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Misuse of Child Support

Many of the fathers who we talk to on the phone or in person every day are concerned about how their child support money is being spent by the Ex. This is totally understandable as fathers just like you have all worked hard for their money and it becomes doubly hard to send in those child support payments when you suspect that your Ex is not spending them on your kids. However, misuse of child support can be hard to prove in family court.

There is a real gray area in the family court system as to where and how this money should be spent. Yes she is allowed to use the money on bills for housing and transportation, but your instincts kick in when you see her driving a brand new car. Is your money being spent on that new car? It can go toward maintenance of the car, but it’s not intended to provide your Ex with a new set of “wheels” either. She can use the money for the upkeep of the house she lives in, but it’s not intended to go out and buy all new sets of furniture. But where exactly do you draw the line

We’ve heard hundred of horror stories of child support money being used on shopping sprees, trips, and even drugs and alcohol. And no wonder. It’s just too tempting when the money is being paid like clockwork by you, yet there is no accountability as to where and how she is spending the money.

If you suspect that your child support money is not being used properly, there are a few things that you can do. But be prepared, this is not as easy to prove in court as you might think it should be. The court presumes that your Ex is spending the money with your children’s best interests at heart, and it is on you to prove otherwise beyond doubt otherwise.

The best and easiest way to prove the money is being misspent is to have a witness, preferably someone other than you or your immediate family as there will be a conflict of interest. You can also ask for receipts in an attempt to keep her honest. Also, document everything! You can later use all records to show the court that you tried to cooperate with the Ex and she refused, thus bringing the matter to court and wasting the courts time.

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