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How to turn up the heat on Biased Judges.

So many of us have been subjected to poor decisions from family court judges that were extremely biased and blatantly discriminatory, especially father in a do it yourself divorce.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do within that Court to change the biased Judge’s mind or the outcome of that discriminatory decision.

So what one must do is “Turn Up The Heat on the Biased Judge,” give them a little taste of publicity of their actions.

To start with, lodge a complaint with the Governor, and your local government representatives. Sending them a certified letter asking for a response is a good start. Then get it out to any public media you can that will listen and/or even might do a story on your case and situation.

All the while you are sharing the Illegal, Biased, and Unethical Practices of that Judge to your local public. Also file a Complaint with the Judicial Review Board, though most likely not much of anything will happen with that but, it helps build your case later.

You also need to hit up the Courts again by filing a “motion for Reconsideration” of the poor decision the Judge made. If that is refused or the poor decision is not changed, then file an appeal to the higher Court, “Appeals Court.”  Your Appeal should explain why you think the lower court made the error, …I.E. biased and discriminatory…AKA “Passion & Prejudice.”

Remember to think outside the Box as these are just a few ways that have worked for others to protect one’s family rights, to include very important family rights such as custody arrangements,  child visitation rights, child support and taxes, and so on.

Lastly, you can even file a lawsuit against the Judge. I have personally done this and it paid off. You can file lawsuits against the state, the county you live in, and even the Court itself.