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If you own and operate your own webserver, you can easily schedule the EmailMover AutoSend module to fire-off every so often. But this is not the case for the majority of small internet merchants. A very large percentage (>90%) of internet merchants 'rent' their web server space from a 'Hosting' company, most of whom do not allow you to tinker with how the server operates. EmailMover has been designed specifically for operation on hosted web-servers.

In normal operation, the AutoSend module in EmailMover is triggered whenever someone visits your site. The more people that visit your site, the more often the AutoSend module will be triggered. You can set a variety of parameters for how the AutoSend module works.

You can limit the number of Emails sent each time it is triggered, so that a visitor doesn't experience a noticable delay caused by EmailMover working in the backgound. You can also set how long EmailMover will wait once the AutoSend module has been triggered, before it allows the AutoSend module to be triggered again. And you can also set specific times of the day for when you will allow AutoSend activity and when you will not. This is useful to prevent EmailMover from operating during peak times, which will conserve server resources and minimize wait time for any single visitor.

EmailMover is built around the concept of Email 'Campaigns'. Basically, a Campaign is a collection of Emails that work together toward a common purpose. For example, you might create a Campaign for when someone clicks on a link for more information about a product on your site. You can craft a series of Email templates, as many as you want, and add them to the Campaign. You can then set the delay between mailings for each Email template.

Once the Campaign is completed, you can generate a subscription form to include in the web page of your choice.  All the appropriate code for your customized form is provided for you to cut and paste into your web page.  You can then edit the subscription form's design as needed to match your web site requirements. And that's it.  Subscribers will receive personalized Emails from EmailMover, at the specific intervals you defined.


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