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The Fathers’ Rights Protection System:


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Eight Basic Manuals:








Child Support Revolt I


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Child Support Revolt II


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Divorce: A Father’s Guide


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False Allegations: A Father’s Guide

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Mediation: A Father’s Guide

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Paternity - A Guide For Unwed Fathers

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Winning Strategies I

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Winning Strategies II

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Five Bonus Books:

Bonus #1: Magnetic Power Pleadings

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Bonus #2: Fathers’ Rights Resources

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Bonus #3: Legal Forms

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Bonus #4: Parental Alienation

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Bonus #5: Tort Claims

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Dennis GacSince I founded the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights, in 1987 I’ve spent most of my time promoting my Fathers Rights Protection System. Just check out my testimonial page and you’ll see my system really works! Fathers now have a great deal of control over their cases. and they’re active participants in their cases rather than mere bystanders! 

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