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What Is Joint Child Custody?

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What Is Joint Child Custody?

Joint Child Custody may refer to joint legal custody, joint physical custody, or both.  Because definitions vary from state to state, there is not an exact definition of Joint Child Custody.  Therefore, parties and the court must clarify what is intended by the term as it pertains to the specific case brought forth by the parties.

In most cases, Joint Child Custody is an award of the child’s legal custody to both parents.  Legal custody is defined as the right to make decisions regarding the child’s education, religious training, healthcare and other decisions that may arise during the course of the child’s upbringing.  When Joint Child Custody is awarded, both parents agree to consult with one another prior to making major, non-emergency decisions for the child.  Rather than granting just one parent the sole right to make decisions for the child, this arrangement grants both parents an equal say in the major decisions governing the raising of the child.

Although the Mother typically obtains full custody [unless the parties either agree otherwise or the parties live in a Joint Custody state], joint or shared custody is gaining in popularity.  In some states, a Judge will begin his thought process from the standpoint that one or the other of the parents will receive sole custody of the child – therefore, in these instances, it is imperative that joint custody of the child be advocated for.  Currently 35 states have a joint custody law which means that the judge starts with the presumption that the parents will have Joint Child Custody from the start, unless there is some extenuating circumstance as to why the parents would not have this type of arrangement.

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