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Setting Basic Parameters

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Playing with some of the configuration settings...

Preset Values
Most, if not all of the basic required parameters should have been set to an initial value during the registration process.  Scroll through the various parameters to get an idea of how you can customized EmailMover.  

The Admin username and password should already be set to whatever you selected during the registration process.  Check to make sure, and add a 2nd Admin account or user accounts if you like.  User accounts have access to everything in EmailMover EXCEPT the configuration screen.

In the General Parameters section, feel free to experiement with the number of rows to display.  12 will give most users a full screen.  Some users would rather see ALL the records on a single page, and set this value quite high. 

Most of the parameters that are set to Email Addresses should be set as you see fit.  All these parameters have more detailed explanations available by clicking on the question mark icon in the header bar of each section.  Feel free to browse and experiment.

In the section for Server Parameters:  The only value you may need to change is the Time Offset.  If you live in New York, and your Host has its servers in LA, then there is time difference between your time and your server's time.  The Time Offset value allows you to compensate for this difference so that your log files reflect YOUR time rather than the server's time.  The Offset can be entered as any integer value between -12 and +12.  Enter the number you have to ADD to the server's time to get YOUR time.

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