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Dennis Gac Of The National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights


My name is Dennis Gac and during the past 25 years, I’ve written the best selling Fathers Rights Protection System, 24 other Books, Over 200 Articles and Produced 300+ YouTube Training Videos on Fathers Rights. Also, I offer Individualized Fathers Rights Consulting Services,  I’ve done numerous television and radio Interviews and, quite frankly, I’m used to dealing with tough cases and with Fathers who are overwhelmed by conflicting and confusing information from traditional sources.

Whether you plan to hire an attorney or represent yourself, it’s “your” right to get a fair shake and “know” what to do in an extremely adversarial court system. The Fathers Rights Protection System gives you the information needed to avoid wasting time and money obtaining the rights you deserve. Represent yourself in court, or, we’ll help you direct your attorney; either way, you save a “ton” of money and gain the rights that should be yours!

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The Fathers Rights Protection System is the complete guide to defending yourself in an extremely prejudicial system, gaining custody of your kids, launching your own personal child support revolt and leveling the playing field! In this system, Dennis has painstakingly spelled out each and every step you’ll need in an easy to use format. You’ll be totally amazed with the results!

With the Fathers Rights Protection System You’ll receive:

The 200 Page Soft Cover Manual System, as pictured above, Delivered by “Priority Mail” directly to your door And, a CD-Rom with 800 pages of, instantly downloadable-digitally-delivered, information. Included are:


  • “Winning Custody of Your Kids & Waging Your Own Personal Child    Support Revolt”.
  • “Winning Custody Of Your Kids And Waging Your Own Personal Child Support Revolt Part II”.
  • “Anatomy Of A Divorce / A Guide For Fathers”.
  • “Anatomy Of An Action For Parentage / A Guide For Unwed Fathers”.
  • “A Fathers Defense Guide Against False Allegations Of Sexual Abuse”.
  • “Mediation: How Fathers Can Settle Custody And Child Support Disputes Without Court”.
  • “Winning Strategies For Fathers In Custody And Child Support Disputes”
  • “Winning Strategies For Fathers In Custody And Child Support Disputes Part II”.

These Manuals Will Make “All” The Difference!

The CD-Rom also includes 6 FREE Bonus Gifts worth [$1,758.00 Value]:

  • FREE BONUS #1 - Magnetic Power Pleadings that’ll supercharge my case and finally give me the Fathers-Rights winning techniques that I’ve always been looking for. [NOT typically used by attorneys] [$300.00 Value]
  • FREE BONUS #2 - Nationwide Fathers Rights Resources that can aid my case. Private investigators, mediators, counselors, mental health counselors and even attorneys who are “Father-Friendly.” [$199.00 Value]
  • FREE BONUS #3 - Legal Forms Shrewdly Slanted In My Favor, giving me rights I didn’t even think I had. These forms will also protect me from getting screwed and can be used at any courthouse no matter where you live in North America! [$700.00 Value]
  • FREE BONUS #4 - Informative Report on Parental Alienation Syndrome that will enlighten you about the X’s nasty technique of emotionally loading the children against you. For the first time I’ll understand how to combat her “dirty pool” [$159.00 Value]
  • FREE BONUS #5 - State and Federal Tort Claims. Defend against false claims and put the X on defense for defaming your character and interfering with your parental rights. Protect your Rights by using Dennis’ techniques against the X. [$100.00 Value]
  • FREE BONUS #6 - Case Law For Fathers Rights – Over 400 Cases. [$300.00 Value]
  • INCLUDING: Free Case Analysis, Download, Physical Book, 1 CD in Book.

Dennis, you obviously know your stuff. Not only that, you actually practice what you preach. I really like the idea of leveling the playing field for the first time in my case. I not only want your printed manual system at my disposal, I’d want the “Automatic Downloads” as well, with the extra 800 Pages of Digitally-Delivered Fathers Rights Winning Materials. Here’s my $147.77.

Send me this Package and put me on the fast track to gaining custody of my kids, lowering my child support, stopping wage garnishments, and even putting the “X” on defense for a change!

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The Audio Version Includes Even More…….

 The Fathers Rights Protection System Audio Gold Package 

The 5-CD [1 In Book] Audio Gold System is “The” Insiders Look at Fathers Rights Issues. Your personalized audio interview with Dennis Gac outlines “exactly” what other Fathers have done when they’ve found themselves in the exact same situation you may find yourself in today. Just pop these CD’s right into your car, home or computer CD player, relax, listen and take notes. [$325.00 Value]

[The information contained on the CD’s Is “Not” same as contained in the Written System]

I Receive Everything Listed in Option #1 + $1,758.00 More In Value…….

