. Dads are more likely to faciliate mom’s involement
    than mom is to faciliate dads.
    10. Children who primarly live with their dad, live in
    conditions that come closer to the intact family
    than a child living primarly with mom.

    Todays mindset in Family Court concludes that in high conflict divorces, parental conflict will prevent 50-50 involvement from working, we tend to revert to primary mother time, when in fact it is more likely that with primary father time the parents will have less conflict, and that the children will have more of both parents and will do better.

    Once primary father time is understood to have these advantages, and therefore becomes the first choice of the law if there is conflict, it eliminates any incentive the mom may feel to make the divorce appear high-conflict. The mom now realizes that she is now at a disadvanntage if she continues with the conflict. Her incentive now is to eliminate the conflict so she can have equal time with the children.

  11. Dennis Gac Says:

    The courts are confused about children’s rights - fathers rights and rights of the mother. They are all of equal importance, or, should be….

    The court almost always ignores the fact that the children have two parents and are quite content with the “Femma Nazi” approach that all the children need are their Mothers. We see the devastation that this approach is cuasing in our society on a daily basis.

  12. William Thomas Says:

    I have been part of the child support system for 14 years and the system has done me wrong. They tell me that I owe 21,000 in arrears and it is in two states 1 state being 2 counties, they have taken my drivers licence for 13 years now and I am now on house arrest. I haven’t seen my children for 12 years and they have been adopted, the system needs to change and I need some help to get back what I lost. They charge me for a child that is not mine and there was a blood test to prove it. I am tired of how the system works against fathers.

  13. Frank J DiBrino Says:

    WE must stand united with Dennis and his Federal Class Lawsuit. Together as one voice we must clearly articulate the importance of first changing the perception with the general public that still exists today which favors the mother and at the same time WE must get the full support of all the politicians, judges & lawyers that the laws must and WILL change. It is time to put all the elected officials on the hot seat and for those elected officials who do not support Fathers Rights, they have just signed their own political death certificate.
    It would be to our benefit to have a childrens advocate group fully support our cause and stand side by side with the NBFR as well as a respected and reknowned child psychologist such as Warren Farrell PhD. Their voice of reason, compassion and expertise will lend credence and help us attain our goal.
    One way to heighten the awareness involves the members of the NBFR to put alittle sweat equity into helping Dennis, he can’t and should not be doing it alone.
    When the time is right and the NBFR/Dennis have all their ducks in a row for the Federal

  14. Dennis Gac Says:

    Thank Frank…

  15. Michael Says:

    Just got a call from the Attorney General’s Office Stating that I my childs mother wants to increase child support by almost $200 a month. I am already covering the health insurance premiums and just because she wants more money i have to drive 10 hours to where she lives and stand in court and watch them give her what she wants. Does anyone have any advice. I cant afford this.

  16. Mike Says:

    Custodial mother was incarcerated but still kept custody. Still got her child support to pay fines and attorney while in jail.
    Father has parental rights but not visitation due to child protection lying and fabricating evidence. State claimed child protection workers have absolute immunity if they lie or fabricate evidence. federal appeals court in January ruled child protection workers have no immunity if they lie or fabricate evidence.

    Transcript of cp worker lying and federal court opinion link.

    Case now has fifth judge as all other state judges were removed from hearing the matter when it is so evident that the state is corrupt

