Tax Exemptions To Father Every Year For The Children?

Most guys never consider the fact that they are making the most money and, therefore, should receive the tax exemptions for all the kids, every year. The Mother usually receives the Head of Household Income Tax Credits every year anyway; thus, this is an effective way to, effectively lower your child support. What Are Your Views?

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6 Responses to “Tax Exemptions To Father Every Year For The Children?”

  1. Traidlimi Says:

    Check out how to obtain the tax exemptions in the Fathers Rights Protection System at

  2. Dennis Gac Says:

    Not a bad idea. The Protection System will show you how to obtain the tax exemptions even from the most difficult of X wives. Usually the Father makes more money each year, so, it stands to reason that he will save more in taxes.

    Why people think that exchanging the tax exemptions every other year is fair…escapes me.

  3. Bruce Says:

    Our order of support states:

    Respondent shall claim both children as tax exemptions, so long as he is current in child support.

    I claimed the children since I had zero balance 12/31 of every year owing to child support with proof from childsupport saying I was current.

    This year the ex- contacted the IRS to complain, and because there is a comma, in the statement and it says ” so long as he is current in child support” we had to pay 6,000.00 of the childrens tax credits back. The IRS says since there is not a period (.) to that sentence and a comma, we would have had to have the ex- sign a waiver each year. They took the money and are letting her claim the children I pay support for since she refuses to sign the waiver.


  4. Dennis Gac Says:

    This is nonsense…..And I’ll tell you why. The IRS does “not” have governing authority here. The divorce court does. But, what they will do is exactly what they did to you…and “disallow” it. Most people will “not” fight it and assume that they are right….Many guys have won this on appeal via the IRS court on numerous occasion….But, it’s a hassle right?

    So, you could do one or both of the following: 1. Appeal through IRS channels [which you really have to do] and then 2. do a motion for clarification via the court. The local court can and should make her pay this back to you if you word to motion right. [The clear intent of the order was to have you take the kids exemptions as long as you were current with support - She will keep scamming you out of this until you do something about!!!

    Again, nothing is 100% because we’re dealing with people that do not necessarily know what they are doing; thus, we get all sorts of rulings that are nonsense.

    All that happened here is that you ran into an IRS person that wants “permission” from your X every year and the proper IRS form. All that is really required is a certified copy of the divorce decree. [You and both know she’ll never sign the proper IRS form - because she is instransigent - to put it in a nice way]

    But, try and convince the IRS person that any of this is correct right?

    Been there done that many times.

  5. Micah Says:

    I live in TN and my ex gets the tax credit every year because the Tennessee Income guidelines clearly state that the parent receiving child support also gets the tax credit. Judge even told me - I would love to give it to you but the law prohibits me and pointed me to the exact statute in the guidelines. All states who have adopted income shares have this provision. She refuses to sign the waiver to let me do even every other year…. It’s unfair but there is nothing we can do, at least in TN.

  6. Tax pro Says:

    Actually if you do a search on law, federal law and federal agencies suoercede state laws and agencies. So if the IRS sides with your ex she can claim exemption. And the exe,ption actually helps the lower income parent more with higher tax credits.

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