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Mediation: How Fathers Can Settle Custody And Child Support Disputes Without Going To Court

You Don't Have To Litigate....Learn Settlement Techniques That Work!

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Worried about a battle in court? Worried about crazy divorce lawyer
and divorce court expenses? Mediation can be your answer!  If you can
get your “X” to agree to a divorce settlement agreement outside of
court, it really can be in the best interests of everyone involved. If
she won’t agree to anything, then you can also use it to your
advantage later on when you go to divorce court.

Custody mediation can be a really emotional time as well as trying to
reach a marital settlement agreement. Child custody mediation can
really work to get what you want: time with your kids. The problem is
often dealing with the “X”! But if she is willing to deal, then try to
work with her as long as you can to keep costs during your divorce as
low as possible. And if she’s unwilling to “deal”, then there are
still things you can do to help your position in court. Keep reading
below and I’ll show you how you can use her unwillingness to “deal” to
your advantage!


More information about custody mediation and martial settlement agreement:

Most fathers going through a divorce just want to get through the
whole process as quickly as possible, and I can’t say that I blame
you. Mediation can be your ticket to speeding up the whole process and
avoiding court altogether!

Even if you “know” your fathers rights case will inevitable end up in
court, it is always a good idea to try mediation and offer many
marital settlement agreement offers to your “X”. This last tip is
especially important if there is even a chance you could end up in
divorce court. If she agrees to one of your divorce settlement
agreement offers, great! However, by offering multiple divorce
settlement agreement offers, it will show the court that you have been
willing throughout the entire divorce process to “deal” with your “X”
and have tried to reach an amicable agreement outside of court.

If you’re interested in working with us, we have many kinds of a
divorce settlement agreement sample in our books that you can adapt
yourself and use or we can help you draft one specific to your case.
If you’re working with an attorney, you can still have direct
involvement in your case and in drafting a marital settlement
agreement and we recommend that you do become proactive!

The same principles apply for custody mediation as it does for
mediation for a divorce settlement agreement. It is in your best
interest to try and work it out with her out of court, and again if
she won’t deal with you, then it will show the divorce court that you
have made a “good faith” effort to amicable settle outside of court.
The difference is with child custody mediation, you can do it any time
before, during, or after the divorce. Mediation for a marital
settlement agreement is typically done before a divorce is finalized
and usually before going to divorce court.

Another bonus for child custody mediation outside of court is keeping
your costs low. If you are at all worried about high costs of divorce
and family court, and lets face it most fathers are worried after
making child support and alimony payments, then mediation will help a
lot in this regard. And again, if you do inevitable end up in court,
showing your good faith effort to resolve things outside of court can
help potentially speed things up in court, keep costs lower and will
more likely result in a favorable outcome for you. Remember,
appearances can be everything, so mediate! 

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