  17. Jason P Kulp Says:

    Frank i am one of those guys that didnt do anything i let my children leave the state i live in to go with my ex and now i am getting literally bent over and given to me the hard way and the worse part about it is is she has legal assitance because i stopped sending her money cuz i had lost my job and still as of right now cant find another one which is why i am moving to another state to start working again but the court system in CA omg I couldnt believe what happened. I had a TRO put against me for false statements from my ex with no witnesess and i only had 2 weeks to get a response to the court for the hearing or show up to the hearing and its like ok like i have the money to fly from Michigan where i live to CA where she lives with no money knowing the flight ould cost me anywhere from 300-1200 dollars so i sent in the response to the court and since i didnt send a POS to my ex they returned my response to me 4 days after the judgement put against me and now i cant een fight for custody cuz in CA if there is a PPO against you you cant ask for Custody and now i dont know how to get the PPO over turned and today i just got Request to enter Defult judgement against me for my divorse when i called the court and said i didnt have to worry about anything cuz i had a time table to try and get the PPO over turned but i guess i dont and they never sent me a process showing when my court date is they just keep passing things against me and i think it is wrong. the biggest thing that i think is funny all you fathers out there that read this tell me what you would do ( Me and my ex lived with or next 2 and i mean only 20 ft from her parentsfor all 6 years of our marriage except the 6 months before our separation but that whole time our marriage i didnt nothing but physically abuse her the whole time we were togther) now tell me fathers would you alow your Daughters husband to abuse her hile they were living with you and next door to you please tell me and Dennis i am happy i found this web page cuz it is giving me the strength to stand up and fight unlike what i have been doing thinking i couldnt do anything cuz the courts dont care about the fathers anywhere


  18. Frank J DiBrino Says:

    Important FYI
    New York City Family Court 1973 Watts v. Watts
    “the simple fact of being a mother does not by itself indicate a capacity or willingness to render a quality of care different that which the father can provide”.

    U.S. Supreme Court 1975 Stanton v. Stanton
    “the old notion that generally it is the man’s primary role to provide a home and it’s essentials can no longer justify a statue that discriminates on the basis of gender. No longer is the female destined soley for the home and rearing of the family and the male for the marketplace”.

    This past March 28, the New York State Assemblys Children & Family Committe was schedulded to hear Bill A330 on Shared Parenting of minor children. In short, the bill states that a parent seeking sole custody (most commonly the mother) would assume the legal burden of proving why shared parenting would be harmful to the child.

    I do not know the out come of this hearing. If anyone has any information, please e-mail me at

  19. Frank J DiBrino Says:

    To All Fathers:

    A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.


    A Fit Parent is involved in the children’s lives, fully understands the intellectual and emotional needs and is able to care for those needs.
    A Fit Parent is stable, both emotionally and psychologically, making wise and healthy decisions while using sound judgement.
    A Fit Parent does not use the children as pawns as a tactical maneuver to malign the other parent in an attempt to gain custody.

  20. chris Says:

    My Concerns which have been raised in court and I was informed it’s a non-issue cause you can’t predict the future yet things of concern are transpiring regularly.

