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Suspicion of Domestic Abuse

My fiancĂ©'s ex is living with an abusive boyfriend, and there is concern as to his daughter in that living situation. She has full custody, but what can my fiancĂ© do to make sure his…
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Custody of Minor Children and Time Sharing

If the parents of one or more minor children are divorcing, one of the parents is typically designated the primary residential parent. The other parent is known as the secondary residential parent. In certain cases,…
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Fathers’ Rights - Questions and Answers

Q. My boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend have a child together. Even though they broke up before their son was born, they have always worked well together, come to agreement on any issues, and have never…
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Family Law Act

On Nov. 23, 2011, a new family law bill was passed in the B.C. legislature. The Family Law Act came fully into force on March 18, 2013, and replaced the Family Relations Act. The new…
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8 tips to follow During a CUSTODY BATTLE for the sake of your children

1) Keep the Adult business between the Adults: Do not ask your children to deal with adult issues. 2) Do not remove the child from members of your ex's family, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles.…
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