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From the Desk of Dennis Gac:

Dennis Gac

I’m the founder and President of The National Brotherhood of Fathers’ Rights. I’ve also developed The Fathers Rights Protection System. But, most importantly, I’m a happy Father who’s enjoyed a great relationship and regular contact with my kids during the past 30 years.

It might not have been this way though. You see, I didn’t see it coming, but my wife filed for divorce. She took me totally by surprise one day when I came home to find my home stripped wall to wall. I quite literally walked around the house whistling and hearing the echo. My heart sank and my kids, my wife and all my stuff…gone. Know the feeling?

As soon as I walked into court, I began to see exactly “how” the court system worked against Fathers. Just sitting and observing, waiting for my hearing to come up, I saw, again and again, how guys lost their rights — being chewed up in the “legal meat-grinder”. But now, it was my ass on the line!

After some major frustrations and a few adjustments, I began to do research on what other Fathers and Pro-Father Attorney’s had done and began to mimic their pleadings to gain success in my own case. It’s called the mirroring principal. Once I got up to speed, I fought my way to fairness against an extremely disagreeable “X” wife. Of course there were a number of steps I had to take to get to there; but, shared custody, no child support and a fair divorce property settlement resulted after I used the very same things that are in the Fathers’ Rights Protection System and that you’ll gain from a referral to one of NBFR’s killer Fathers’ Rights Attorney’s.

You Just Need Someone Who’s Already “Been There, Done That” To Show You What To Do!

Since I founded the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights, in 1987 I’ve spent most of my time researching and putting ideas that have been used by Pro-Father Attorney’s and other Fathers and making  this information available to guys to help their own attorney’s in their cases. Just check out my testimonial page and you’ll see “it” really works! You can have much more control over your own case with membership in the National Brotherhood of Fathers’ Rights.

Information Purely From A Fathers’ Rights Perspective on… See Our Membership Page To See What’s Included…. Imagine Having Tons Of Information At Your Fingertips To Help Guide Your Attorney?


I Want To Make Sure The National Brotherhood Of Fathers’ Rights Membership Is Right For You And That You’re A Natural Fit

Some people think they can read some information on line and kick back and not do any of the work necessary to get ready for their court case.Fact is, you must find a killer Attorney and gain as much information as you can to actually be of help to him…. an active participant in your case rather than just a By-Stander…

Now, yes, it’s true that the Fathers Rights Protection System gives you many real-life examples for your information; the lifetime experiences of others provided in the Fathers Rights Protection System…. so, you can jump straight in and help your Attorney prepare your court case in the shortest amount of time.

But…. “You” Must Take Action…

Are You Serious About Being A Father To Your Children Or Not?

Begin Right Now And Start Improving Your Case In As Little As 90 Days!

And the best news is: you don’t have to do any of it alone.

You’ll have the benefits of Membership In The National Broterhood of Fathers’ Rights and The Fathers Rights Protection System to help you every step of the way. [The NBFR Attorney Referral Service Is Included]


Dennis M. Gac

You Can Do This!

National Brotherhood Of Fathers’ Rights  115 Wallis Street Suite B, Eugene, Oregon, 98402 (206) 650-0250 dennis@fathershelphotline.com

Dennis Gac/NBFR does not engage in legal advice; providing only legal information that should be reviewed with a local Attorney. If you don’t have an good Fathers’ Rights Attorney, email us for a referral to a local practitioner.

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