    1. Visitation scheduled originally allowed me to spend every weekend until Oct 2007, then changed to every other weekend.
    2. On several occasions my son’s mother has informed she provided Tylenol to my son because he cried too long. During a day in which our son was under my care, she called me and I informed her he had been alittle fussy and she suggested I give him Tylenol as it would help him sleep and I advised her I would not as Tylenol should not be used just to help a child sleep.
    3. My son’s mother denied me the right to take my son for treatment of a severe diaper rash as she felt he should only be seen by is Pediatrician to avoid confusion of his vaccines. (Two days later my son’s mother took our son to receive treatment and received notice the rash also caused a urinary track infection.
    4. My son’s mother had made inquires about my girlfriend’s butt, waist and breast size along with how long after dating did we start having sex.
    5. My son’s mother refused to get our son a lead test after knowing her water pipe running into her home was a lead pipe. (We attended Jordan’s doctors’ appointment in Oct 2007 and received a script to obtain the lead test but my son’s mother still refused. In Jan 2008, our son was hospitalized for dehydration at which time the doctor asked if he could have been exposed to lead. I explained our situation to the doctor and he then spoke to my son’s mother and after some time of convincing, she agreed to allow a lead test be performed.
    6. During our stay overnight at the hospital, my son’s mother and I had a conversation regarding our court case and I inquired why she would not obtain help. She responded as saying she does not need help. I then made reference to emails she sent me in the past regarding her need for help and how she knows threatening to hurt herself is an issue. She then said that if I bring that stuff up in court she will lie and tell the court I pushed her down a flight of stairs.
    7. On Memorial Day 2008, I picked up my son up from my son’s mother’s home and while waiting she called me upstairs to Jordan’s bedroom where I observed a patched whole next to Jordan’s changing table. When I asked what happened she replied she fell and put her arm through the wall. The following week I asked my son’s mother how she did not hurt herself and she said when she fell her foot went through the well and fortunately did not hurt herself. (FYI: the hole in the wall was no more then 6 inches from the floor and approximately 3 inches from our son’s heavy changing table).
    8. My son’s mother refused to admit to the Psychiatrist of her prior acts of self inflicted abuse, physical abuse on me and her prior history of not following through with her treatment with prior psychologists/psychiatrists.
    9. Prior to my son being hospitalized for dehydration, I had several conversations with her requesting she provide our son with more fluids as he was showing signs of dehydration when I picked him up. On one particular day she informed me our son only drank 2 ounces of fluid as that was all he would drink for the day.
    10. During a conversation with my son’s mother, I asked her why she would not discuss her prior incidents of throwing items at me and she replied, “…like your parents never threw something at the other when they got mad…”.
    11. Our relationship ended because my son’s mother lied after I learned about her niece being baptized during the time which I was scheduled to take our son down to my family in NJ. When I asked why she lied, she replied she is a worried mother and anyone would’ve done the same.
    12. On three separate occasions my son’s mother has asked me to take our son for additional time so she could go away (ex. Hockey game (1 extra day), New York City (3 extra days), bike week in Carolina (3 extra days) with her boyfriend.
    13. During winter months my son’s mother would provide me with excuses on why she was unable to meet me at our designated pick up point. Once winter ended my son’s mother then stated she was willing to meet at the designated point again.
    14. Prior to Jordan being born, my son’s mother and her mother arranged the nursery room and placed the crib in-front of the hot air vent. When I questioned it and suggested it not be in-front of a hot air vent because it could dry the baby out and give him respiratory problems, they laughed at me and said I was crazy. The crib was eventually moved before the baby was born but the push back I received concerned me.

    I am currently expected to provide nearly $800.00/month for 1 child (includes daycare, medical and 17%) yet she continues to take vacations and trips.
    I know I am:

    A Fit Parent is involved in the children’s lives, fully understands the intellectual and emotional needs and is able to care for those needs.
    A Fit Parent is stable, both emotionally and psychologically, making wise and healthy decisions while using sound judgement.
    A Fit Parent does not use the children as pawns as a tactical maneuver to malign the other parent in an attempt to gain custody.

  21. disability attorneys Says:

    disability attorneys…

    The more able and experienced a lawyer, the greater the chance that he or she will achieve a miscarriage of justice. I’m not sure where I first read that, but it is often the case….

  22. Jorge Says:


    Please, let me know if your program could help me.

