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Lowering Child Support: What NOT To Do!

When it comes to lowering your monthly child support payments, there are tons and tons of information available online about what you can do, but almost as important are some things that you absolutely, positively should NOT do. Here we will talk about some of the seemingly innocent things men do all the time that seriously hurts them in court when the amount of child support is being set. Make sure you are not one of these fathers!

First and foremost, never include overtime money and/or bonuses when you are submitting your financial documents to the courts if you can help it. Let me make this clear, this is NOT about being sneaky, but rather overtime and bonuses are not a guaranteed, consistent means of income that you can control. If you do submit these as part of your financial statement, the court will take that money and use that to calculate the amount of support you will be paying much higher than your base income can allow without the extra, inconsistent income.

This creates major problems later on when you do not receive the same bonuses in the future and overtime opportunities become limited, creating a financial burden on you to keep up with high child support payments. You will then have to go to court again to get the amount of child support lowered, wasting more time and money that you do not have! It’s better to get the correct amount set right from the beginning and save yourself the aggravation in the future!

Second, whenever possible avoid the Office of Support Enforcement! The Office of Support Enforcement only deals with setting child support payment arrangements and will not, as a rule, negotiate how and when child support is paid. If you have any extenuating circumstances, and most men do, then you want to deal directly with a family courtroom and a judge who is much more likely to take a look at your case on an individual basis.

The Office of Support Enforcement simply deals in calculations of income in order to set the child support amount, and it is all but guaranteed that you will get screwed in some way, resulting in having to come back to the court at a much later date to correct the child support amount. Better to deal with the courtroom and a judge directly and get the correct amount set to begin with rather than having to waste more time and money down the road fixing a problem that could have been easily avoided!

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