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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Contempt of Court Child Support?

Contempt of court child support is one of the most-often filed actions against a Father; attempting to force him to pay. Contempt is an action by which the Father may be threatened with jail etc. Contempt of court child support is nothing to take lightly.

Why Is A Washington State Parenting Plan Significant?

A Washington State parenting plan is important and significant because a Washington State parenting plan is extremely detailed. To protect your rights you want as much detail as possible rather than being at the whim of the Mother.

What Are Custody Arrangements?

Custody arrangements are agreements between the parties that affect how the children are parented on a day to day basis. Custody arrangements are usually outlined in a court order called a parenting plan.

How Are Child Support And Taxes Related?

Child support and taxes are related because child support is paid with pre-tax dollars and if, for instance, child support were converted to spousal maintenance, you would be paying with after-tax dollars. This would result in huge tax savings to you.

What Is A Child Custody Modification?

A child custody modification is a procedure in which a party seeks to change, or modify, the current court orders. For a child custody modification to occur, you must prove that there has been a substantial change in circumstances which warrant your request.

What Are Child Support Arrears?

Child support arrears are the amount, in total, that you are behind in child support. Also, called child support arrearages, you can work out a payment plan on child support arrears rather than subjecting yourself to wage garnishments, drivers license suspensions and contempt of court actions. We can help.

What Is Child Visitation?

Child visitation is one of the most important factors of being a father during a divorce, paternity or family law case. Women try to gain control of a case by restricting your child visitation; but, you must obtain a parenting plan and great court order to protect your rights. In this manner, you are not at the whim of the Mother.

What If I’m Falsely Accused Of Child Abuse?

If you’re falsely accused of child abuse, make no mistake, you need great legal information; learning what other Fathers have done in similar situations. False allegations, including being falsely accused of child abuse, molestation, domestic violence and other false allegations are the “atomic bomb” in cases that place fathers on defense. Gain good information and fight back. We can show you how.

What is A Do It Yourself Divorce?

Many Fathers ask what is a do it yourself divorce, as they are trying to save money, stay away from high-priced attorney’s and raise their odds off success. A do it yourself divorce is the sure way to raise your odds off success as no one cares more about your case than you do.

How To Lower Child Support?

A Father often asks how to lower child support, not realizing that the first thing to do is gain great information based upon what other Fathers have done in how to lower child support in their cases. Obtain great information, obtain to correct procedures and forms, learn how to file, serve and set up a hearing and you’re on your way.


What Is A Free Case Analysis?

Go HERE and give us as much detailed information as possible. Then, you’ll have a one on one with Dennis. He’ll map out a complete strategy that will take you from where you are, to where you want to go.


What Is The Paperwork Option?

Very simple! We draft all the paperwork based upon your specific instructions. This eliminates much of the worry about procedures, format for paperwork and using the correct Legalese. Dennis charges aflat rate for this service based upon what you need; but, the service is highly professional and “works”. The paperwork is only available coupled together with Consultation services.

Can You Guarantee Results?

No one can “guarantee” results; however, using our methods you radically raise your odds of success. Having good legal information at your disposal, great paperwork, understanding the approach in court and being mentored by Dennis “all” raise your odds of getting what you want and deserve.

Does the NBFR System and Service Work In Every State or Other Countries?

Yes, absolutely! It works in U.S., Canada, England, New Zealand, Australia and other commonwealth countries, as they all use the same basic approach when it comes to Fathers Rights. Even though forms and procedures may be different, when you the NBFR it will work no matter where you are.

What Other Services Does The NBFR Have?

Our full consultation services include unlimited access to Dennis for a period of 365 days. Dennis offers you legal information based upon what other Fathers have found to be successful in their cases. Dennis programs your name and phone number into his cell phone so you’re immediately recognized when you call. Dennis charges a flat annual fee for this service so that you can feel uncomfortable about being charged for every minute. Dennis will hold you by the hand throughout the balance of your case; pointing the direction to the legal information that you need.Contact Information:
Phone: (206) 650-0250
FAX: (702) 974-0551
Email: Dennis@FathersHelpHotline.com

What Is The Audio Gold Fathers Rights Protection System?

The Audio Gold System has nearly 3 hours of Audio presentations by Dennis Gac. It includes the all 8 manuals in the Fathers Rights Protection System, an Audio Disc on the Inside Back Cover and 4 Additional CD’s. The information on the audios is not the same as in the Basic Fathers Rights Protection System.

What Topics Do NBFR Products Cover?

NBFR products cover all aspects of Fathers Rights. Whether you were married or not NBFR can help you with our manuals and audios; covering topics such as how to lower child support and child support issues, custody, visitation, wage garnishments, contempt, modification of child support, modification of custody, grandparents rights,, asset protection, restructuring child support as spousal maintenance for tax purposes and much more.

What Books And Audios Has The National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights Published?

Dennis has authored the ‘”now-famous” Fathers Rights Protection System which is now offered in downloadable and audio formats. The Fathers Rights Protection System consists of 8 Manuals [Over 1,000 Pages]

  • Winning Strategies I
  • Winning Strategies II
  • Child Support Revolt I
  • Child Support Revolt II
  • False Allegations A Fathers Guide
  • Divorce A Fathers Guide
  • Paternity A Guide For UnWed Fathers
  • Mediation A Fathers Guide.
  • Dennis has also authored and the National Brotherhood of
  • Fathers Rights Publishes:
  • Fathers Rights Protection System Audio Gold System
  • Asset Protection Wills And Trusts
  • Dynamic Power Strategies I
  • Bonus V Tort Claims Federal & State
  • Dynamic Power Strategies II
  • Case Law For Fathers Rights Monster Manual
  • Federal Court A Fathers Attack Guide
  • Asset Protection For Fathers
  • Women For Fathers Rights
  • 7 Part Dynamic Lessons For Fathers Rights
  • 206 Fathers Rights Articles
  • 20 Audio Presentations For Fathers Rights
  • 400 Videos on YouTube
  • Bonus I Magnetic Power Pleadings
  • Bonus II Fathers Resources
  • Bonus III Shrewd Legal Forms
  • Bonus IV Parental Alienation

Who Is Dennis Gac?

Dennis Gac is the President and founder of the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights and has been known as the Go-To-Guy for Fathers Rights. Dennis has consulted with over 15,000 Fathers over the past 25 years and has also, offered insights to help Attorney’s and Judges. Dennis’s services have spanned every State in the United States and in everyCommon law Country in the world, including, U.K, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others. Dennis “can” help you in your case.

What is the National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights [NBFR]?

We are an organization dedicated to helping Fathers either represent themselves in court or giving Fathers enough legal information so that they can help direct their Attorney’s. We have published dozens of books on the subject of Fathers Rights, enabling Fathers to become participants in their cases rather than bystanders; at the mercy of their attorney’s and/or the court system.