    I came to Mexico with my son, at the time no custody orders, no proceedings , no complaints. The mother had move out of my homestead one week before, and that same week had stolen all our travel documents, she lived illegally in the U.S and she had moved to the U.S just 6 months before, just a girlfriend. My son was 2 months old.
    I came to Mexico because that same day she said she will take him to England and she said I could not do anything without travel documents, she also refused to give him medical attention, even refused the vaccines, and important to know she did not even want my son, reason he carries only both of my last names only.
    Once in Mexico, I called her and we made peace and she was suppose to arrive 3 days later to Mexico and I even gived her two thousand dollars to come. But she kept postponing claiming she fell ill.
    Without my knowledge, she file a custody suit, the attorney even committed perjury on “alternative proof of service” and sending the suits to an email that was not mine. Important to say the original petition and the hiring of her attorneys was done after I left and was already in Mexico.
    In such custody suit, they claimed my son was still in the U.S with risk of international abduction, and if I would violate the order, I will be subject to criminal and civil prosecution.
    At the time, I was trying to return, and asking for our travel documents to be able to do so, but she refuse to send them, and the police and attorneys placed her inside my homestead, so I would not even be able to send someone to obtain documents to get new ones, and restraining orders against me or anyone related to me.
    She moved in with her boyfriend and 7 people, as well as placing restrictions in the court against me to obtain any documents for my son. Her family started to harrass my parents who lived in mexico so after that I had to leave my parents to make sure they will stop.
    To make the story short:
    She file a parental kidnapping against me claiming I violated the order. Even if I tried to file charges against her, not police or fbi will help me.
    I hired an attorney, She knew I could not comeback, and she made an appearance (1 court hearing), I could not afford her, I did not even had I.Ds, but was considered as making a general appearance.
    My income for 2006 was 18 000 for the whole year.
    I was not even notified of court dates, not even served in person.
    now, remember she was illegal alien, and I lived in the U.S since 1992, and my homestead since 1997.
    The following she obtain claiming the properties and bank account of my parents (under their sole name) were mine:
    SHE WON:August 13, 2007 4000+ child support a month, my homestead until the child turns 18, sole custody and to choose where to live, 300000 cash bond to see my son, 200000+ attorneys fees, (the court lasted 2 1/2 months) without contest, and also We had just bought a property with a lien (not recorded) from my parents, they sold such land in auction. I have no rights at all.

    But also, they sue my parents without even been in the U.S, out of jurisdiction, and also doing everything for them to not know about the suit. Including sending the suits and notices, against international treaties and also to an empty home. Not even to their last known address!
    I had lost touch with all my family during all of this, and was defending my self and my son by sending emails to Police, FBI etc…

    I found what she won, 2 months later after the final trial.
    My parents found about the secret suit against them, 3 months later.

    Auguist 22, 2007: She won a suit against them for 35 million, claiming aiding and abetting. extreme damages etc… When in fact, the evidence they placed in court, shows, we had not even contact between me and my parents (evidence placed by them). Not one single piece of evidence against them or to prove their claims.
    What is worst, I can even prove the perjury of the process guy, to make sure they will not know about such suits.

    My parents found about such suit shortly after their properties were going to be auctioned and countersue.

    An agreement was reached between samantha and I, and notarized that all suits, court proceedings will start from the beginning, and she will give us our travel documents, such agreement was reviewed and agreed by 3 of our attorneys, and hers, the child was delivered, in presence of consuls of U.K and U.S embassies and director of S.R.E in Mexico. She delivered only expired travel documents to me.
    (December 2007)
    The child was to remain in Mexico and I will see him every day.
    That same day she took my son to England, and have not seen or heard from him since then,
    A few days later, her attorney filed a document claiming she signed under duress.
    I cannot return to the U.S I still cannot even obtain valid travel documents. And if I return, the FBI say I will not be bondable.

    Two attorneys represented my parents, and one attorney represented me in the U.S.

    My parents went to the U.S and showed the evidence of Fraud to “their” attorneys, immediately they cancel the court hearing and their depositions, My parents returned to Mexico, and in less then two weeks, my father was shot to dead.

    My mother and I received further threats “go states, go dead”
    Shortly after this my attorney said he will no longer represent me, and did not even enforcee the agreement. He gived no reason.

    Up to date, can you believe that from all the evidence I have, and what has been given to our attorneys none has even been filed in court!, what is worst, our same attorneys received a supoena for my mother to be present in the trial (Bill of Review) but they did not even send it to her, so she was not aware her presence was requiered and therefore not present.

    What do you recomend.
    I cannot return to the U.S, I no money, but could obtain some loan.

  23. Braham Ratan Says:

    My child support case is currently before a Connecticut Magistrate. My wife has kidnapped the children and taken them to the USA. I live and work in India. She has done that without my permission and the day she landed in the USA she applied for Social Services benefits with the State of Connecticut by claiming that she is unemployed and indigent. It is asinine that she started receiving the benefits from the state even though the children arrived in the USA much later after spending 6 months in India. I have had no contact with the children for over a year. She has not disclosed where she is keeping the children.

