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Keys to Successful Divorce Settlement Letters

The key to a successful divorce settlement letter isn’t necessarily having the perfect letter as many people first assume. You or your lawyer can spend hours going over every word in your divorce settlement letter in painstaking detail, but that doesn’t always work. There is no one “magic bullet” to win a divorce case and the same is true of settlement letters.

The trick is to offer numerous letters, and even way more than you think is necessary, that often is the deciding factor that wins cases. This is for one simple reason, the courts hate having their time wasted. Most judges don’t like hearing case after case of couples airing out all their dirty laundry for the court to sort out. The courts appreciate it if you try to settle your matters out of court, thus saving them time and money.

This is why you need to repeatedly and consistently offer divorce settlement letters right from the very beginning or at least as soon as possible. The earlier and the more consistently you do this and keep a record of every attempt you make, you demonstrate to the court that you have repeatedly tried to settle with your Ex without the courts intervention and it is her that is unwilling to be reasonable and resolve differences without the courts. And you never know, maybe it is the 33rd letter that does the trick and gets her to see reason! But if she doesn’t and you end up in court, this will greatly work to your favor.

Now this doesn’t mean that you send over any letter that you come up with, you still want to spend time on each letter and make sure that you are comfortable with everything that is in it. You just want to make sure that you make far more than just one or two attempts so that way when and if you do go to court, you can look the judge in the eye and tell him that you have done everything that you possibly can to keep this matter out of court. And if they don’t believe you, then you have the proof in your records of each attempt you made to be reasonable with your Ex. This will also leave your Ex in the position of having to explain to the judge in court why every single attempt made by you was rejected by her, placing you in the position of power which is exactly where you want to be.

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