INCLUDING: A Compact Disk containing Frequently Asked Questions and the entire Fathers Rights Protection System on Compact Disk containing over 800 pages packet with High-Powered Fathers Rights Information. [Only available by download with the "Basic" System]

INCLUDING: Dozens of Real-World, Fathers Rights Case Studies that are glowing examples of how these regular guys have turned their cases around, lowered child support, gained custody and leveled the playing field by fighting back in family court.

FREE BONUS #7: License Suspension Information ($19.00 Value!) This is a handy cheat sheet stuffed with the precise words and procedures to use to gain back your license if it’s been taken because of child support issues. [Works for getting your Passport back too.]

FREE BONUS #8: Case Law For Fathers Rights ($19.00 Value!) Use these time-proven case citations in “your” case when writing up your paperwork to uncover exactly what the court “must” hear, in order to give you what you want.

FREE BONUS #9: How To File A Lawsuit Against Your “X” ($29.00 Value!) Several case examples of regular Fathers that have sued the “X”‘s, her Attorney and even the court system to gain their rights. These cases are completely dissected so you understand precisely why they worked and the pressure they caused on everyone to gain more rights for the Father.

FREE BONUS #10: How To Do a Custody and Child Support Modification ($29.00 Value!) Reveals the winning arguments needed to lower your child support and gain custody of your kids.

FREE BONUS #11: How To Get the IRS To Pay Your Child Support and Obtain the Tax Exemptions, Every Year ($97.00 Value). The IRS Package features little known methods you can use to lessen the effects of monthly child support. This book sells at up to $97.00 elsewhere… so you can be sure it has substantial value. Discover killer techniques!

INCLUDING: Free Case Analysis, Download, Physical Book, 1 CD in Book + 4 Audio CD’s.

For More Information and Help With Your Case, Including Individualized Consultation Services, please enter your first name and email in the upper right-hand entry box Or Contact Dennis Gac, directly.

Dennis M. Gac, Founder
National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights
8010 212th Street S.W. Edmonds, Washington 98026 U.S.A.
dennis@fathershelphotline.com  Phone: (206) 650-0250  Fax: (702) 974-0551

 Why Father’s Rights Matter

For many years, fathers’ rights advocacy has been an uphill battle, but it feels as though there is more to look forward to than ever in child custody cases and visitation rights for fathers. More people are joining our cause for a father’s right to his kids and have come to realize that fathers are extremely important in the lives of their children. If you are a father just beginning just beginning to fight for a fathers right to his kids, know that you are not alone.

When you really look into and think about Fathers’ Rights, it really comes down to what is best for the child during a divorce and child custody cases. What is best for the child is equal access to BOTH parents and not to deny a father custody or at the very least equal visitation rights for fathers.

In less than equal custody, a father’s right to a relationship with their child is forcibly ripped away from them. Then child support orders pay for the destruction of visitation rights for fathers, adding insult to injury. The non-custodial parent’s regular influence in shaping the child’s development is virtually eradicated when visitation rights for fathers are denied and when a court denies a father custody of his children.

But it’s good to know that our message is getting through, Father’s Rights are important to everyone, not just fathers. Top expert Dr. Warren Farrell has carefully studied over a thousand cases during the span of twenty years of children from divorced families, and stated, “It is not about a father’s right, it is not about a mother’s right, it is about the Child’s Right to both halves of itself”. I firmly believe in this statement.

Unfortunately, today’s courts have not inspired a forum in which child custody cases can be decided productively in a caring and healing manner. The result is usually denying a father custody of his kids. This is all at the expense of the child who never asked for the divorce in the first place. The child is dragged into it, used as pawns by the mother to gain an advantage in family court to deny a father custody of his kids. Unfortunately, the real victim is the child.

We as fathers think that the costs are prohibitive and that we’re screwed in child custody cases anyway when court regularly deny a father custody, so what’s the use. So what do you do to protect your father’s right to his kids? Out of total frustration most fathers consult with attorneys, but you don’t need high legal costs.

If you don’t know what to do to protect your fathers’ rights, get some good information by finding out what other Fathers have done in similar child custody cases. Then, mimic what they have done successfully to gain visitation rights for fathers. This is called the “mirroring principle.” Use all guidelines possible and keep working in more options. This is the true method for knowing that you’ve got a killer case and this will gain you more rights.

Fathers Rights


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