    I am willing and able to support my children who are very attached to me. She is violating my fathers rights by retaining illegal custody of the children and defrauding the state of Connecticut by USING the children to obtain Family Assistance and being a burden to the state.

    I am adviced my lawyers in India to file a Habeas Corpus Application requesting the court to order her to produce the children before a court in India. Moreover, I have applied for child custody and divorce in India now. I am also paying child support in India.

    Her hope is probably to get a support order in the USA and use it to deny me access to my children. She has so far used the system to her advantage and I hope the system is able to see through this drama and do the right thing, i.e. to abdicate the matter to India courts where a child custody and divorce proceeding is already pending. This will allow a father to see his children and provide them a comfortable living in the place of the childrens birth and origin as well as save the American Tax Payer a lot of money that will otherwise go to the mother who will use it to deny the father access to the children.

    I will keep you posted on developments and gladly participate in the class action suit if Connecticut interferes with this case.

  24. Daniel Says:

    I read similar article also named Rights Federal Class Action Lawsuit | National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights Blog, and it was completely different. Personally, I agree with you more, because this article makes a little bit more sense for me

  25. Health Insurance Ppo Says:

    I really wonder how you could write a post like this on Rights Federal Class Action Lawsuit | National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights Blog. You really organized all those thing in a very fantastic manner. I really appreciate it.

  26. Melodie Says:


    Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow….

  27. Tyrone Says:


    Other peoples input would be good…

  28. CD Says:

    “To all the Fathers that CAVED IN & did not fight not only for your rights but more inportantly for your CHILDREN”S RIGHTS to have a DAD not a Visitor………………….

    Shame on You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because of these spineless Fathers, it clearly sent a message to the attorneys who we relied on to fight for us, the courts and yes the politicians that its ok to screw us and hurt our children. And by the way, take away my normal life, lessen my time with my children, everything I worked hard for and lets reward the BITCH with money that we all know that maybe less than 1 percent will go to the children.
    For this upcomming Fathers Day, ask for a new set of Big Brass Balls and join Dennis and the National Brotherhood For Fathers Rights.
    Remember, there is STRENGTH in numbers.”

    The bottom line is that we are scared of the consequences that the court, the guardians, the system, will imede upon us for simply wanting to be a part of our children’s lives. When we as fathers go to court to petition for more visitation time or child support issues, or whatever it may be thaty is connected to our kids, The FATHER always’s has to prove his point. But at the same time when the mother has an issue the FATHER is the one that is looked down upon be it was he who created the mess in the first place.

    The system does not rely on what is reality but relies on old school thinking from a time where perhaps father’s wer not as involved. We must protect the few right’s we have.

  29. Daniel Says:

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Rights Federal Class Action Lawsuit | National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights Blog, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  30. Tre Says:

