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Help! My License Was Taken Away Because of Child Support!

I once had a client call me up with a ridiculous child support issue. He was currently married with a wonderful daughter that was around eight, when one day he got a call from a woman he dated twelve years earlier. She informed him that he had an eleven-year-old son that he had never known about, but that she was ready for him to be an active part of his son’s life. Well to make a long story short, the “Ex” was really looking to get back together with him, and when she realized that he couldn’t be swayed from his current family, she got nasty very quickly. She ended up filing for back child support, and the court awarded her with over $20,000 in arrearages! My client did a DNA test that turned out positive, so he was stuck. If we could help this guy with this seemingly hopeless case, there is definitely something we can do to help you, too!

Despite the high amount of child support “owed”, my client had it relatively easy as compared to a lot of the steps the court can take against men who “owe” arrearages. By arrearages, we mean back or owed child support form previously missed payments. The problem with arrearages is not only is the missed payment still “owed” the court can award interest on that amount as well.

The court can also take a number of steps such as suspending your driver’s license or business license, seizing bank accounts and tax refunds, take money out of your paycheck before you can even collect your own money yourself, reporting arrears to credit bureaus, and even jail time! There are even some states that publicly publish a list of men who owe back child support, available for anyone to see as if they were a common criminal! There is no explanation as to the reasons for the arrears, but rather it perpetuates the stereotype of the “deadbeat dad”. This is rather insane, as all of these steps will further prevent you from paying child support, compounding the issue.

While it is true that the courts can take all of these extreme actions against you, that does not mean there is nothing you can do about it! Take action immediately before the situation gets out of hand and defend your rights! You don’t want the government and the courts telling you what to do with your own money!

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