Why Father’s Rights Matter

For many years, fathers’ rights advocacy, especially in regards to custody and child support, has been an uphill battle, but it feels as though there is more to look forward to than ever in child custody cases and visitation rights for fathers. More people are joining our cause for a father’s right to a fulfilling life with his kids and they have come to realize that fathers are extremely important in the lives of their children. If you are a newly single or unmarried father just beginning to fight for a fathers right to custody and child visitation rights to his kids, know that you are not alone.

When you really look into and think about Fathers’ Rights, it comes down to what is best for the child during a divorce and child custody cases. What is best for the child is equal access to BOTH parents and not to deny a father custody or at the very least to give equal visitation rights for fathers. Child visitation rights and custody are often hard topics to talk about, especially when fathers are being denied custody of their kids for seemingly little to no reason at all. Fathers custody rights are an important topic in society as studies are proving time and time again that children succeed best when they have equal access to both of their parents in either custody or child visitation. Instead of spending time and energy enjoying a relationship with their kids, fathers are more often than not spending their time and money fighting for a child support modification to ensure what they are paying out to their Ex is a fair amount. Time, money, and energy shouldn’t be going to a child support modification, it should be going to spending time with your kids!

In typical custody situations, a father’s right to a relationship with their child is forcibly ripped away from them when they are denied custody or even child visitation. Then child support orders pay for the destruction of visitation rights for fathers, adding insult to injury. The non-custodial parent’s regular influence in shaping the child’s development is virtually eradicated when visitation rights for fathers are denied and when a court denies a father custody of his children.

Fathers’ custody rights are an important topic that all too often considered a taboo subject and the title “dead-beat dad” is instead slapped on most fathers who fight against the “norm”. Just because a father wants to fight for equal visitation time with his children and defend his right to make fair child support payments, does not make him a “dead-beat dad”! There are many bad fathers out there, but there are also many bad mothers out there, yet no one talks about “dead-beat moms”.

But it’s good to know that our message is getting through, Father’s Rights are important to everyone, not just fathers. Top expert Dr. Warren Farrell has carefully studied over a thousand cases during the span of twenty years of children from divorced families, and stated, “It is not about a father’s right, it is not about a mother’s right, it is about the Child’s Right to both halves of itself”. I firmly believe in this statement.

Unfortunately, today’s courts have not inspired a forum in which child custody cases can be decided productively in a caring and healing manner. The result is usually denying a father custody or child visitation of his kids. This is all at the expense of the child who never asked for the divorce and the ensuing custody battle in the first place. The child is dragged into it, used as pawns by the mother to gain an advantage in family court to deny a father custody of his kids. Unfortunately, the real victim is the child as well as the family unit.

The situation becomes even more dire when you research and talk about single and unmarried fathers rights. Just because your name is on the birth certificate does not mean that you have any rights to your own child. The only thing the birth certificate actually establishes is that you are the father for purposes of the state collecting child support from you, that’s it. It does not give you any other rights, though they have no problem collecting the money from you. Single and unmarried fathers rights are in even worse shape than divorced fathers rights, in that divorced fathers are presumed to be the legal father of their children with a full set of parental rights because they were married. Single and unmarried fathers have no such presumption to back up their claims to child visitation with their kids.

Unmarried and divorced fathers alike are generally stuck with all the burden of paying child support, and usually fathers feel there is very little that they can do lessen the financial burden that child support often creates. Obtaining a child support modification can be accomplished, but fathers will often find that all the hoops jumping that goes along with obtaining the modification seems daunting when they first begin the process. The most important thing to do in these circumstances is to stick to your guns and not to back down when you know that you are getting screwed your child support modification, screwed out of custody, or screwed out of child visitation in court.

We as fathers think that the costs are prohibitive and that we’re screwed in child custody cases anyway when court regularly deny father custody, so what’s the use. So what do you do to protect your father’s right to his kids? Out of total frustration most fathers consult with attorneys, but you don’t need high legal costs.

If you don’t know what to do to protect your fathers’ rights, get some good information by finding out what other Fathers have done in similar child custody cases. Then, mimic what they have done successfully to gain visitation rights for fathers. This is called the “mirroring principle.” Use all guidelines possible and keep working in more options. This is the true method for knowing that you’ve got a killer case and this will gain you more rights.

Whether you are unmarried, newly single, separated, divorced, taking a break, or whatever title you want to put on your relationship status, know that there is always something that can be done to help you case right now! Don’t wait