    I need help from all fathers and husbands. My husband of 6 years is going through some non-sense with his ex. This chick, only took him to court after I had our daughter. Their daughter is now 6 years old. Well, the courts oreder him to pay child support when he told him that he was a stay at home father with his new born daughter because of his fiance’s career of a law enforcement officer. They the courts gave him 30 days to find a job and pay the amount. Well since that time, that “chick” has kept the child away from him on four occassions and the courts did nothing when he filed a Motion of contempt. When my great aunt was dieing, and it was our scheduled weekend to have the child. We went out of town to PA. The “chick” knew that we were out of town and that we would be back a day later then scheduled. The “chick” called the police and told them that I was the one that kidnapped the child. Not him. Luckily I knew that officer and he was already away of the situation. So he filed a report with her and him and not with me involved. The point is that she tried to get me in trouble instead of telling the true facts. Currently we are dealing with the fact that she is trying to relocate to FL. from MD. and since he is behind on the child support they are telling him that the court system will not do anything. What kind of sugar honey it tea is that. He as been to mediation multiple times to get more time with his child and each time they denie him. THe courts will not grant more time nor will that “chick”. My boyfriend has a not so pleasant past so it is hard for him to find a good or even great job. So right now, I am paying for everything dealing with our home, our immediate child and my “step-daughter” when she is with us. When he get’s a pay check it may be from $30.00 to $60.00. And $60.00 is pushing it. The Maryland family court told him to his face, with me standing right there, “We don’t care that you can not afford to take care of yourself, only that you can take care of the aforementioned child” That has to be the most crappiest thing ever on the face of the earth. The only time that I see my “step-daughter” with something new on is when I purchase it. That “chick” does not take the time to due the childs hair. But insists on getting a court order to state that I can no longer do the child’s hair. Oh did I mention, that this “chick” is now married, with another one year old and that family lives in her mothers basement. She does not work and neither does her husband. But they are trying to live off of the child support that my other half gives to her. This “Chick” is missarable and continuously trys to make every one in her life the same way. She has gone to my job three times stating that I tried to do bodily harm to her. That is three times that she has placed my career on the line. And she is not worth that time. I have my own family to focus on. Again people I say. We need help!!!!

  31. Frank J DiBrino Says:

    To all Fathers and Mothers who support Equal Shared Parenting:
    I was surfing the internet and I came across the following web sites: Childrens Rights Initiative for Sharing American Coalition for Fathers & Children Parental Ailenation Organization Equal Time with Both Fit Parents Radio Commenator & Colomunist Coalition of Fathers & Families in New York

  32. David Says:

    I no longer want to be a father who is beaten up by my ex, the courts and lawyer fees. I have been going through the ringer since 2004. All of my rights as a father have been taken away from me in the county of sacramento family court system. I only have supervised visits because of a restraining order, I only see my young son because my ex is poising my daughter. I have watched the courts let my ex get away with bigamy, not working, false financial reports etc. I am over my anger towards her somewhat, I just want to re-establish my relationship with my children and stop the outrageous alimony, child support and maintenance payments. I want what is fair as far as child support payments and visitation.

  33. JC Says:

    I’m a WIFE of a man that pays Child Support. I agree with what alot of the fathers are saying. Men DON’T STAND A CHANCE IN COURT. The Judges, Lawyers, and the EX”s are running some kind of game. As soon as the man tell them something they don’t like, they threaten him one way are the other. The mothers don’t do the right things with the money. They don’t save for the kids at all. I bet if somebody ask them to show statements of some savings they couldn’t. Besides paying Child Support, when ever my kids get, she gets also. She goes on family trips with us, spend holidays, weekends and any other time she wants to spend. Not only does he pay child support but if she has to go to summer school, or school outings that extra. Some of these EX’S are MONSTERS. Don’t let there life be in an uproar, then that’s when the s*** hits the fan. What about the new family rights, when these EX’S find out the man is happy again, its on again. That’s a lot of PRESSURE ON EVERYBODY IN THE SITUATION, KIDS AND NEW FAMILY.

  34. Frank J DiBrino Says:

    US Supreme Court 2000
    “The interest of the parents in the care, custody and control of their children-is perhaps the oldest of the fundamental intersts recognized by this Court”

  35. Frank J DiBrino Says:

    Georgia Court of Appeals
    Judge Dorothy T. Beasley
    “In the Interest of A.R.B.; a Child July 2, 1993

    “Although the dispute is symbolozied by a ‘versus’ which signifies two adverse parties at opposite poles of a line, there is in fact a third party whose interests and rights make of the line a triangle. That person, the child who is not a party to the lawsuit but whose well-being is in the eye of the controveresy, has a right to shared parenting when both parents are equally suited to provide it.
    Inherent in the express public policy is a recognition of the child’s right to equal access and the opportunity with both parents, the right to be guided and nutured by both parents, the right to have major decisions made by the application of both parents wisdom, judgement and experience. The child does not forefit these rights when the parents divorce”

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